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Chapter 1603: Vigorous Attempt to Save The Situation!


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 “Ying Hun, can you hear me? I need you to help me…” Lin Feng said. 

Ying Hun replied immediately, “Master, where are you? What’s this place? What do you need?”

Lin Feng told Ying Hun everything. She immediately focused on the hijacker’s foreheads. They were sure the men would die instantly.

After that, he waited for the right opportunity. When he was sure it was the right time, Lin Feng said, “Ying Hun, I’ll count to zero and you attack!

“Three… Two… One… Go!”

Lin Feng released a dozen threads of pure Qi at the hijacker’s chests at the same time. If those threads of pure Qi reached them, their viscera would be destroyed and they would die.

At the same time, dazzling lights illuminated the cabin aisles. A dozen sword lights flashed.

A moment before, the gangsters looked carefree and relaxed. Their eyes were wide open when blood gushed out of them, and they collapsed.

A thumb-sized hole appeared on their heads and blood gushed out of it as well. A small sword was flying. Ying Hun acted at the right moment. That kind of combination was extremely easy for a sword soul!

The pilot of the plane also collapsed silently and suddenly.

The passengers were dumbstruck and looked terrified. They all had different religions, but they all started praying.

“Wang Yuan, hurry up and come with me! We need to fly the plane!” Lin Feng and Wang Yuan both jumped up from their seats at the same time.

The plane started tilting and falling. They had lost control of the plane. Lin Feng ran to the cockpit. He punched the door, which burst open. He took the corpses and threw them into the aisles as Wang Yuan came inside.

But during those few seconds, they had already lost control of the plane. It was starting to fall. At the same time, he activated the engines. Wang Yuan was panicking. He had learned how to fly a plane and he knew that this kind of situation was the most dangerous when it came to flying.

The passengers were terrified. The armed hijackers all had their brains dashed out; they had died a violently!

The passengers weren’t happy about it because it seemed like the pilot was asleep, the plane was diving. The pilots had clearly lost control of the aircraft.

“Lin Feng… We’re doomed… We’re going to crash… I… I can’t fly it…” shouted Wang Yuan. He was terrified.

The passengers were terrified. They had no hope anymore!

“Oh my God! May God have mercy on my poor soul! Dear Almighty God, please save us! God bless us… Amen…” (Translator’s Note: in English in the original)

“Amitabha Buddha, Avalokiteśvara, Most Exalted Lord Lao, Jade Emperor, please save our lives…”

Desperate people started praying. They were devastated.

The whole cabin felt like a coffin. Everybody was certain they were going to die now. Even Lin Feng was terrified. He had never been in such a situation, and had never expected something like it to happen to him.

If Lin Feng wanted to escape, he could; it would be extremely easy. If he used his cultivation, he could easily break through the hull and escape from it.

But could Lin Feng possibly do something like that? He wasn’t that kind of person. He wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences of his actions if he did. 

Wang Yuan shouted, “Lin Feng… I’ve lost control of the plane… We can’t pull up anymore…”

Lin Feng’s thoughts felt blurry. He couldn’t think of anything. He decided to use his pure Qi and try one last thing.

Lin Feng released all his pure Qi. It enveloped the plane. At the same time, the pure Qi turned into an invisible protective layer and invisible pure Qi wings also appeared.

The pure Qi was ten times bigger than the plane itself, a thousand meters across. The pure Qi was also extremely fast and colored a dark blue.

There were islands on the Pacific Ocean under them. Some people raised their heads and gasped with astonishment, “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH… Everybody, look! Is that a UFO…?”

Everybody raised their heads and they cried out in fear, “Oh no… It’s a plane! It’s going to crash on the island…”

People cried out in alarm and ran away from the beach!

When Wang Yuan saw that, he looked at Lin Feng,his eyes wide. At that moment, Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with dark blue lightning. His face was covered in sweat. He felt as if his face were burning!

“What’s wrong, Lin Feng?” Wang Yuan shouted.

