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Chapter 1598: Finding Jack!


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 If anyone found Jack, they were to contact Wang Yuan.

  All the people who were outside came back inside the hotel and waited. They had to protect the five experts who had come with them. Even though they were experts in ancient relics, they were ordinary people. They didn’t practice cultivation, so they weren’t able to protect themselves.

The people went back in, changed their clothes, and came back out.

Wang Yuan and Lin Feng didn’t drive their usual car. They decided to take a taxi. They found a driver who had Chinese origins, so they chose that one. When they told him the address, the driver frowned.

He looked at Wang Yuan and Lin Feng suspiciously. He sounded annoyed as he said, “It’s a very dangerous area where gangsters live. I can only take you to the edge of the area. I won’t go to that district…”

It was a dangerous place, so he had to be careful. What if Wang Yuan and Lin Feng were gangsters? If he took them to that place, they might kidnap him for his organs or something. 


They were in the car for an hour before the taxi driver stopped on the side of the road. The place was completely different from the city’s center. All the buildings looked old, as if they were on the verge of collapse. There were many idle young people wandering the streets aimlessly.

When the taxi had been driving, he had almost run into young people several times. People kept jumping in front of his car, threatening and provoking them. When the taxi stopped, the driver said urgently, “The place you’re looking for is straight thataway. Good luck!”

After taking his money, he left as fast as he could. When Lin Feng and Wang Yuan came out of the car, a few young urban migrants of low education with crazy hairstyles, tattoos, piercings, and flashy clothes surrounded them.

Lin Feng  noticed a yellow person in the group. As Lin Feng wanted to say something, Wang Yuan pushed him aside and said, “Don’t cause trouble. I’ll speak.”

A young black man came to the front and looked them over a few times. Suddenly, he opened his jacket and showed his inner pockets. Lin Feng remained extremely vigilant and tensed up.

 The young black man grinned mockingly and said in broken Chinese, “Do you want some coco…? Do you want guns…?”

Lin Feng looked at the inside of his coat; it held all sorts of strange things. In addition to cocaine and guns, he even had a few golden blades. Lin Feng couldn’t help but sigh; those people wore ragged clothes, but they had very expensive things.

Wang Yuan immediately said, in English, “No.”

The black man who was initially smiling now looked glum and said, “Fucking yellow monkeys, you’re like iron roosters, huh? You think your feathers can’t be plucked? Fucking cheapskates. If you’re not here to buy, then fuck off! Don’t disturb our business.”

The others then all started cursing and shouting at them. Some people made some gestures, pretending to be punching and kicking them. They said provocatively, “Bruce Lee… Bruce Lee…”

They were provoking Wang Yuan and Lin Feng. Wang Yuan looked at the young man who seemed to be from the Orient and waved, “Hi, we want to be friends. Can you help us?”

The young man frowned and looked at a white man in the group. The white man nodded. The young man walked closer to Wang Yuan and said, “What do you want to know? A hundred bucks for a piece of info.”

A hundred American dollars for one thing? Lin Feng was dumbstruck.

But Wang Yuan accepted and gave him a hundred dollars at once. Then he said, “Jack. Do you know where Jack lives?”

Actually, he already had Jack’s address, but there were so many slums and wrecked buildings there. If they tried to find Jack’s house by themselves, too many punks would interrupt them!

The young man didn’t say anything. The others narrowed their eyes, especially a thirty-some-year old white man. He took out a dagger from his belt and asked sharply, “You are… Jack’s friends? Why are you looking for him?”

Wang Yuan waved and said, “You don’t need to know about that. I pay, you tell me what you know.”

“Pooh! Jack is not here. Leave now!” shouted the Oriental guy.

The white man said, “But before leaving, give us your money, your clothes and all the valuable shit you got!”

He spoke in broken Chinese, which made him look even more ferocious. He waved his knife in front of Wang Yuan and Lin Feng to scare them.

As Lin Feng and Wang Yuan were about to say something, they sensed a strange wind behind them. Some young black men were raising sticks.

Their tactic was to hit them in the head so they would lose consciousness. Then the punks would be able to steal everything from them except their underwear.

They had obtained most of their belongings that way. They never bought anything themselves.  they were excited because they knew that people from the Orient were wealthy and usually had a lot of cash on themselves at all times.

