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Chapter 1606: Painful Touch!


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 “Eh… I’m not sure because actually, I have no way of comparing.” Lin Feng admitted.

The leader wasn’t satisfied with this answer. He frowned and looked at Lin Feng, “We could also exchange views on cultivation.”

Wang Yuan’s expression changed slightly. He wasn’t afraid Lin Feng might lose, he was afraid Lin Feng would harm the leader. He said hastily, “Leader, Lin Feng is exhausted, he’s been through a lot. His cultivation hasn’t recovered yet…”

“Oh,” said the leader, but he didn’t intend to stop sounding Lin Feng out. He had taken lots of spiritual pills and medicine, so his cultivation level had increased. He couldn’t wait to use his new strength, and now he was in front of Lin Feng. How could he give up such an opportunity?

The leader said, “I’m just saying we should exchange views on cultivation. We can use fingertips so we don’t get hurt…”

Since he insisted, Lin Feng and Wang Yuan sighed helplessly. If they kept making lame excuses, it would come down to making him lose face. He was older than them and an elder, so they had to give him even more face.

“Alright, what kind of challenge?” Lin Feng asked, sighing helplessly.

The leader said, “Let’s go to the kwoon in the back. It has special protections and a special system.”


 Wang Yuan and Lin Feng followed him down the building and out behind it. There was a thirty-meter-high building there without a single window. It looked like a simple and basic block of concrete.

When they went inside, Lin Feng detected a different thread of Qi. Several people were inside already. Lin Feng scanned the area with his godly awareness. He noticed that most of the people inside were mediocre cultivators. Most of them were extremely young. Those people were amateurs, nothing more.

When Lin Feng, Wang Yuan, and the leader arrived inside, everybody looked at them and stopped what they were doing. They all greeted the leader and called him Uncle.

The leader went to the center of the kwoon. He bowed hand over fist in front of Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, you have to be careful. I’m pretty strong, too!”

He got ready to fight, and threw a palm strike. His Qi was extremely powerful. It turned into a blade wind slicing towards Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng couldn’t afford to move too slowly. He used thirty percent of his strength and threw an Aggressive Punch back.

This kind of competition wasn’t easy to tackle, because the leader had a high position. If Lin Feng beat him, he would feel embarrassed. If the old man won, then Lin Feng would feel awkward.

Even worse, if he hurt the leader, it would be a catastrophe!

The old man was extremely powerful. If he said someone was one of the most wanted criminals, then they were. Lin Feng couldn’t imagine what would happen if he hurt the leader. In the end, Lin Feng decided to use thirty percent of his strength. That way, their battle would end up in a draw, which was the friendliest way of ending a battle.

He hadn’t expected the leader to be so strong. When their attacks collided, a strong wind started blowing, and a cloud of dust arose. Lin Feng easily blocked the attack, so the leader said approvingly, “Not bad. Take this punch!”

This time, Leader Wang added twenty percent of his strength and threw a palm strike. A palm shadow appeared in the air and turned into ten shadows slamming towards Lin Feng, putting him under pressure.

Lin Feng made a Buddha hand Imprint, which also turned into several hand shadows. They all collided and came to a draw again!

Leader Wang couldn’t help but frown. He was an old and strong man. How come he couldn’t figure out what Lin Feng’s maximum strength was? Since Lin Feng didn’t want to show him how strong he was, he had to force Lin Feng to do so!

Leader Wang started moving faster, using an agility technique. Leader Wang was a really good cultivator. He had started studying in a Shaolin temple when he was a child. When he was ten, he already knew a lot of techniques, so he had left the temple and found a job. He had a very advanced knowledge of cultivation, especially compared to people from other countries.

He used a Shao Ling Five Ancestors Godly Punch, then threw a kick. Leader Wang was determined to make Lin Feng use his full strength.

Ge also wanted to show he was strong. His Qi of the Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator layer rolled out. It was explosive and kept sparkling. He had defeated over a hundred people in the last few years!

But this time, he was wrong. When Lin Feng saw Leader Wang come closer, he used an attack he hadn’t used in a long time: the Chiliocosm of the Great Tao attack! Fist, palm, fingers, legs, a mixture of everything combined into an attack!

Leader Wang started using all sorts of attacks, but after a dozen punches, he was shocked. He wondered what kind of attack Lin Feng was using. He couldn’t even recognize what school Lin Feng was from, but in any case, it easily destroyed his Shaolin Five Ancestors Punch!

Leader Wang used another attack; his energies turned into Eight Trigrams hands. However, Lin Feng countered every move easily.

Leader Wang was covered in sweat as he looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked perfectly calm and relaxed. He didn’t look even a little bit tired.

The young men and women around them all cheered for Leader Wang. They all hoped Leader Wang would dominate Lin Feng, but they were looking more and more surprised. They hadn’t expected the young man would easily defeat their leader. He looked so confident and at ease.

“Who is he? Which clan is this prince from?” asked someone in a low voice. “I’ve never seen that kind of punching technique?”

“I don’t know. He must be from a very powerful clan or sect, but we know them all, and we’ve never seen him,” replied someone.

All the young men and women were not ordinary people, they were all children of high officials, or they wouldn’t be in Leader Wang’s kwoon. They all thought Lin Feng was a rich kid as well!

“He’s not from our circle. He must be from a big sect or clan. He’s so strong! Even Leader Wang can’t beat him…”

Leader Wang usually came to this kwoon to practice, and those young people also practiced with him, so they all knew how strong he was. Leader Wang could easily defeat all the young men together, but he couldn’t win this time.

People whispered all around. Leader Wang could hear them, and was worried. He had been an example for these young people for such a long time; he couldn’t let Lin Feng destroy that myth!

He quickly used a punching technique. He had created it, and had given it a strange name; it was called the Spider Punch!

He used both his hands and feet to attack. The attack was powerful. He wanted to use a special attack Lin Feng had never seen.

The Spider Punch came towards Lin Feng. It contained an extremely powerful real pure Qi. A strong wind was blowing around them. Lin Feng quickly blocked the attack. Lin Feng threw a kick and bounced back. Leader Wang chased him and threw a kick at him.

The attack was indeed new to Lin Feng, but it was still a bit weak for him and also slow. Lin Feng could see every single move very distinctly. How could it pose a threat to him?

Lin Feng’s legs spun in the air. It was a monk kicking technique. Leader Wang blocked, but groaned with pain.

His bones felt like they were burning. They were strong, but could they be as durable as Lin Feng’s?

Lin Feng looked completely calm and indifferent, as if nothing had happened. Leader Wang’s bones felt like they were broken. He was in great pain.

Leader Wang’s face turned purple and red. He was angry; he didn’t want to surrender. He tried to throw another kick at Lin Feng.

He was fast and fierce. He wanted to put his opponent on the ground!

Their legs collided. The leader felt as if his leg had met a stone statue. Lin Feng completely stopped him, and he shook from head to foot.

Leader Wang cried out in fear, “Ah…”

He understood now. Lin Feng and he were worlds apart. No matter what he tried, he kept losing!

Leader Wang slid backwards and said, “Not bad, little boy. You’re good at kung fu. Let’s stop for now. Let’s go back and drink tea…”

At that moment, someone shouted, “Uncle Wang!” He came to the front and looked at Lin Feng, asking Leader Wang, “Uncle Wang, which clan is he from? He’s not bad!”

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