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Chapter 1602: Plane Hijacking – Terror!


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 A hijacker brought a hostess to the center of the aisle as a hostage. He put a sharp blade on the hostess’ throat; a drop of blood appeared and dripped down to her chest.

Lin Feng was angry. He wanted to destroy those hijackers. It was bad luck… It was only the second time Lin Feng had traveled by plane and an incident had happened.

The men with the grenades came towards Lin Feng and Wang Yuan. Lin Feng asked in a low voice, “What do we do? Liquidate them?”

Wang Yuan whispered hastily, “We can’t afford to act blindly without thinking. We have to act in case of emergency only, we can’t infuriate them.”

These people hadn’t done anything drastic yet. If they were set off, then a fight might start. There would be a crash and everybody would die.

The goal of hijackers was usually to make the plane go somewhere else. Of course, sometimes some people were just insane and wanted to die with other people.

But those people looked like professionals, not like suicidal people.

They hadn’t started killing people yet, so Wang Yuan told Lin Feng to keep calm. Lin Feng was angry. Could it be that they were just going to sit and wait for death?

If those people had used blades, Lin Feng could have taken the blades from them in the blink of an eye. However, they had guns and grenades. With guns they would at most injure people, but grenades were different. If they exploded, the plane would rupture and everybody would die.

The man walked past Lin Feng and stopped. Lin Feng’s heart was pounding violently. Had he made a mistake? They had no reason to attack them, so why did they stop there?

A man grabbed Lin Feng’s hair and shouted, “Stand in the back!” He lifted Lin Feng by his hair. Lin Feng was angry and wanted to kill him, but pretended to be scared and submissive. The other one continued threatening other people with his gun.

Wang Yuan was also pushed to the back of the plane. Lin Feng was annoyed; everything pointed to disaster for Wang Yuan and him. If they didn’t act, those people might kill them!

However, after being pushed to the back, nobody paid attention to them anymore. At that moment, they heard one of the men shout, “You thought I wouldn’t recognize you, motherfucker? You thought we wouldn’t recognize you as an old man?!”

The hijackers seemed to have found who they were looking for. Lin Feng took a deep breath in relief. These people weren’t looking for them. Lin Feng could still see everything with his godly awareness.

The leader of the group grabbed a Caucasian man from near the seats where Lin Feng and Wang Yuan had been sitting and he laughed cruelly, “You’re a good actor, huh? Air Marshal!”

The Air Marshal officer knew his identity had been revealed, so he didn’t try to hide it anymore. Instead, he tried to reason with the hijackers. He said, “Don’t cause trouble. Just tell us what you want. Please consider the safety of this plane. Whatever you want, just tell me and I’ll do my best…”

Pa! The hijacker punched him in the stomach. The Air Marshal bent over in pain and nearly choked. He was lifted by the hair, his face was covered in blood. He was in agony.

He gasped heroically, “You can hit me and even kill me. Just let the plane land safely. Don’t kill innocent people, I beg you…”

The Air Marshal was heroic and valiant, ready to die to save innocent people. The hijacker smiled icily, “You don’t need to beg me. I am also a passenger on this aircraft. I don’t want to die so shut the fuck up! If you really want to die though, I can kill you!”

“Wang Yuan, what’s going on? They’ve already hijacked the plane? Does the captain of the aircraft know? Do the people on the ground know?” Lin Feng asked in a low voice.

Wang Yuan tapped Lin Feng with his elbow and whispered, “No idea, but shush! Don’t draw their attention!”

Lin Feng and Wang Yuan didn’t know, but at that moment, airspace personnel on the ground were panicking. After as the last plane had taken off, it had disappeared from their radar. That usually meant a plane crash. 

The plane suddenly started shaking. There was turbulence as the direction of the plane changed. Lin Feng wanted to ask Wang Yuan where they were going, but he didn’t dare speak.

If the captain was going back to base, the hijackers would inevitably stop him… but they didn’t seem alarmed at all. They seemed calm and composed, as if they had planned everything. Lin Feng’s heart twitched, “Could it be that… could it be that the pilot is their friend? Was the captain the one who planned everything?

Thinking about that, Lin Feng checked the cockpit with his godly awareness and suddenly understood everything.

The pilot was lying on the floor, his chest bleeding. He may have been dead for a few hours already. The copilot looked indifferent. He even had a manic grin on. He looked like someone who was delighted that their plan had worked.

Lin Feng made a decision to act first and report afterwards. Even if Wang Yuan didn’t agree, Lin Feng decided to do it anyway. If he used his pure Qi to attack all the hijackers at the same time, he was sure he could defeat all of them. If he took care of them all at once, they wouldn’t be able to cause trouble.

But Lin Feng had a problem. Even if he killed those gangsters, what would he do with the pilot? Who would fly the plane? It would just crash!

Lin Feng thought of something. Wang Yuan was a member of the Special Operations Department and he had a high position; he had probably undergone a lot of tough training over the years. Did he know how to fly a plane? If he could fly a plane, he could replace the pilot.

Lin Feng didn’t use his voice to speak this time, using pure Qi to transmit his message. His lips didn’t move, but Wang Yuan heard, “Wang Yuan, don’t say anything; just nod or shake to answer my questions.”

Wang Yuan looked at Lin Feng and nodded. Lin Feng used his godly awareness. Those hijackers were convinced they had the situation under control, so they let their guard down. They didn’t pay attention to Lin Feng and Wang Yuan at all.

“Wang Yuan, have you ever learned how to fly a plane? If you can, are you confident that you can land the plane?” Lin Feng asked.

Wang Yuan trembled. He already knew what Lin Feng was planning. Even though Lin Feng’s idea was extremely dangerous, he was determined. If he didn’t do that, these men might harm innocent people.

They hadn’t killed anyone so far, but who could be sure they wouldn’t kill anyone after landing? If Lin Feng didn’t want to kill anyone, it might come down to sitting and waiting for death. Besides, Wang Yuan now trusted Lin Feng’s strength.

Wang Yuan nodded. He had a pilot’s license, and he wasn’t bad at it. He was a member of Special Operations, after all. Wang Yuan knew how to fly a plane, and also knew how to sail.

Lin Feng said, “Get ready. I’m waiting for an opportunity to liquidate them. You’ll fly the plane! Remember, we’ll only have one chance, not two!”

Wang Yuan’s heart was pounding. These people were cruel and dangerous, and he was responsible for landing the plane. He had so many people’s lives in his hands…

Lin Feng focused his godly awareness to see everyone’s movements in even more detail, the hijackers in particular.

Lin Feng was surprised; they looked abnormally relaxed. At the beginning, they looked nervous, but now their hijacking had gone off they were happy; they had everything under control. They didn’t even pay attention to their weapons.

If Lin Feng could kill them all at once, they wouldn’t have any opportunity to use their grenades.

After careful consideration, Lin Feng finally decided to act. He didn’t know whether he should use his pure Qi or his sword. Lin Feng decided to use both in the end. That way, his chance of success would be doubled. 

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