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Chapter 1596: The Pawnshop!


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 When Shan Ben Ye heard Ma Hua Long, he said angrily, “Mister Hua Long, what is that supposed to mean? The very origins of this relic are in Fu Sang. People from Fu Sang are also Huaxian descendants. Back then Ancestor Nü Wa was on our island!”

The two people started arguing more and more aggressively. They kept stealing it back from one another.

They finally decided to cut the relic, but it didn’t work! They did not expect that that relic, which looked so fragile, was actually extremely durable. Both men had the strength of the Small Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator layer. Their strength measured at least ten thousand jin and they still didn’t manage to break the figurine.

After they tried, they realized there was something wrong. They calmed down and glanced at each other curiously.

“Mister Hua Long, let me try something please.”

“Hmph! Let me try something first!”

The two men started arguing again. They were worried the other would steal the relic and escape with it. In the end, they both sighed helplessly and let go of the relic at the same time. It was between them on the armrest between their two seats.

The figurine was made of clay, but at the same time, it contained a mysterious kind of strength. it was extremely tough, and as hard as diamond. In any case, they couldn’t break it.

“What do we do? Since we can’t break it, I think I should keep it for myself!” suggested Shan Ben Ye.

“No! We stole it together! We must keep it and use it together. We can’t just let one person keep it!” suggested Ma Hua Long in turn…


 The car stopped before the city center of Las Vegas. In the end, Ma Hua Long and Shan Ben Ye decided to temporarily put the treasure in a golden chest and put it underground in a safe. It was the only way to ensure nobody else would steal it.

The group went back to the center of Las Vegas. Half an hour later, they stopped in front of a magnificent building. Ma Hua Long and Shan Ben Ye looked at the thirty-floor building and looked at the gigantic sign on it. It was called the Golden Tower Pawnshop.

There were four guards in front of the big gate. Ma Hua Long and Shan Ben Ye were frequent clients. They always came to this pawnshop to sell things, or even just to store them. Each time, a lot of money was involved.

The guards let the two of them enter the pawnshop. As soon as they entered, they saw a man and a woman chatting. The woman was a beautiful woman from the East with beautiful white skin. 

The woman looked at Ma Hua Long and Shan Ben Ye and smiled, “Hey, Mister Ma, Mister Shan Ben! You haven’t visited us for a while. We thought you were dead.” The woman was also from Fu Sang, but she spoke very good Chinese. Ma Hua Long and Shan Ben Ye were her biggest clients. She took good care of them each time.

Ma Hua Long smiled, “What’s wrong, Cherry? You missed John Thomas? You enjoyed it last time, huh?”

“Hahaha you’re so kinky! I enjoyed the entire night and especially the fact that it lasted until sunrise!” said Cherry. She didn’t look angry at all. She kept wiggling to turn him on. The body of a woman of great beauty was one of the most dangerous weapons.

Shan Ben Ye immediately grabbed her bottom with both hands and spanked her to make her bottom bounce. Cherry moaned and said, “Mmmhhhh Mister Shan Ben! You’ll have occasions to enjoy my body. What did you bring this time?” asked Cherry, looking at the safe they were carrying. It was probably a very precious item.

Shan Ben Ye smiled, “You will learn later. It’s an incredible treasure.”


Cherry took the two people to an elevator. They went down to the third subfloor; the most valuable treasures were stored there. The place was as safe as the national treasury.

When they got out of the elevator, they saw a bulletproof door over three meters high in front of them. There were armed guards on both sides of the door. They looked fierce and brutal.

When the guards saw Ma Hua Long and Shan Ben Ye, they smiled and nodded. A guard in black clothes came to the front. He checked Ma Hua Long and Shan Ben Ye, scanning them with a kind of stick. They obtained a digital image of their bodies to see if they were carrying hidden weapons.

Ma Hua Long and Shan Ben Ye were frequent clients, so they knew the rules. They had already left their knives and other weapons in the car.

Cherry and the guard in black exchanged a few words, and he opened the bulletproof door. Cherry waved for them to enter, “Please come in. It’s the safest chamber.”

After the three people went inside, the black guard glanced at the others and everybody smiled evilly. The reason why they smiled evilly was that they knew that the three people inside weren’t going to be able to avoid the unavoidable. 

When the three people went inside, they had a bad feeling. Cherry got closer to the gigantic shelves. She raised her arm to grab something off the shelf; and her skirt was so short that it went up, showing her bottom. The temperature rose in the room.

In ordinary times, they wouldn’t control themselves, but today, quite uncharacteristically, they looked grave and solemn.

Cherry was surprised and looked at the safe. Ma Hua Long and Shan Ben Ye hadn’t put it down, not even a single time. Cherry really wondered what was inside and why those two looked so worried…

Cherry could see their expressions, and they didn’t look happy at all. Cherry smiled and called them. Ma Hua Long and Shan Ben Ye came closer. They still looked very solemn.

Cherry stepped back and looked at them. She was so curious. There were always ups and downs between these two, as they were both extremely powerful and influential. They could be considered as rivals sometimes, and sometimes they joined hands like now.

This time, they had come in with an incredible treasure. It was probably extremely valuable.

Of course, only Cherry could only think about it. Even if she was familiar with guests, she couldn’t ask them personal questions. It was a rule in that business; if she knew too much regarding her clients’ businesses, then her life would be in permanent danger. People would blackmail and threaten her.

Ma Hua Long and Shan Ben Ye walked to safe number FDD2045. Cherry opened the safe with a special key. They opened the bundle and put it in the safe, then they closed it up and locked it.

This was only one of the safes Ma Hua Long and the others used. The pawnshop had to be very careful when it came to safes, ensuring their safety at all times.

As for what guests put inside, they didn’t care. The pawnshop never asked them, and respected their guests’ privacy. There were many illegal items in those safes…

Of course, people had to provide the pawnshop with personal information and documents to apply for a safe, and there were lots of security checks, to ensure that nobody could put a bomb in a safe or something. It would be a catastrophe for the pawnshop if they did.

Problems were real. The pawnshop had existed for over fifty years, and nothing had ever happened. The Golden Tower Pawnshop had become such a famous shop because it was safe!

Ma Hua Long and Shan Ben Ye looked as if they had done something extraordinary. They took a deep breath, glanced at each other and smiled. Then they looked at Cherry.

Cherry’s face changed color a few times, and said, “Misters, you want to eat my sandwich again?”

It was a game she had played with both of them. She looked a bit worried because no matter how loud one shouted in there, nobody would hear.

Knowing what or how they had sex wasn’t important. The most important thing was that Lin Feng and the others had no idea of what had happened!


Someone called Wang Yuan. It was a private number. Wang Yuan picked up the phone. A woman’s voice said, “The item you wanted is lost!”

Wang Yuan nearly fainted. How did she know his phone number? How did she know the relic had been stolen? How did she know they were supposed to come and pick it up?

Wang Yuan remained silent. The woman hung up. He tried to call the phone number back, but the phone was turned off.

Wang Yuan stood up from his couch and rushed out of the room, walking to the other side of the corridor. The five people were drinking tea, “Stop! A problem happened to our relic!”

Lin Feng was astonished. What? He had just come to an agreement with the chief, how had such a thing happened? 

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