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Chapter 1600: Sword Spirit vs. Sword Soul!


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 When Lin Feng saw that, he immediately understood. T woman had reported there was something strange. She had understood Jack’s strange expressions, but she hadn’t said anything and had gone to report to Shan Ben Ye immediately. Now these people were surrounding them!

Shan Ben Ye glanced at Jack, and said to Lin Feng and Wang Yuan, “You’re from Huaxia, right? What do you want?”

Wang Yuan immediately got straight to the point and said, “Shan Ben Ye, Jack said everything already. You stole our relic and killed many native women and children. Today, we’re here to get the relic back!”

“Hahahaha! You’re joking or what? You’re not in Huaxia here! Who the hell do you think you are? You think you’re here on a punitive mission? Don’t offend the Mountain Pass Organization, you can’t afford it!” Shan Ben Ye replied indifferently.

Linn Feng knew that a peaceful solution was impossible, so he wanted to destroy these people as quickly as possible. The rule in that kind of situation was, If you catch the leader, you usually win a battle, so Lin Feng attacked!

Qi emerged from the tip of his fingers and shot at Shan Ben Ye as Ln Feng charged him. But Lin Feng didn’t expect that when his Qi arrived in front of Shan Ben Ye, Shan Ben Ye would simply slap it and make it disperse!

Shan Ben Ye brandished his fan and a powerful Qi emerged from it. It turned into a gigantic fan and moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t notice anything special about Shan Ben Ye’s attack, but Lin Feng hadn’t expected him to be a cultivator as well!

He was hiding his real cultivation level. He was actually quite strong!

Lin Feng saw the fan and released two Buddha hands hastily. Fan and hands collided. There was an explosion which reverberated everywhere in the building.

Crack! Shan Ben Ye’s fan broke apart and revealed ten iron bars, the ribs of the fan. Shan Ben Ye was shocked. He did not expect Lin Feng to be so shockingly strong. He had broken the iron fan!

But he didn’t stop. He raised his finger, and the ten bars charged Lin Feng!

When Lin Feng saw them, he smiled calmly, and threw a simple palm strike. The ten bars fell to the ground. Lin Feng looked at Shan Ben Ye and said, “I did not expect you to be so strong. No wonder you’re arrogant.”

“You’re flattering me, you’re flattering me. You’re not weak either, and you’re young. The younger generations will surpass us in time, but today, you will not get the relic back.” Shan Ben Ye’s kimono started swelling like a balloon, and even his body started swelling. A Fu Sang sword appeared in his hand.

“Today, I will show you how good we are at kendo in Fu Sang!” swore Shan Ben Ye. He flourished his sword.

His sword turned into several sword shadows, slashing towards Lin Feng. If Lin Feng didn’t dodge, those swords would chop him up!

Of course, that was what Shan Ben Ye thought. Lin Feng raised his hand; nobody saw when or how, but he unsheathed a flashing sword in his hand.

“Master, I’ll fight. I haven’t bumped into a strong cultivator in a long time!” said Ying Hun.

When Shan Ben Ye had unsheathed his sword, it had drawn Ying Hun’s attention. She was a sword spirit, so she was excited. How could she control herself?

Lin Feng was annoyed. He wanted to fight against Shan Ben Ye. If Shan Ben Ye sent someone else to fight, it meant he didn’t think Lin Feng was very strong.

Sword Qi whistled. Shan Ben Ye was doing hand seals, controlling the swords. They all turned horizontal.

They made patterns in the sky, like airplanes during military parades. First there was a tiger, then a wolf, then a bird, then a snake. The energies were extremely heavy.

“Master, this person’s sword skill is extremely powerful!” Ying Hun said approvingly.

“Ying Hun, can you defeat him? If you can’t, I can,” Lin Feng said. Ying Hun didn’t seem happy when she heard Lin Feng.

“Hmph! Master, you don’t have faith in me? I was just warming up. That’s all,” said Ying Hun proudly.

Lin Feng was speechless. He said, “Ying Hun, I know your sword skills are incredible, but today, we’re not here to play. We came to steal an item. We can’t waste time…”

“Ahem. Alright, so how do you want me to defeat him? His hands and feet or his head?” said Ying Hun.

