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Chapter 1593: Huaxia’s Ancient Treasure!


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 Lin Feng didn’t dislike the old natives. He answered, “Yes, I am from Huaxia, and I did come for the relic.”

“Oh, since you’re here for the relic and from Huaxia, please come in!” Those natives were very polite when talking about Huaxia, which infuriated Jack.

“Leader, I am in charge of the sale! We have an agreement! You can’t negotiate with potential buyers directly!” said Jack. The native leader looked at him unhappily.

He knew Jack was a scumbag, but he also remained wary. He frowned and said, “Jack, I just asked him to come in. I didn’t say we were going to negotiate. I just want to chat.”

Jack was rude and unreasonable. “No! You’re violating the rules of our agreement. Many people will be angry if you do that. If the whole thing fails because of you, you’ll have to bear the consequences of your actions!”

Lin Feng didn’t know what kind of agreement they had; it was none of his business, so he couldn’t intervene. He had come to M Country with the goal of taking back their national relic.

Jack went on, “Fu Sang has already proposed twice their price! Why would you sell the relic to these yellow monkeys!? I do business and I work hard for my money. If you sell it to them, it means you’re trying to wreck my business!”

Lin Feng could stand and smile in almost any circumstance, no matter how much they insulted him, but Jack kept insulting Huaxia, its culture, and its people, so Lin Feng couldn’t forgive him.

“Jack, you better take back what you just said. Stop humiliating the people of Huaxia!” shouted Lin Feng angrily.

“Yeelllowww mooonkeys! Yeeeelllowwww Monkeys! You’re in M Country here! You’re not in Huaxia! You’re in the country of freeeeeeeeedom! And freedom of speech! It’s protected by law here!” Jack didn’t stop cursing.

“Fuck your mother! You shameless asshole! I’m going to teach you how to speak properly. You  learned Chinese, and now you insult Huaxia?!” Lin Feng had rarely been so angry in his life. He flashed and a gigantic Buddha hand appeared in the sky and descended upon Jack.

Lin Feng used such a terrifying strength that even he was surprised and shocked. He initially didn’t want to use a Buddhist Hand Imprint; how come it had suddenly appeared?

Jack was blown dozens of meters away. He crashed into a thatched hut, which collapsed around him.

The people Jack had brought were all terrified. This time, nobody dared shoot at him, because they knew that their bullets were useless against him.

At the same time, the Indian elders and chief were astonished byf Lin Feng’s strength. The three men were really strong too, but the wind from Lin Feng’s attack slid the elders two meters back!

“What kind of cultivation do you use? It’s so powerful. And what was that gigantic hand?” asked the chief of the tribe curiously.

Lin Feng shrugged and explained, “It’s my Ten Thousand Buddhas Heart. I didn’t even control the attack…”

Jack wasn’t dead, only superficially injured. He crawled back out of the destroyed thatched hut and staggered away with his people. As he left, he said, “Wait and  see! You’ll never leave our country!”

Jack left, and the atmosphere improved. The chief took Lin Feng to his own thatched hut. They looked extremely simple from outside, but they had everything the natives needed.

Lin Feng saw a strange mask hanging in the hut. There were bows and arrows, and animal skins and bones, too.

One of the masks was black with many white lines. Lin Feng looked at it because it reminded him of common face masks and paints used at the Beijing Opera in China!

(Translator’s Note: the author never says China, America, or Japan. He calls Japan ‘Yue Ben’ which means nothing, but sounds pretty negative. He uses M Guo for America, which means M Country and doesn’t sound nice at all, either. He usually says Huaxia for China, which is a beautiful and noble way of describing China because it refers to the country as whole, geographically and historically. But in this precise sentence, he must have been distracted for a second and wrote Zhong Guo for Huaxia; Zhong Guo is the current shortened name for China in Chinese.)

“Huaxia Envoy, please sit down,” said the native chief. He gave Lin Feng a cup, but Lin Feng didn’t know what it was. He had a sip; it tasted like medicine. It was made from plants.

The chief smiled at Lin Feng, “Huaxia Envoy, I feel honored to have you here in our tribe. I’m extremely sorry for what happened to you today, and I hope you’re alright now.”

Lin Feng smiled and nodded, “Don’t worry. Jack is responsible for himself. What he did had nothing to do with you.”

Lin Feng wanted to ask him about the relic, but the old man didn’t mention it. On the contrary, he kept talking about Huaxia’s culture and history. Lin Feng just listened patiently.

In the end, Lin Feng finally had an opportunity to ask, “Great Chief, may I see the relic?”

The chief looked grave and solemn. He glanced at the other elders, who left and quickly came back with a bundle they gave to the chief.

Lin Feng stared at the bundle. He used his godly awareness to check the contents and his expression suddenly changed. What a familiar feeling!

Lin Feng tried to remember what it was, and had an epiphany! It was the Qi of his Yan Huang Jing!

Lin Feng didn’t understand how the Qi of his Yan Huang Jing could end up in a native tribe in M Country! How strange.

When Lin Feng was in the World of Battles, he had studied Yan Huang Jing and understood its first part. What was going on now with that Qi?

The chief slowly opened the bundle. When Lin Feng saw the item, he frowned.

What was this? Two human-shaped puppets made of clay and stuck together? They looked as if they had been heated. Clay was usually brown, but it was redder here.

The two human puppets’ Qi made Lin Feng swallow. He couldn’t help but ask the chief, “That’s the relic from Huaxia?”

Lin Feng had the feeling it was a joke. Two clay puppets? A relic from ancient times? Was it really something the people of Huaxia cared about…?

The chief nodded gravely. He didn’t seem to be joking at all. Actually, he didn’t need to make that kind of joke.

“Can you tell me where it comes from? Since it’s a relic from Huaxia, how come you have it?” Lin Feng asked.

The chief looked solemn and respectful. He put the two puppets on a piece of wood on the table and said, “It all started a year ago…” 

A fireball had appeared in the sky and crashed in their village. Some of their houses and totems had burned.

They did all they could to fight the fire, but it ended up burning everything. Then they had seen the clay figures in the ashes.

Back then, when the villagers had seen it, they had thought that it was their Ancestor’s soul. They had all knelt down and paid homage to the clay figure. The chief was the first one to take the figure in his hand. He had suddenly heard something he didn’t understand.

Then people had started talking about it and for that reason, the chief of the tribe had brought in a linguist for it.

The linguist had told him that it was a foreign language, Mandarin, from Huaxia!

The chief and the members of the tribe were natives. They had never heard Chinese before and they had never seen people from Huaxia.

So, the chief had asked Jack to contact the Huaxian authorities to give the item back.

Their people respected things which had to do with the divine. That item had fallen from the sky, so natives had paid homage to it. But Jack just thought of money and how he could make more money from it. He told many people about it and then started getting bids from people. The people from Fu Sang had proposed the best price.

One of them was from Huaxia, but not the government; he was from a powerful group. Then someone had talked about it in his group, and in the end, the Special Operations department had heard about it and it had drawn their attention.

Very quickly, many influential groups had started competing for it, but the chief couldn’t let anyone evil, like trade mongers, obtain that item. He couldn’t let anyone make profit off it. Therefore, the chief had asked Jack to contact Wang Yuan in Huaxia. 

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