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Chapter 1605: Man of Integrity!


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 “Lin Feng, listen to me! Leave for a while. I’ll solve the issue. You can leave it to me. Once the leader is calm again, then you can come back…” Wang Yuan suggested.

Lin Feng had finished changing his clothes. He shook his head and said, “Wang Yuan, I’m going to see him now. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything which could cause you harm. They can’t hurt us and I can protect myself anyway. I want them to remove Nian Ling Jiao from the list of most wanted criminals. If they don’t, then I’ll just leave. Don’t worry! I won’t hurt them.”

Nian Ling Jiao had been treated unfairly, but Lin Feng couldn’t go and kill innocent people because of it!

Wang Yuan was still worried. After that, he called his superior again, “Leader, I’m not bringing Lin Feng to you. If you want to punish someone, then punish me, I…”

When the leader heard, he burst into laughter. It was like he was a completely different person from before. He laughed and said, “Wang Yuan, are you worried that he could pose a threat to me?”

Wang Yuan then said, “Leader, I…”

“Enough! Bring Lin Feng to me. I don’t believe that a man who saved hundreds of lives is capable of harming anyone else. He must be a good person. Anyway, stop wasting time! Ten minutes have passed already, you have an hour and fifty minutes left!”

Wang Yuan had no choice. He couldn’t do much but pray for nothing bad to happen. 


Wang Yuan Lin Feng asked not to cause trouble over a dozen times in the car. He kept shaking Lin Feng’s arm. In the end, Lin Feng released pure Qi to mute Wang Yuan’s voice and pretended he had fallen asleep.

Actually, Lin Feng was worried now. Since he had come back to his senses, he had realized something, his pure Qi was much weaker than before. Lin Feng felt as if a part of his inner self had been removed. Lin Feng tried to think of an explanation and came to the conclusion that he had used too much pure Qi when he had saved those passengers.

Spiritual Qi was extremely rare on Earth, so when one used pure Qi too much, one had to wait to recover. A cultivator had to absorb spiritual Qi, which then turned into pure Qi in his body. How long would he need to wait…!?


 An hour and twenty minutes later, Wang Yuan arrived outside of the city. He parked the car in front of the entrance of the governmental buildings. When he stopped, some armed soldiers came to their car and checked them, then let them pass.

It was the first time Lin Feng had been to such a place. He felt a bit nervous. His godly awareness detected several threads of powerful Qi hiding in every corner.

This place doesn’t seem as ordinary as it seemed. It looked like a tranquil estate from the outside, but from the inside, it was extremely complex!

They continued driving for five minutes and arrived at another gate. This time, Wang Yuan and Lin Feng had to get out of the car and walk. Wang Yuan suggested, “Lin Feng, don’t act recklessly, I know my leader well. Even though he has an explosive temper, he’s a very fair person and doesn’t just care about his own personal interests. We also have a very good relationship. I am sure he won’t try and cause trouble for you…”

Lin Feng didn’t say anything; he detected the Qi of more and more strong cultivators around him. Some of them could even put pressure on him!

Poor Lin Feng, his pure Qi hadn’t completely recovered yet…

In the end, they followed some sentinels to a five-floor building. They hadn’t gone in when they saw someone come out of the building. It was a man who looked about fifty years old. He had a straight long face and big eyebrows. His eyes were bright and piercing. His Qi seemed powerful.

“Yo, Wang Yuan, you’re slow, huh? I’ve been waiting for you for over half an hour!” the old man smiled. His voice sounded warm.

Wang Yuan immediately replied, “Hello, Leader!”

When Lin Feng heard Wang Yuan, he was startled; the old man was a cultivator too? He hadn’t expected he would be a cultivator as well! His Qi was quite powerful. He was at least a Small Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator!

But Lin Feng noticed there was something wrong. The leader’s Qi was extremely unstable. It kept fluctuating. It meant that the foundations of his cultivation were completely chaotic!