“Eh, you can’t behead him, I need him to talk. Do as you wish, just don’t behead him.”

“Alright!” replied Ying Hun. When she saw the sword formation in the air, she turned into a beautiful woman.

The swords became more powerful and turned into a soul. Shan Ben Ye’s real sword cracked, then exploded. All its pieces flashed, like an iron rain, then fell to the floor.

“Ahhhhhhh! A sword soul! You have a sword with a sword soul!” shouted Shan Ben Ye. He was shocked, but he also looked pleasantly surprised.

Shan Ben Ye was the descendant of a famous swordsman in Fu Sang. His family had the best sword skills in Fu Sang. Shan Ben Ye had studied dozens of sword skills in his life. He had always dreamed of having a sword with a soul!

The attack he had just used before was a Jackals, Wolves, Tigers and Panthers sword attack. They were the weakest kinds of sword spirit. The only difference between a sword soul and a sword spirit was that a sword spirit had no mental abilities.

Even though jackals, wolves, tigers, and panthers were extremely ferocious, if they couldn’t think, then the sword couldn’t think. Shan Ben Ye had asked a man in Huaxia for help. He had been to Huaxia over ten times, but it was the first time he had seen a real sword soul with his own eyes.

Shan Ben Ye looked astonished and shouted, “Stop!”“

Boom! He fell on his knees before Ying Hun and shouted, “Supreme Sword Deity, I, Shan Ben Ye, have lost. I surrender!”

Ying Hun initially intended to cut off Shan Ben Ye’s arms and legs, but when she saw that, she Lin Feng asked, “Master… Eh… What do we do?”

It was difficult to hit someone who was smiling at you. Ying Hun didn’t know what to do and felt embarrassed and at a loss.

Lin Feng looked at Shan Ben Ye, he felt bad but he thought about it and said, “Shan Ben Ye, I’ll repeat it once more. We came here for only one thing: we want our relic back! If you hand it over now, we’ll spare your lives and won’t make things difficult for you.”

Shan Ben Ye knelt and said, “We can hand it over. I just want to ask you for one thing. Recruit me as your disciple! Teach me swordsmanship! Please!”

After that, he kowtowed. All the people from Fu Sang were dumbstruck. They were initially waiting for Shan Ben Ye to give them the order to kill Lin Feng and Wang Yuan. In the blink of an eye, everything had changed.

Lin Feng was annoyed, and he blamed Ying Hun for that, “Look now! I’m in trouble because of you! That guy wants me to recruit him as a disciple! I don’t want a disciple…!”

Ying Hun looked at Shan Ben Ye with compassion. He was a swordsman, after all. She loved swords. Ying Hun thought about it and said, “Master, no need to cause trouble. Even though you don’t want any disciple, you can offer him a sword guide for example. Wouldn’t it be nice for both of you?”

When Shan Ben Ye saw Lin Feng remained silent, he kowtowed even more, “Please, Master. Please let me follow you! If you accept, I will be able to die content.”

Lin Feng didn’t feel like hearing that anymore. If he didn’t accept, there might be a slaughter!

“Shan Ben Ye, if you are honest, I, Lin Feng, can tell you one thing; we can do a trade, but I don’t recruit disciples, so I can offer you a sword guide in exchange for the Huaxian relic. What do you think?” Lin Feng asked.

Shan Ben Ye looked disappointed but when he heard Lin Feng mention a sword guide, he had hope again and said hastily, “Thank you so much, Benefactor! You cannot recruit me as your disciple, but I will always think about you as my Master and Teacher in my heart!”

After that, he bowed and chanted the incantation a disciple usually chanted when a master or teacher recruited a disciple. When the people of Fu Sang saw that, they knelt and looked at Lin Feng respectfully.

Hierarchy was extremely important to people from Fu Sang. Their people respected Masters. Shan Ben Ye stood up, and everybody else stood up too. He glanced around and waved, “Hurry up and put your swords away!”

Shan Ben Ye looked at Lin Feng and said, “Teacher, I’ll take you to the relic!”

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