Lin Feng turned his head around and saw two sticks coming for his head.

These ordinary people couldn’t hurt Lin Feng and Wang Yuan. Lin Feng threw a palm strike. Pure Qi rolled out, and there was an explosion. A few sticks blew apart. At the same time, the black men were blown away.

When they crashed to the ground, they looked half-dead. Most of them even rolled on the ground for a few meters. Lin Feng’s Qi explosion made them dizzy. They could barely breathe.

Lin Feng’s attack had sent several men flying. The rest looked astonished and started retreating, but they didn’t intend to let go of Lin Feng and Wang Yuan, so they surrounded them again.

A young white man nodded at the others. He drew a knife and pointed at Lin Feng with it. He said, “Who are you, and why are you looking for Jack?”

Lin Feng ignored him and said to Wang Yuan, “Wang Yuan, what do we do? Should we destroy them?”

Wang Yuan shook his head, “It’d be pointless. Now, the most important thing is to find Jack’s whereabouts. I’ll see if I can try and bribe them again. All these people care about is money. What you and I need to do is to avoid acting rashly and alerting the enemy.”

“Hey, young men, don’t be upset. We are really Jack’s friends. We came because we need to talk about something. So just tell us where he lives and I’ll give you two more hundred. What do you think?” asked Wang Yuan.

The young white man smiled ferociously, “Dream on. Two hundred? Give us everything and fuck off, bastards!”

He took out a pistol and pointed it at Lin Feng and Wang Yuan. Lin Feng couldn’t but feel surprised. Pistols couldn’t harm him… but what about Wang Yuan? Wang Yuan didn’t have a spiritual armor like he did.

Lin Feng thought for a millisecond, then leaned aside and disappeared. He slapped the young white man’s hand, who dropped the pistol. Lin Feng caught it. He put it on the man’s temple and said icily, “Make your friends put down their weapons, or I’ll shoot you in the head.”

The young white man looked angry but not afraid. He said, “Alright, go ahead and shoot. I don’t think you’ll shoot me; we’re on the street, after all.”

Lin Feng was surprised. The young white man suddenly crouched down to avoid the gun Lin Feng had pointed at him. He had moved relatively fast, and if he had done that against an ordinary man, it would have been fine. Unfortunately for him, Lin Feng wasn’t ordinary.

Lin Feng reacted extremely quickly, grabbing him by the neck and lifting him up. The man was hanging in midair and shouted, “Fuck off! How dare you touch me? I’m going to kill you!”

The few people around stepped backwards, too scared. Lin Feng could lift a man who was over a hundred kilos? It seemed so easy for him. It reminded them of someone… Bruce Lee!

“Kung Fu! He’s a Kung Fu master…” they started crying out in fear.

The white man’s eyes rolled. He was about to choke to death. Wang Yuan hastily said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, don’t press on his throat so much, you’re going to break his neck!”

Lin Feng put the man back on the ground and asked him icily, “So will you speak and tell us where Jack is now? I don’t want to hear anymore bull shit, otherwise, I’ll get rid of you!”

Lin Feng had just released the man’s neck a little bit. The white man finally coughed dryly and said, “Jack… You said… Jack… What Jack…? I am Jack… And I don’t know you…”

Lin Feng and Wang Yuan were dumbstruck. What a coincidence! Lin Feng said, “I meant Jack, a local gangster in Las Vegas! He has a scar on the left side of his face and red hair!”

Lin Feng had the impression their chances kept decreasing. The white man didn’t say anything but the Oriental next to him said, “He means Six Finger Jack!”

The white man suddenly remembered and said hastily, “Ah! He hasn’t been here for years. It’s my territory now… Actually, my name is not Jack, but I decided to steal his territory and his name to humiliate him…”

As Lin Feng was about to say something, Wang Yuan’s phone rang. He picked up the phone and suddenly looked extremely happy. He gave the phone to Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, no need to ask them anymore. The others found Jack’s nest!”

When Lin Feng heard Wang Yuan, he didn’t release the white man. He clasped his neck harder and looked at the first young black man, who now had a chain in his hands. He said, “You, come here!”

The young black man came over. Lin Feng took his guns from him, then took out two Rolex watches before finally releasing the white man. He had taught them a good lesson! 

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