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Chapter 1607: Leader’s Invitation!


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 The person who had just spoken was named Zhang Bao. He had a very high social status. To become who he was, he had had to become extremely strong. He even had Qigong Iron Clothes.

If he didn’t have the required qualities, he could have never obtained his job. High-ranking officials were like brothers and helped each other, so he wasn’t happy to see Leader Wang get beaten.

But he understood that all cultivators were strong, especially those who came to this kwoon. they were usually at least high-ranking officials’ children so they all asked that question.

if Lin Feng had a powerful background, they wouldn’t be surprised.

Leader Wang didn’t say anything. Lin Feng said, “My name is Lin Feng.”

When Zhang Bao heard Lin Feng, he went through all the rich families’ names and realized he had never heard that name before.

Leader Wang said, “Zhang Bao, he’s the one who saved the passengers!”

“Ah?” Zhang Bao’s eyes opened wide, astonished. He looked at Lin Feng and blinked. He was so young, and he had such an incredible cultivation level!

But he now knew who Lin Feng really was. He wasn’t a rich kid. He was an ordinary person who had saved many people. Zhang Bao still found it hard to believe.

Now that man was in front of him, so he couldn’t give up an opportunity to learn more. Getting to know the legendary young hero who had saved those passengers would be wonderful. It would also be an opportunity for Leader Wang to observe Lin Feng.

“Uncle Wang, I could replace you and exchange a few moves with him?” Zhang Bao implored.

Even though he only had the strength of the top of the Small Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator layer, his legs were extremely strong. He could destroy a pile of ten bricks easily. He didn’t take Lin Feng too seriously.

Leader Wang looked at Lin Feng. He didn’t feel very comfortable. When Lin Feng saw how strong Zhang Bao was, he understood that if he didn’t accept, everybody would think he was afraid.

“Alright, Leader Wang must be tired. You can replace him. What kind of rules?” Lin Feng asked deliberately.

 Zhang Bao frowned. “Everybody is so young. What is the point in harmless battles? A real battle should end when one is knocked out!”

All the young men and women looked stupefied. They understood how strong Zhang Bao was. His punches could pierce through walls!

Some people were worried for Lin Feng, but they wanted to see how strong the hero who had saved so many people was. Many of them had studied kung fu under Zhang Bao. He was almost a teacher to them!

“Alright! Please!” Lin Feng said. He looked perplexed.

Zhang Bao asked everybody to move fifty meters away to give them space.

“Come, you can attack first!” said Zhang Bao. His Qi rolled in waves around him.

Lin Feng smiled, “YOU attack first. You challenged me, after all. We can’t violate the rules…”

Zhang Bao looked surprised. Lin Feng sounded a little bit arrogant; only strong cultivators said such things, and only to weaklings.

Zhang Bao felt angry and humiliated. He looked glum and said, “You’re a bit too arrogant, sir.”

Lin Feng was only ten meters away from him. After saying that, Zhang Bao leapt into the air and shot at Lin Feng. He used an Iron Fist punching technique with both hands. His real pure Qi condensed in his fists.

Zhang Bao was convinced he was going to destroy Lin Feng with that attack. His Iron Fist was incredible.

When Lin Feng saw that, he just used an Aggressive Punch technique. He didn’t use his full strength, just a tenth of it.


His Qi exploded. Zhang Bao was blown away. After sliding back several paces, he finally stopped. No wonder he was an elite guard of the government, he was brave and fearless. As he was blown away, he had released and condensed Qi, but he had lost control.

Dong, dong, dong…

Zhang Bao was pushed back seven steps before he finally stopped, but at least he didn’t fall. His chest burned, and his arms felt numb. Zhang Bao gr8t his teeth and looked at Lin Feng in shock. Lin Feng’s Aggressive Punch was incredible!

Zhang Bao’s attack was extremely powerful, but Lin Feng was still standing exactly where he had been at the beginning. Zhang Bao had suffered a crushing defeat!

The watching students all looked astonished. Their teacher Zhang Bao had been forced back! They were scared of Lin Feng now.

He had won in one attack against such an incredibly strong cultivator! How astonishing!

After a few seconds, Zhang Bao came over and bowed hand over fist, “Extremely strong, as expected.”

Even though Zhang Bao had lost, he didn’t act like Leader Wang, who had immediately admitted his defeat.

Lin Feng bowed hand over fist and said, “It’s a draw, nobody was knocked out…”

Zhang Bao reddened. He was the one who had said the battle would only end if one of them was knocked out. Lin Feng had defeated him and called it a draw…

Leader Wang understood. He said, “Alright. Zhang Bao, come with us. Let’s go have some tea!”

The four of them left the kwoon. All the young men and women watched them go.

A woman gasped, “Wow! How handsome! He’s SOOOOOOO hot!”

Another one next to her smiled, “How unfair! Why don’t we know anyone as strong as him? They’re all cowards! How unfair!”

Many of the men around looked at her unhappily. Some contradicted her, “You brainless and naive woman. In this world, we must be courteous and use one’s brain to talk. If you are strong, but can’t talk normally, what’s the point?”

“Indeed. Stop insulting us. Besides, you may like that man, but he didn’t even pay attention to you. What kind of man do your parents want you to marry?”

All the men were angry at the women. They couldn’t let the women compare them to Lin Feng, who had no background.

A woman shouted, “Hmph! Even if we can’t get married to him, at least, we can enjoy him with our eyes and in our thoughts. Mmmmhhhhmmmmmm… What a lean and muscular body… Pfew… That would be the best thing in the world.”

When she said that, a few women added, “Hey, Little Rou, you’re horny again? But yes, riding such a powerful man must be SOOOO good, oh my God! Should we go and tell Lin Feng how much we like him? Right now?”

The men and women kept teasing each other. They were all good friends.

Nobody noticed that in the crowd was a man who pulled a long face. He narrowed his eyes and ground his teeth. “Don’t worry, Lin Feng; sooner or later, I will destroy you!”

Lin Feng and the others went back to the third floor and had some tea. Leader Wang said, “Lin Feng, you’re extremely strong. You working in town is a pity. Aren’t you interested in working with us?”

Wang Yuan looked pleasantly surprised. What great news! He was so happy! Everything was going extremely well! For an ordinary person, that was a gift from Heaven!

“Leader Wang, Zhang Bao is a very good cultivator. He can work for you. And me? I like to be idle and do nothing. I have so many things to do alone already…” explained Lin Feng, flattering Zhang Bao at the same time.

What Leader Wang had said could have posed a threat to Zhang Bao. If Lin Feng agreed to work for Leader Wang, Zhang Bao would lose his job!

Leader Wang realized what Lin Feng had said. “I really hope that you would agree to work for me. You and Zhang Bao’s positions would be distinct. If you agree, you can start now. You’ll get a good salary, privileges…”

Leader Wang started telling Lin Feng all the privileges he would have. He was convinced that it would work to convince him. Nobody thought Lin Feng would say resolutely, “It’s not a matter of money. I really have things to do. When I’m done, I may come and work for you.”

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