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Chapter 1599: Killing and Stealing!


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 After leaving the district, the two men called a taxi to go to Jack’s address. They arrived there an hour later. Gao Chun and Brother Li had found Jack’s den.

When they arrived, they saw Gao Chun and Brother Li, pretending to be passengers. After getting out of the car, Wang Yuan asked Brother Li, “Where’s Jack?”

Brother Li pointed to a two-floor villa and said, “There. There are about ten people. What do we do? Should we go and attack directly?”

Lu Zhan said pensively, “Li Bing, Gao Chun, you guard the back door. Lin Feng and I will go through the main entrance. Our main target is Jack.”

Brother Li and Gao Chun nodded, and quickly headed to the back of the yard. Lin Feng and Wang Yuan looked at the main entrance. Some of Jack’s footmen were patrolling in the yard. Now they had to think of a solution.

“I’ll get rid of a few first!” Lin Feng moved his fingers and a strong wind started blowing. Energies emerged from his fingers and attacked those people’s necks. They didn’t even have time to understand what was going on and fainted.

Now Lin Feng and Wang Yuan could open the gate. They entered the front yard and walked straight to the door of the entrance of the villa. They could hear people laughing and chatting inside.

They opened the door onto a hall several meters long. They walked straight to the living room, and immediately saw Jack sitting on the couch. He looked quite drunk.

Lin Feng looked at the table. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were on it.

“Jack!” Lin Feng said. His voice wasn’t loud, but it sounded explosive in that room. Everybody turned around.

When Jack saw Lin Feng, he was shocked and terrified. He saw a gun muzzle in Wang Yuan’s hand, and didn’t dare act recklessly.

“Lin Feng, what are you doing? You’re trespassing on a citizen’s property, so I ask you to leave, otherwise…”

Jack didn’t have time to finish his sentence, Lin Feng suddenly appeared in front of him. At the same time, Lin Feng put the muzzle of his gun on Jack’s head.

People like Jack needed to face death to act reasonably. They weren’t afraid of cultivators, but they were afraid of guns, so he didn’t dare act recklessly.

Jack was a real gangster. He got nervous for a few seconds, but he quickly calmed down again. He asked, “Lin Feng, what are you doing? What did I do that offended you?”

“Hehe, Jack. I don’t feel like talking shit with you. Where’s the relic?”

“NO! (Translator’s Note: in English in the original) I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’ve never seen any relic,” said Jack. He looked calm, but he had a slightly trembling voice so Lin Feng understood that the gun on his temples had an effect.

His minions didn’t dare move. Lin Feng looked at the money on the table. He grabbed a bundle of money and said to Jack, “You got this money by selling the relic, huh? Never mind. Don’t worry. No need to tell me. It’s just that every second you don’t speak, I’ll burn a bundle of dollars. Consider it an offering to the gods.”

Lin Feng condensed pure Qi in his hand, and the money started burning. Red flames appeared, and the money turned to ashes.

The men around looked shocked. Money had just burned in Lin Feng’s hands and he was fine. They couldn’t believe it.

  Money was extremely important to those people. They were dumbstruck. How could Lin Feng dare burn that money?

“Listen to me. You know the fire I used to burn this money? If I want to, I can also use it to kill you. I can kill you and you won’t even know how you died, so now you better stop pissing me off!” Lin Feng said indifferently.

Jack’s expression fell. When he saw Lin Feng’s expression, he knew Lin Feng wasn’t joking. He said hastily, “Don’t kill me. I’ll tell you. Shan Ben Ye and Ma Hua Long have the relic. They stole your relic. It has nothing to do with us…!”

“Shan Ben Ye? Ma Hua Long? Where are they? Take us to them!” said Wang Yuan immediately. From those people’s names, he understood that one of them was from Fu Sang. If they took the weapon to Fu Sang, it’d be a catastrophe!

Jack had to reply. Money was important, but their lives were more important. Jack said, “I’ll take you there, but… but you have to promise me that you won’t kill me…”

Wang Yuan nodded and said, “As long as we get the relic, we won’t kill you. If you dare lie, we’ll have to kill you.”

