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Chapter 1601: Misfortune Never Comes Alone!


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 After that, he called Ma Hua Long. They possessed the relic together, so according to the rules of the Golden Tower Pawnshop, they could go inside only when they were the two of them. Shan Ben Ye couldn’t decide everything alone.

But Ma Hua Long didn’t pick up the phone. Shan Ben Ye seemed worried. He tried two more times, and Shan Ben Ye began to panic. It was the first time something like this had happened, and he wasn’t the only one involved since he had a partner. Shan Ben Ye even wondered if Ma Hua Long wasn’t doing it on purpose.

Shan Ben Ye also wondered if Ma Hua Long had plotted against him to keep the treasure for himself. What if he had really kept the treasure for himself? How would Shan Ben Ye be able to explain it to his teacher?

When Lin Feng heard the much older man shout and call him teacher, he felt very uncomfortable. Shan Ben Ye was a mobster. He was usually very aggressive and cruel but he was still calling Lin Feng teacher.

“Teacher, I’ll take you to Ma Hua Long right now. He’s also a member of the Mountain Pass Organization. It’s because we… stole the ancient relic of Huaxia together…  And now he’s not picking up the phone. I’m afraid that he may be trying to steal and keep the treasure for himself,” Shan Ben Ye said hastily.

When Lin Feng heard that, he was worried. He quickly followed Wang Yuan out of the villa. As for Jack, he just kicked him away. He didn’t mind killing him now that he was useless. 


As expected, Shan Ben Ye had power and influence. He brought out over ten SUVs and all the cultivators of Sakura Palace gathered in the cars. They all drove towards Ma Hua Long’s base.

Shan Ben Ye had the most evil plan in mind. Out of his love for swordsmanship, he had decided to completely cut ties with Ma Hua Long.

But when they arrived, there was nobody. His house was empty, and everything was upside down. When Shan Ben Ye saw that, he shouted out, “I’m sure he stole the relic and ran away!”

Everybody got back in the cars and drove towards the Golden Tower Pawnshop. Shan Ben Ye called Cherry on the way, but her phone was turned off. Cherry was at the heart of the story and her phone being turned off made Shan Ben Ye worry even more. 

 When the cars arrived in front of Golden Tower Pawnshop, they saw a lot of police cars. A few corpses in white body bags were laying on the ground.

After getting out of the car, Lin Feng and Wang Yuan understood that something had happened. A dozen guards were dead.

What had been stolen was precisely what Shan Ben Ye and Ma Hua Long had brought together: the double clay puppet!

Ma Hua Long had decided to keep the item for himself ever since they had tried to break it in two and failed. After they left the item at the storage, he had contacted Cherry in private and paid her a huge sum of money to help him.

Cherry had given him access to the safe. He had killed all the guards, stolen the relic, and fled.

When Shan Ben Ye showed up, the manager of Golden Tower Pawnshop saw him. He immediately brought the group of police officers to Shan Ben Ye and they surrounded him. The manager shouted angryly, “His friend stole the item and killed our guards! It was his friend!”

The manager’s logic was flawed. He was a weirdo. If Shan Ben Ye had cooperated with Ma Hua Long to steal the item, why would he have come back to the crime scene?

But the police officers still had to check. Since some people said Shan Ben Ye was Ma Hua Long’s partner, they had to keep him. However, Lin Feng and Wang Yuan couldn’t let that happen.

But they were in M Country and those police officers were locals, so Lin Feng and Wang Yuan couldn’t fight them, or the mystery of the relic would be exposed and a diplomatic incident might arise.

“Teacher, you have to trust me. It has nothing to do with me! Ma Hua Long plotted against me…” shouted Shan Ben Ye as the police officers took him to the car.

Shan Ben Ye was a cultivator; he could easily crush these people to mush, but he also understood that if he did, it might trigger a calamity. Besides, he really was innocent!

Shan Ben Ye couldn’t get Sakura Palace involved. At the same time, he was convinced he was going to be released soon since he was innocent. 

Wang Yuan and Lin Feng were terribly annoyed. They didn’t have the relic, and the only one who could lead them to the relic had been arrested. What a waste of time!

Wang Yuan’s phone rang. Wang Yuan picked up the phone, and his expression changed.

Even though his phone wasn’t in speaker mode and Wang Yuan was several steps away, Lin Feng’s hearing was extremely acute, so he could hear the whole conversation clearly.

It was a woman. When Wang Yuan picked up the phone, she said, “The item you’re looking for is already in Huaxia!” and she hung up. 

He called back but the phone was turned off. Wang Yuan was angry, and shouted, “Who the hell was that woman? Why did she speak so mysteriously? If I find out who she is someday, I’ll arrest her!”


Wang Yuan and Lin Feng went back to Sakura Palace to talk about Shan Ben Ye.

Wang Yuan reported what had happened. At the same time, he also told them about Ma Hua Long from Huaxia. Considering the time, if Ma Hua Long was still on a plane, they might be able to arrest him legally.

“Leader, did a mysterious woman contact you today? She’s been giving us mysterious information, but we don’t know who she is. It seems like she’s been keeping an eye on us…” said Wang Yuan.

On the other end, the person remained silent for a few seconds and said, “Alright, I understand. I will dispatch some people to go and investigate. Even though she said the relic was already in Huaxia, we can’t be sure. Don’t come back to Huaxia for the time being. Wait for my message.”

After hanging up, Wang Yuan looked grave. That mysterious woman’s involvement was a mystery. Who was she? Why was she trying to help them? 


Three days later, Wang Yuan received some orders. He was told to come back to Huaxia with his team because Special Operations had learned from some informants that the item had appeared on the black market so they were sure Ma Hua Long was back.

Wang Yuan and Lin Feng had to return to Huaxia first, the others had to continue working with Brother Li.

Wang Yuan and Lin Feng got first class tickets. They had to return as quickly as possible and needed to be in comfortable seats to have a rest because they had worked too much these days. As soon as they got onboard, they fell asleep. 


Lin Feng was sound asleep when he suddenly woke up, feeling danger.

Lin Feng’s current godly awareness could see about thirty meters away if he didn’t control it, enough to see everything in the plane. if he decided to, he could control it and see up to a thousand meters.

Lin Feng found the right position, but he didn’t turn around.

Because they were in a plane, Lin Feng acted silently and discreetly. He used his phone as a mirror to check behind him and saw a big man who looked ferocious and cruel.

The man’s eyes were green. He kept glancing around. He didn’t notice that Lin Feng was watching him. His eyes were filled with greed.

It didn’t seem like the man was there for him and Wang Yuan personally; he didn’t look in their direction at all. What was he looking at, then?

As Lin Feng was thinking, he suddenly heard someone shout hoarsely, “Everybody, don’t move! On the floor!”

Some people who were asleep were jolted awake. Many people didn’t understand what was going on, they just looked around confused.

Wang Yuan woke up as well. He lowered his head and whispered to Lin Feng, “The guy over there has an explosive grenade.”

Lin Feng was stupefied. He looked and saw a big man holding a round thing. The passengers trembled with fear. The man looked satisfied and laughed harshly, “Silence! If anyone dares cause trouble, don’t blame us for being cruel!”

Lin Feng realized that a dozen men were standing in the cabin aisles. They were all holding grenades and guns!

Lin Feng didn’t understand. Security checks were thorough before boarding planes; how had these people managed to bring guns onboard? How strange!

(Ed. Note: No, No, don’t look at the ring on your finger.)

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