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Chapter 1604: Making Impertinent Remarks!


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 Wang Yuan had landed the plane. He had turned danger into safety, and saved many lives. After landing, Lin Feng had been exhausted and lost consciousness, so they had immediately called an ambulance. They had taken him to hospital; the situation was complicated at the beginning, but they thought they had saved his life, and then they had had to transfer him to the main hospital.

In the end, they had failed to save him, and he had died!

The doctor had told Wang Yuan it was possible to keep him alive, but the costs would have been tremendous and he would have a life worse than death. The doctors had suggested that he let Lin Feng go and rest in peace.

Wang Yuan had naturally refused. He had immediately contacted his superiors at the Central Military Commission of Huaxia and they had told him to exert his utmost effort to save Lin Feng, a hero of the nation. 

Two weeks later, Lin Feng had finally woken back up!

Lin Feng lost consciousness again for an hour, giving Wang Yuan time to arrive at the hospital. The doctor allowed him to go inside the room. When Wang Yuan entered the room, Lin Feng woke up.

“Lin Feng! You’re awake!” said Wang Yuan. He was ecstatic. He ran towards Lin Feng, and put his hand on his head. He had no fever anymore. He said, “Lin Feng, you better get better! You still have work to do!”

Lin Feng didn’t understand and asked, “What work?”

Wang Yuan said excitedly, “I don’t know ,but you did something incredible so the Central Military Commission has started paying attention to you. The experts in charge of national security have many crucial missions related to the security of our nation!”

Lin Feng frowned. He wasn’t excited at all. He was extremely worried about Nian Ling Jiao’s safety now. That was his only priority.

“By the way, how are Nian Ling Jiao and the others doing? How come she hasn’t come to visit me?” Lin Feng asked. He didn’t understand.

Wang Yuan looked excited at first, but his expression stiffened. He mumbled to himself, “Lin Feng, I have to tell you a few things, so please keep calm…”

Lin Feng’s heart started pounding. He immediately understood there was something wrong. Could it be that Nian Ling Jiao had had an accident?

Lin Feng sat up hastily. He grabbed Wang Yuan’s arm and asked, “What happened? Hurry up and tell me! Stop wasting time!”

Wang Yuan sighed and told him everything. Nian Ling Jiao had disappeared. She was now on the national list of most wanted criminals!

When Lin Feng and Wang Yuan had left Huaxia for M Country, Zhang De Sheng had been worried about his business and his employees’ safety, so he had secretly gone back to Linhai the next day. He hadn’t expected to get kidnapped; the kidnappers were members of the Brotherhood. This time, Zhang De Sheng paid a few billions to get released; he wouldn’t be able to invest any money for a long time. The Brotherhood would take advantage of the opportunity to wipe him off the map and take over his properties.

The company’s legal representative was Qi Xiao Hua, so they forced him to call her. When Nian Ling Jiao learnt about it, she went there and she killed over a hundred people!

A HUNDRED PEOPLE! Such a thing had never happened in the whole country of Huaxia! High-ranking officials couldn’t ignore such a thing, so she was now one of the most wanted criminals of the country, if not the number one. But Nian Ling Jiao had disappeared!

They had been looking for her everywhere. Even Wang Yuan’s team had participated, but they hadn’t found her.

When Lin Feng heard Wang Yuan, he couldn’t control himself anymore. The members of the Brotherhood were cruel, vicious, and violent. The members of the Brotherhood might rape and kill her, and on top of that, she had become a most wanted criminal!

Lin Feng shouted angrily, “Wang Yuan! Nian Ling Jiao and the others have been kidnapped by the Brotherhood, you know that! Why don’t tell your superiors that!?”

“Lin Feng, you’re blaming me for nothing. You think I didn’t react? I told them the address, then I told them everything. But my direct superior gave me orders; when superiors give orders, even if the orders are stupid, we have to obey! Ordinary people can’t do anything against that or prevent them from killing someone! So you tell me, what can I do?” Wang Yuan said, shaking his head and sighing helplessly.

Lin Feng was really angry. He was so angry he hammered the bed violently and swore, “I think that it is exactly the same thing as being on the evil one’s side! If you apply the same rule, then I am a murderer too, I killed a dozen people! Will I become one of the most wanted criminals too now? If I had known, why would have I saved those people? I could have let them go and die!”

