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Chapter 1595: Stealing the Treasure!


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 He didn’t want to offend the native tribe, so he didn’t want to be seen.

Now that they knew where the item was, Shan Ben Ye and Ma Hua Long didn’t waste time. They headed towards the village with their servants.

The two groups had over two hundred people. They were all cultivators and they all had guns, so they didn’t try to sneak in. The idea of coming to a peaceful and fair trade agreement with the natives had never been their intention. They intended to steal the item using force straight from the beginning.

But after they covered a certain distance, a strange wind suddenly started blowing. A few Indian guards appeared and stopped them. One of the elders said, “Who are you and why are you trespassing on our territory?”

Ma Hua Long and Shan Ben Ye glanced at each other and then they called some of their servants who could speak their language to negotiate, “Venerable and Honorable Indian Masters, we are the people Lin Feng told you about! We came to pick up the item…” said the interpreter smiling at the three elders. 

The three elders didn’t understand what was going on. 

Shan Ben Ye and Ma Hua Long then attacked at the same time. Shan Ben Ye took out a sword and killed an elder who was caught by surprise.

Ma Hua Long was even more brutal and violent. He took out a disc and threw it at an elder. It beheaded him instantly. The last elder was angry. He shouted their war chant for everybody in the tribe to hear and know there were trespassers.

However, it wasn’t the best idea, because he lost precious seconds. Ma Hua Long and Shan Ben Ye killed him on the spot as soon as he finished shouting.

When the people of the tribe heard the war chant, the men came out before Ma Hua Long and Shan Ben Ye. They were all ordinary members of the tribe. Most of them couldn’t even practice cultivation. How could they compete with such enemies?

Ma Hua Long and Sha started slaughtering the members of the tribe. In the blink of an eye, dozens of people were dead or injured. The remaining native men were terrified.

The outsiders entered the village and tried to look for what Jack had told them. They went straight to the biggest thatched cottage, which was the chief’s.

Boom, boom, boom!

When they got close to the hut, the ground under their feet rumbled and then collapsed. Dozens of souls were inside the hole. They had no bodies, they were just primordial souls with human shapes.

Those spirits didn’t say anything. They slowly rose in the air and turned into a gigantic ball of protection, an isolated world.

“Someone come and attack these damn ghosts!” shouted Shan Ben Ye. He threw some palm strikes. The strong force didn’t do anything to the souls.

Ma Hua Long just watched the floating silhouettes. He looked at one of them and said to the shouting Shan Ben Ye, “Mister Shan Ben! Stop attacking them recklessly. Let’s focus on one of them together. Look over there, the one with the human mask. It’s an eye technique!”

Ma Hua Long understood the native’s traditions better than Shan Ben Ye. Shan Ben Ye looked at the soul Ma Hua Long had just mentioned and swung his sword. Qi kept emerging from the blade and rolling forth. The spirit wearing the mask suddenly changed. It looked even more illusory and the whole protective bubble started shaking.

Ma Hua Long took out a gun and started shooting at the spirit with the mask.

As Ma Hua Long and Shan Ben Ye attacked the souls, the people inside the chief’s hut were startled and came out. The elders released some Qi to reinforce the protection when they saw that!

Ma Hua Long’s gun didn’t shoot real bullets. It shot a mixture of salt, animal blood, and some paralytic herbs.

Ma Hua Long had been in M Country for many years. He knew a lot about the natives. He knew those people’s defensive techniques were incredible!

These human shadows weren’t primordial souls from the tribe. They were people the tribe had killed. They were primordial souls made from souls, but then they had been refined so that they could become soul slaves.

Salt was extremely expensive to the natives historically. They used salt to attack primordial souls; it was extremely abrasive to them. Animal blood also had such an effect. Poison made primordial souls forget their own convictions so they became obedient slaves.

Ma Hua Long had studied them for many years, so when he shot those special bullets, the results were as expected.

The primordial souls’ protection spell started trembling. The primordial souls stopped listening to orders and fought against the salt, animal blood, and poison. A big hole appeared in the spell.

Some elders were inside seated cross-legged. When they saw that, they were quite frightened, and shouted at the chief, “Chief, hurry up and come!”

The chief shouted angrily, “Who are you, and why are you suddenly attacking our village?! Why?!”

Ma Hua Long laughed loudly. “Lin Feng sent us, old grouch. We came for the treasure. Hurry up and hand it over, otherwise, we’ll destroy your entire village!”

Everybody in the village was panicking. Ma Hua Long, Shan Ben Ye and their servants went everywhere in the village. They started gathering the women, children, and threatened them all with weapons.

The chief was angry and astonished. He did not expect Lin Feng would be such a scumbag. He had  sent people to attack them by surprise! They were slaughtering people, not paying them.

“Lin Feng, show yourself! You traitor! We’ll make you pay for this!” shouted the chief.

The protection ball was trembling ever more strongly. The elders continued releasing energies to reinforce the spheres, but as the souls were being attacked, the elders all coughed blood at the same time.

They were losing control. The souls were barely under their control anymore. The chief was in the room on the second floor of the hut where the masks were. The masks started cracking at the same time.

Those were the same masks Lin Feng had seen when leaving. They actually contained the primordial souls of the spirits who had created the protection ball. They were dispersing, so their containers were breaking as well!

“Old grouch, if you continue, we’ll kill all the remaining women and children. Do you want them to die because of a relic that doesn’t even belong to you?” Ma Hua Long knew that natives were people who cared a lot about heritage and family. They were all very close to each other!

The chief knew that if he didn’t give them the item, they would still manage to steal it and his people would die for nothing.

The chief sighed and said, “Alright, I’ll give it to you. Stop killing my people…”

The chief went back into the hut and took the bundle containing the clay figurine. He came out and gave it to Ma Hua Long and Shan Ben Ye. 

They opened the bundle happily. When they saw the figurine depicting a man and a woman stuck together in clay, they immediately knew it was an extraordinary item. The Qi it contained was incredible.

They didn’t feel like killing people anymore. They were not completely unreasonable, after all. If they killed too many people, then high ranking officials of M Country would notice and it would be troublesome for the whole country.

“Escape!” When Ma Hua Long and Shan Ben Ye shouted, their people started retreating, but as they left, they destroyed the thatched huts on the way.

They did that to stir up trouble. The natives would have to take care of the huts, so they wouldn’t chase Ma Hua Long and Shan Ben Ye.

Natives lived away from the modern world, according to their traditions. Without their huts, they were nothing, because they had nothing. 


After destroying everything, Ma Hua Long and Shan Ben Ye went in their cars and left burning rubber.

 Ma Hua Long and Shan Ben Ye laughed together and looked at the bundle.

“Mister Shan Ben, we’re done now, so we have to proceed according to our agreement. We break the figurine in two, right?” proposed Ma Hua Long.

Shan Ben Ye frowned and said, “Do we really want to separate them? Won’t we infuriate the gods if we do?”

The figurine was one, they were stuck together, face to face, as if they were embracing. If they broke it, then the item would lose most of its value.

When Shan Ben Ye said that, Ma Hua Long frowned. He didn’t look happy. Shan Ben Ye and Ma Hua Long were not members of the same group, after all and now they had a problem. How would they share the treasure?

“Mister Shan Ben, I think that you should give it to me. It’s from my country, after all. If you accept, I wouldn’t mind paying as much as you want!” Ma Hua Long proposed greedily!

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