All these people had participated in the massacre of the native tribe. Lin Feng could smell the dead tribesmen’s blood on these people’s bodies. He was angry. He couldn’t spare these people’s lives.

Lin Feng and Wang Yuan dragged Jack to the entrance. Lin Feng released some dark blue Qi which penetrated those people’s bodies. None of them groaned or anything. They just suddenly turned into red lights and disappeared.

Those people had disappeared from that world forever!

“Get in the car,” said Wang Yuan, pressing on Jack’s back with his gun. He pushed him into the car. As Lin Feng was about to get in the car, he suddenly grinned evilly and activated his ring. He took all the money on the table inside the house and put it inside the ring.

Lin Feng didn’t want Wang Yuan to see him steal money. Wang Yuan was a high official in Huaxia, after all. If he knew, he wouldn’t be happy. 


 Jack drove as fast as he could. Wang Yuan looked at Jack and asked, “Who is Shan Ben Ye? And is Ma Hua Long from Huaxia?”

“Eh…” Jack looked like he wanted to lie. He didn’t want to sell Shan Ben Ye out. Shan Ben Ye and Ma Hua Long were also gangsters, after all. People like Jack usually didn’t sell their allies out because they knew there were always retaliations.

“Hurry up and tell me, otherwise, you’ll end up in trouble again!” Lin Feng said, tapping the tip of his gun on Jack’s head.

“I’ll tell you! Shan Ben Ye is from Fu Sang. He’s a member of Mountain Pass Organization. That’s all I know. Ma Hua Long is indeed from Huaxia. I’ve heard he came from a big clan in Huaxia, but that’s all I know as well…” Jack informed them quickly.

When Wang Yuan saw Lin Feng looked doubtful, he explained, “The Mountain Pass Organization is a criminal organization in Fu Sang. It’s a legitimate Yakuza organization in Fu Sang. Even some people from Huaxia are members of the Mountain Pass Organization. They are wildly ambitious!”


 The car entered the center of Las Vegas. They drove through some streets and finally arrived in front of a Japanese-style building. There was a big sign on it, announcing Sakura Palace in ancient Chinese characters!

“Get out of the car. Don’t lie or you’ll die,” Lin Feng told Jack.

Sakura Palace was huge and there were lots of people coming in and out. Jack walked to the front. Wang Yuan and Lin Feng were just behind. Jack tried to plot one last time. If he had an opportunity, he would definitely seize it!

Sakura Palace seemed like a beautiful palace, but actually, the place sheltered evil people and countenanced vile practices. Men who came there enjoyed certain Japanese-style services.

At the door were two women in really tight skirts. They had huge breasts and looked extremely sexy. When they saw Jack, they bowed and took Jack and the other two inside.

Jack was almost suffocating. He kept staring at the girl and making gestures. He tried to make her understand that the situation wasn’t ordinary, that he had a problem, and that he was being held hostage.

But the woman didn’t notice that he was looking at her. It had to do with Fu Sang culture and traditions. When a client spoke, they had to lower their head and look at the ground while listening.

But then he pushed her slightly; she finally raised her head and she said, “This way, please…”

Jack looked at her intensely; the woman frowned and ignored him, then walked away. After a few steps, she stopped and said, “Please wait here. I’m going to inform Mister Shan Ben Ye.”

She walked away. Lin Feng and Wang Yuan hesitated, debating whether to follow or not, when they heard a loud whistling sound!

People appeared all around them. They were all gangsters from Fu Sang.

Lin Feng had a bad feeling. Someone had sold them out. When had that happened?

“Hahahahahahaha! Who are you? How dare you trespass on Sakura Palace’s premises!” a middle-aged Fu Sang man laughed.

He was wearing a kimono and geta. He had a fan in one hand. One could see he was from Fu Sang at a glance.

When Jack saw him, he couldn’t help but shout, “Mister Shan Ben, please save me…!” 

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