Wang Yuan was speechless. Lin Feng had a point! If they applied that rule, then Lin Feng should also be guilty of unpardonable evil!

But the situation had changed. Not only had Lin Feng killed people brutally and violently, but on top of that, high officials had suddenly started paying attention and attached importance to him! Nian Ling Jiao had done something similar, then they had issued an order so that as soon as they saw her, they had to shoot her dead in case she resisted arrest!

How ironic! Wang Yuan was without a leg to stand on. He looked at the angry Lin Feng and sounded him out, “Lin Feng, I… think that you should, hmm… give the matter further thought and discussion…”

“Hmph! BULLSHIT! If ANYONE has dared touch Nian Ling Jiao, they will die! No matter who the hell they are! And they can issue an order of arrest against me, I don’t care! BLOOD CALLS FOR BLOOD!” spat Lin Feng, grinding his teeth.

Wang Yuan didn’t know what to say. At that moment, his phone rang. He picked up the phone and his expression changed immediately.

Lin Feng listened as someone said, “Wang Yuan, your friend, Lin Feng, he’s awake, right? Remember to say hello to him from me, and also tell him about what I told you…”

“Leader, what about what you told me?” asked Wang Yuan. He felt very uncomfortable. Wang Yuan finally smiled wryly and said, “I told you that Nian Ling Jiao was Lin Feng’s friend. When she killed those people, it was because they had kidnapped her father and stole their properties! So I was thinking, is it possible to…”

“Hmph! Wang Yuan! Don’t forget what your job is! Don’t forget what your position is! You’re on a cruel and ferocious murderer’s side?! Lin Feng and Nian Ling Jiao are two different cases! Lin Feng killed people to save other people! Nian Ling Jiao slaughtered innocent people for her own selfish interests!” The man sounded extremely strict and firm!

Lin Feng was angry. He jumped off the bed and took the phone from Wang Yuan’s hands and shouted explosively, “TO HELL WITH YOUR USELESS PRINCIPLES! I regret so much that I saved those passengers now! I should have let them die! Don’t talk to me about national security! I am not going to work for you! If anyone hurts Nian Ling Jiao, I’ll kill them!”

Lin Feng sounded resolute. He didn’t want to cause trouble for Wang Yuan, but Wang Yuan’s expression was completely stiff. He was shaking from head to foot. He hadn’t expected Lin Feng to dare talk to his superior like that! Even worse, he had no idea Lin Feng would dare threaten his superior!

Wang Yuan quickly took the phone back and apologized hastily, “Leader, don’t listen to him! He just came back to his senses… He doesn’t understand what’s going on… That’s not what he meant…”

The person on the line remained silent. They just breathed deeply, dumbstruck by Lin Feng’s explosive voice.

Wang Yuan’s heart was pounding. Considering the way Lin Feng had spoken to his superior, not only would Lin Feng be executed, but he might too!

Nobody dared threaten their superiors!

After three minutes, the leader coughed and said, “Wang Yuan! Bring Lin Feng to me. You have two hours!”

The leader hung up. Wang Yuan’s heart was pounding. He thought, We’re doomed!

Wang Yuan looked at the angry Lin Feng. Wang Yuan ground his teeth and said, “Lin Feng, you heard that. I think… I think that you should leave as quickly as possible. Go as far as you can. The best would be to go back to M Country to hide…”

Lin Feng was surprised and looked at Wang Yuan, “What do you mean? Sometimes, it’s better to loosen the reins to grasp them better. If we go, what will happen in two hours?”

“Sigh, don’t worry. And by ‘better to loosen the reins to grasp them’, do you mean ‘avoid a problem by walking away from it’?” Wang Yuan sighed and said, “Don’t worry! You can knock me out and then leave, I’ll tell them you escaped!”

Lin Feng didn’t know what to think. Could he avoid a problem by walking away from it? No. Impossible. He didn’t know where Nian Ling Jiao was, how could he avoid a problem by walking away from it?

“Wang Yuan, I’m the one speaking here; I will handle the situation! Now, let’s go and see your leader! We’ll see what he intends to do to me!” Lin Feng said. He turned around and changed his clothes.

Wang Yuan was afraid. He knew how strong Lin Feng was. If he went and saw Wang Yuan’s superior, both sides would suffer heavy losses.

Of all the possible outcomes… Wang Yuan wasn’t willing to witness any of them! 

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