The leader grabbed Wang Yuan’s arm and said, “Alright, alright! It’s a private place, why be so polite?” He looked Lin Feng over and said, “Hehehe! Here is our hero! Lin Feng, right?”

He said hastily, “Leader, he’s Lin Feng. Without him, hundreds of passengers would have died… and I would have never been able to see you again, Leader…”

Wang Yuan said something nice so that the old man would be fair to Lin Feng. At the same time, he hoped that the leader, who had an explosive personality, wouldn’t get angry.

Lin Feng was angry before arriving, but he had calmed down when he realized the person he was facing was dangerous.

“Indeed, I am Lin Feng!” Lin Feng declared, neither haughtily nor humbly.

The leader looked at Lin Feng. He had doubts. This man was so young. He wasn’t big and strong, he was skinny. He seemed weak. Could it be that he was really the one who had saved the plane?

 He trusted Wang Yuan but it was still hard to believe. Or… was the Lin Feng in front of him a fake?

“Good boy. Young. Virtuous. I like vigorous and enthusiastic young men!” said the leader approvingly, putting his doubts aside. He waved, “Let’s go inside to talk. I had someone prepare steamed glutinous rice dumplings for you.”

 They followed him inside and went up to the third floor. Lin Feng could feel strong threads of Qi all around him. Some strong cultivators were waiting in ambush.

When they entered the living-room, they saw that the room was divided between hosts and guests. They sat down. Some people poured some tea for them. It smelled very good.

“Lin Feng, a moment ago, you insulted me on the phone. But I think what you said was well-founded.” Lin Feng remained silent. The leader tapped his thighs. Wang Yuan and Lin Feng looked confused. Getting insulted was something well-founded?

The leader said, “There is a saying: “When something absolutely horrible happens, it is not horrible if it’s for something good.” It applies to everybody and everything. I’ve been in this field for so long. My way of thinking is a bit rigid. I made the wrong decision. Luckily, Lin Feng, you insulted me a moment ago and it brought me back to my senses!” The leader took another sip of tea. “Don’t worry. I’ve already sent people to go and remove Nian Ling Jiao from the list of most wanted criminals. If Huaxia fails to protect its most precious citizens, then our country is not worth being called Huaxia. Right?”

Everything was changing so quickly. They were extremely worried on the way, and now everything was going well. Wang Yuan had been so worried there would be a clash, and now they were having a polite conversation, so it was great!

Lin Feng frowned. “Really? She’s not going to be a wanted criminal anymore?”

The leader said, “Lin Feng, what kind of person do you think I am? I’ve never lied. I am devoted to justice and fairness. Nian Ling Jiao is your friend, so she must have killed some evil people.”

Lin Feng looked at that leader’s Qi. He didn’t sound or look strange; he was being honest.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel a bit ashamed that he had been disrespectful to the leader before.

“Lin Feng, Wang Yuan told me that you saved the passengers, and just came back from the dead as well. It’s just incredible. How strong are you now?” the leader asked curiously.

Regarding the question, Lin Feng had no idea how to reply. He tried to think about it and finally said, “I… I… I am an Earthly Godly Ancestor…”

The leader seemed perplexed. He asked, “An Earthly Godly Ancestor? I’ve never heard of that kind of cultivation level?”

Of course not, thought Lin Feng. Cultivation levels were different on Earth and in the World of Battles.

“Eh… I have my own way for classifying cultivation levels, so you naturally don’t know about it. It’s just a name after all.” explained Lin Feng vaguely.

The leader nodded, “Oh, I see. So you’re an Earthly Godly Ancestor, but what is the equivalent in our classification system?”

The leader was curious. Lin Feng had said something he had never heard before. He felt excited.

Lin Feng had a plan. His questioner was a Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator, so what should he say? If he said something too low, then the man would think he was just being modest; if he said something too high, then the leader would think he was just showing off. 

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