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Chapter 1594: Enemies’ Plot!


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 When the chief finished talking, Lin Feng was dumbstruck. It reminded him of Nian Ling Jiao and the meteorite… What a coincidence!

The chief remembered something and said, “Huaxia Envoy, I’m speaking in the name of all natives now, we respect you a lot and it is an incredible honor. We now wish we could give you the item back, but unfortunately, we… we… Jack hid the truth from us and we signed a contract with him. He paid an enormous deposit…”

The chief shook his head and said, “I was too naive. I agreed to trade this item.”

When Lin Feng saw the chief really felt guilty, he hated Jack even more. He said, “Chief, just leave it to me. We will pay the price we have to pay, but we’ll only pay the price to you. We won’t give it to Jack, that kind of greedy, petty, and vile person!”

The chief blushed and said, “Huaxia Envoy, I’d like to know what kind of item it is? How come it fell from the sky? Why did I hear something in Chinese? It’s so strange. I really want to know, or I won’t die content.”

Lin Feng looked at the item and used his godly awareness to inspect the inside of the figurine. He learned nothing; after his godly awareness penetrated into the puppet, it was like he was in an ocean of mud and clay!

Lin Feng was unable to check the inside. His godly awareness was absorbed by a black hole within.

“Can I touch them?” Lin Feng asked curiously.

Even though the item belonged to Huaxia, Lin Feng was in their tribe, so he had to respect their habits. Happily, the chief gave him the figurine without hesitation.

Lin Feng sensed something wet merge into his hands. It was extremely strange, feeling like human skin. He couldn’t help but give it back to the chief right away.

Considering the chief’s expression, it seemed that it was different for him.

Lin Feng was lost in thought. Suddenly, he thought of something. Could it be that that item had something to do with Huaxia’s past and history?

Lin Feng naturally thought of Nü Wa. Meteorites which fell from the sky…? (Translator’s Note: in Chinese mythology, Pangu is the creator of the universe, and he used clay to do so)

“Huaxia Envoy, can you tell me what this puppet is?” asked the chief when he saw Lin Feng’s expression.

Even though Lin Feng wasn’t sure, he decided to go for the most plausible explanation. He told him Nü Wa’s legend and said that Nü Wa was one of the two puppets which had been made with clay by the Creator.

The chief’s eyes were wide open. He nodded and said, “I see! No wonder that when I touched it I heard some Chinese! How mysterious!”

“Chief, can you give me the clay figurine? I want to bring it back to Huaxia,” Lin Feng asked.

The chief nodded but then frowned, “Huaxia Envoy, it’s not that I don’t trust you, but I really respect this relic and I want it to be safe, so I’d like to deliver it to Huaxia’s authorities directly…”

So he needed someone like Wang Yuan, a high official…

“Alright! Since it’s that way, I’m going back and I’ll inform our team leader. When do we meet?” Lin Feng asked. He didn’t want to force someone honorable to do something they didn’t want to do.

The Chief nodded and said, “Alright, alright, alright! So, let’s say tomorrow! You can come tomorrow. We’ll proceed with the formalities. That’s exactly what I wanted to do!”

Lin Feng stood up and wanted to leave. He was astonished because he saw a mask move. Many masks were hanging on the second floor of the hut.

  They all stared at Lin Feng. Lin Feng moved away. The masks followed him with their eyes.

The chief was surprised. He looked at the masks, then smiled and explained, “Huaxia Envoy, those are our war trophies. These masks are all the enemies I’ve killed. They represent the glory of our clan…”

Lin Feng gasped in astonishment. The hanging masks had been made using the real heads of the tribe’s enemies. The shaman had sealed their souls inside the masks. They suffered for eternity!

But Lin Feng didn’t care about those things. He hastily said goodbye to the chief and left.


When Lin Feng arrived back at the hotel, he went straight to room 702 to see Wang Yuan. Wang Yuan was extremely worried and nervous. He had been trying to contact Lin Feng on his phone for hours, but didn’t know that Lin Feng’s phone was off.

“Lin Feng! You’re back! Where did you go?” Wang Yuan shouted angrily when Lin Feng finally entered the room. Wang Yuan didn’t think Lin Feng was hiding something, but he was extremely worried that Lin Feng would leave with the relic without him.

Lin Feng told him everything. Wang Yuan did not expect Lin Feng would come back with such great news. He had even more esteem for Lin Feng now.

“Lin Feng, it’s already daytime. You haven’t slept at all. You should go back and have a rest,” said Wang Yuan. Then he called people to gather. 


 Lin Feng went back to his room. The other two had woken up already. They were breathing some fresh air at the window.

When they saw Lin Feng was back, they asked him about his trip. Lin Feng didn’t tell them anything. He said he had played in a casino all night. He laid down and fell asleep.

Wang Yuan had five people gather. Some were from the Special Operations Department and the others were scientists specialized in ancient Chinese relics. Even if the price was higher than planned, it didn’t matter. 

Lin Feng and Wang Yuan didn’t know that Jack hadn’t stopped plotting. After being expelled from the tribe, he had gone to see some potential buyers, especially the two who promised the best price. One was from Fu Sang and the other from Huaxia, the ambassador of some famous clan.

Shan Ben Ye, the one from Fu Sang, brought his servants to Jack’s villa. He also brought lots of money. Shan Ben Ye really wanted that relic, no matter the cost.

The man from Huaxia was an old man. Even though he was already sixty years old, his hair was still black and his skin still looked good. His Qi was extremely powerful.

Shan Ben Ye entered the villa with his servants.

“Mister Shan Ben, Mister Ma, listen to me, the situation has changed. Someone from Huaxia is trying to steal the relic. If you really want it, there is only one way: use force!” said Jack. He explained everything in detail, especially about Lin Feng. He told them Lin Feng was EXTREMELY strong!

Shan Ben Ye and Ma Hua Long were both arrogant and self-important. When they heard someone from Huaxia wanted to steal the relic from them, their blood started boiling. They were bloodthirsty, so they started feeling angry immediately.

Ma Hua Long slapped the table hard and said, “Is that so? What do we do then, Jack? Let’s go destroy that Lin Feng and his friends. If they try to make our deal fail, then they’ll die!”

Shan Xi Ye also looked ferocious; he ground his teeth and said, “We must obtain that relic at all costs!”

Jack smiled glumly. He waved and said, “I will lead the way but when we’re there, I’ll leave the rest to you. I won’t intervene, no matter who obtains the relic. You can just rely on strength to get it. But the price can’t be lower than what we agreed.”

Jack only thought of his own personal interests, but he didn’t want to offend the native tribe. Therefore, he just told them he wanted his money.

Shan Ben Ye and Ma Hua Long didn’t seem surprised; they only wanted to know where the relic was.

They gave Jack the money and Jack told them where the item was. Jack looked at the dollar notes and smiled happily. Then he said, “Good, thanks. I’ll take you there!”

Jack led the two people out of the villa and they left with their cars. After a few hours, they arrived at the entrance of the valley holding the native village. 

Jack pointed to something and said, “Straight  that way, their village is over there. The elders may prevent you from coming inside, so you’ll have to make a detour or you can go inside using force, as you wish. I’m leaving you here.”


Translation of the Author’s Note: Jing Wu Hen had introduced elements of the urban genre straight in the first chapter of PMG, so don’t be angry about that new environment.  After that part, Lin Feng will go back to the World of Battles and the Ancestral World. Everybody must be excited about Lin Feng going to the Ancestral World, so don’t worry, Lin Feng’s new adventures in the Ancestral World will start soon! 

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