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Chapter 1597: Out of Danger!


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 Everybody moved. They got into three cars and rushed in the direction of the mountains where the tribe was.

“Wang Yuan, what’s going on here?” Lin Feng asked. 

Wang Yuan looked grave, “Someone called me and said the item had been stolen.”

“No! Who could have stolen it!?” shouted Lin Feng. His expression suddenly changed. Who could have stolen it from them?

Wang Yuan shook his head. He didn’t know, either. They were in M Country to get the relic back. It was a classified mission, and apart from them and their superiors, nobody knew about their mission.

He didn’t exclude the option that his superiors had plotted or talked about it. He had no choice but to see if there were suspects in the group. There was no woman and they were all people he had worked with more than once. They were all reliable and trustworthy!

But… there was an exception: Lin Feng!

Thinking about that, Wang Yuan couldn’t help but look shocked. He looked at Lin Feng without realizing it. Lin Feng understood what Wang Yuan was thinking when he saw his face. He said unhappily, “What is that supposed to mean? Do you think I planned all this or something?!”

Wang Yuan wasn’t sure…


 An hour later, they arrived at the valley.

Lin Feng was surprised when the three elders who guarded the village didn’t show up this time. Nobody showed up on the way. When they arrived at the village, Lin Feng was astonished and angry.

The day before, the village was nice and cozy, and now the thatched huts had been burned down. When the natives saw Lin Feng, they all took out their weapons, bows, and spears.

They quickly surrounded the two cars of the convoy.

Lin Feng hastily opened the car door and shouted, “Please don’t be upset! It’s me, Lin Feng! I’d like to see your chief…”

When those people saw Lin Feng, they went crazy. They shouted things Lin Feng didn’t understand, but they all looked extremely angry.

Lin Feng sensed a strong wind. He didn’t turn around, but threw a palm strike behind himself. When he turned around, he saw an arrow had pierced through the roof of the car. If he hadn’t thrown a palm strike, that arrow would have pierced his head. Even if he hadn’t died, he would have been severely injured!

Lin Feng looked at the one who had shot the arrow angrily. He took a deep breath. There were arrows everywhere in the sky suddenly.

All the arrows were aimed at Lin Feng and the others. If someone gave the order, they could turn all the arrows to ashes.

As Lin Feng was about to get angry, he heard someone shout angrily, “You little shameless and petty scumbag! You destroyed my clan, stole our treasure, and now you dare come back?”

Lin Feng raised his head and saw the chief. His long white hair was fluttering in the wind. He looked angry and ready to kill.

Lin Feng was dumbstruck and shocked. He said, “Chief, what is that supposed to mean? When did I destroy your people or steal your treasure?”

The chief pointed at Lin Feng and said, “How dare you! You’re extremely cruel and heartless. If you hadn’t sent people to destroy my tribe, why did they say you had sent them when they stole the treasure? How could they know where the treasure was? It was in my room!”

When Lin Feng heard that, he suddenly remembered everything and immediately thought of a possibility. “Chief, you’re wrong. Jack could have done it too!”

The chief didn’t believe him and said, “Nonsense! Those people were all from Huaxia! Jack just called me to talk about the treasure, he had no idea the treasure had been stolen!”

The chief raised his hand; if he put it back down, the archers would shoot!

Even though those arrows couldn’t possibly injure Lin Feng and the others, their poor cars would get badly damaged…

“Slowly! I want to say something!” shouted Lin Feng. At the same time, he also came up with the most evil plan. He decided to flash in and take the chief as hostage to make them stop.

The chief didn’t put his hand back down. After a long time, as his hand was still in the air, he shouted something to the archers who were aiming at Lin Feng, and all the archers lowered their bows.

Lin Feng calmed down and said quickly, “Chief, think about it; if I had wanted to steal your relic, why would have I come and negotiated with you yesterday? With my cultivation level, I could have stolen it without you even realizing it.”

The chief had already thought of that, so he didn’t contradict him. Lin Feng said, “You can’t rely on Jack. It can all be an act. It’s easy to do. He didn’t want to offend you and at the same time, he wanted to steal the item, so making it appear as if we had stolen it was the best thing to do for him. He said that other people from Fu Sang and Huaxia wanted the item at all costs!”

The chief finally believed Lin Feng. He shouted again, and the archers put their bows and arrows away. The chief came down from the boulder he was standing on. He and a few elders walked closer to Lin Feng.

The chief said sadly, “So you’re Lin Feng?”

Lin Feng nodded and asked, “Did they really say I sent them?”

The chief nodded. Lin Feng smiled helplessly and said, “Jack definitely told them my name. There’s no other possibility.”

The chief sighed and looked at the people who were with Lin Feng. He said, “You must all be so disappointed. Even if we knew that Jack had sent those people, what could we do? We don’t even have evidence. He would never admit it.”

The chief looked deathly cold when he mentioned Jack. Wang Yuan said politely, “Leader, do you know Jack’s address? Even though we’re not directly involved, we could help avenge you.”

The chief shook his head and said, “Even though Jack visited us many times, he’s always been mysterious. I don’t know where he lives. I just have his phone number, which I can give you.”

Wang Yuan noted down the number and said pensively, “Chief, since it’s that way, can we fool Jack?”

When Lin Feng heard Wang Yuan, he smiled approvingly. He did not expect Wang Yuan would react like that. Since Jack had plotted against them, why not plot against him too?

When Wang Yuan saw Lin Feng’s expression, he realized what he had just said and looked embarrassed. “Lin Feng, hurry up and find the people who stole the relic before it gets lost somewhere.”

Lin Feng was worried about that too. He frowned and said, “Could it be that your Special Operations Department doesn’t have covert agents in M Country?”

Lin Feng was convinced that Special Operations officers were everywhere in the world. However, Wang Yuan shook his head!

Lin Feng was speechless. Special Operations? What a joke! “Even though we don’t have agents here, our country Huaxia has many other contacts. I’m sure we’ll find Jack.”

Wang Yuan said to the chief, “Chief, we can’t waste time. We have to go! See you. If you need anything, just call me!”


After leaving, Lin Feng and the others went back to town. Wang Yuan contacted some of his contacts during his drive. Someone quickly told him several things about Jack.

Lin Feng and Wang Yuan were stupefied. Jack was known to the police for several offenses. Ancient relics smuggling, gun trade, stolen cars, drugs, prostitutes, everything!

Apparently, Jack also had over ten addresses which annoyed Wang Yuan and Lin Feng. If they had to try every house, they would waste too much time. Every minute counted, as the relic could completely disappear anytime.

“Wang Yuan, we can’t stay together, there’s too many of us. We can’t act rashly and alert the enemy,” warned Lin Feng.

Wang Yuan nodded. He had thought of that. He stopped the car and told everyone to disperse and gather in groups of two. All the groups went to a different address to check them. 

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