Lin Feng was using his own strength to prevent the plane from crashing. He looked like he was struggling, he grit his teeth and spat, “Stop disturbing me! If you want to take control of the plane, I have to use my pure Qi!”

His gigantic pure Qi worked. The plane gradually stopped diving. It was a new opportunity for Wang Yuan to take control back. Lin Feng tried to release more pure Qi to level out the plane. It finally worked.

Lin Feng was exhausted. He panted and looked at Wang Yuan. Wang Yuan was pleasantly surprised, he shouted, “Lin Feng, you’re so amazing! You’re a GOD! You saved us! What’s wrong?”

Lin Feng was so exhausted that he nearly fainted, but he forced himself not to collapse. He leaned against the door of the aisle and said, “It seems like God is on our side! We’re not going to die…”

All the passengers remained silent. They had all seen their lives flash by just before. When they realized they were not going to die, they all burst into tears!

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Dear Lord, Almighty God, thank you for saving us…”

“Buddha, Avalokiteśvara, we’ll worship you forever! You are our Saviors!”

Someone shouted, “It’s him! He’s the one who saved us! Your God, Lord, Buddha and whatever Avalokiteśvara haven’t saved us. He’s the one who saved us! Is he Superman…?”

The crowd remained silent. They all looked at Lin Feng. They all cried out in fear at the same time, “AAAAHHHHHHHHHH! HURRY UP AND LOOK AT HIM! WHAT’S HAPPENING TO HIM? HE’S NOT A MAN! HE’S A CELESTIAL BEING!”

Lin Feng was surrounded by a halo. He looked like a Buddha bathing in milk. His pure Qi shimmered around him in waves. Lin Feng slowly closed his eyes… 


 Wang Yuan reactivated the communication channel with the ground, and contacted the control tower. After sending a signal, the people from M Country and Huaxia on the ground were all astonished.

People on both sides thought the plane had crashed since they had lost it on radar. They had even started investigating and looking for the plane on the ground. The plane hadn’t crashed, and they weren’t dead! 


 When Lin Feng came back to his senses, his entire body burned with pain. He glanced around in confusion. He saw a blurry silhouette, a nurse in white clothes.

“What am I doing here?” Lin Feng asked, confused.

The nurse looked at Lin Feng. She seemed very happy! She ran to Lin Feng’s bed and shouted, “You’re in the intensive care ward, how do you feel?”

Lin Feng looked at her. She was smiling sweetly, he couldn’t help but cry out, “Qing Huang Tian! What are you doing here?”

The nurse looked astonished and asked, “You… You know my name? Have… Have we ever met before?”

Lin Feng was dumbstruck. He suddenly started coughing. After that, he said, “Of course I know you. You are Qing Huang Tian… I am Lin Feng… Could it be that… Could it be that you’ve also become amnesiac?”

Lin Feng was even more annoyed. She didn’t recognize him…? Nian Ling Jiao was amnesiac at the beginning, and now Qing Huang Tian was too…!

That nurse looked at Lin Feng curiously. She couldn’t help but frown. How was this possible? The person who had brought him to hospital had said that he was a valiant hero and that he had saved everybody, hundreds of lives! How could this hero know her? She was a simple nurse!

Even if she didn’t believe him, he knew her name. The strangest thing was that the nurse had the feeling she had already seen him before, as if she had seen him in another life, as if they had been destined to meet someday. It was a faint yet familiar feeling. She couldn’t remember where she had seen him though…

At that moment, the doctors arrived. They all surrounded Lin Feng. One of them said, “What a miracle! We declared your death already. You died and you came back to life. It’ll definitely be all over the news!”

Lin Feng had come back to his senses for a short time only, he was exhausted though so he immediately fell back asleep. And what he didn’t was that at that moment, Wang Yuan had already received a phone call from the hospital. When he learnt Lin Feng was safe and sound, he burst into tears and then rushed over to the hospital. 

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