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Chapter 1608: Relapse?


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 Lin Feng didn’t give him too much face. When Leader Wang heard Lin Feng, he quickly said, “What do you have to do? I can send some people to help you. That way, you’ll solve all your issues much faster, and you’ll be able to come here and work. You want us to find Nian Ling Jiao, right? I’ll tell my team to go and look for her. With more people, it’ll be easier to find her.”

Lin Feng was touched. If Leader Wang really helped him, then finding Nian Ling Jiao would be easy!

But thinking about that, Lin Feng excluded that option immediately. If he used Leader Wang, he would owe him, and then he would have no choice but to help!

Leader Wang had a high status, so Lin Feng had to be careful with his actions.

“Ahem! I didn’t mean I wanted to find Nian Ling Jiao specifically. I also have many other things to do. The list is too long, but thank you…” Lin Feng said graciously.

Leader Wang understood why Lin Feng spoken that way, and sighed, “Alright. I won’t force you, but I’ll say it one last time; you can come and ask us for help anytime,” taking another sip of tea. 


Lin Feng and Wang Yuan said goodbye. On the way back, Wang Yuan got angry at Lin Feng. He thought what Lin Feng had said was too stubborn. He had refused such an incredible opportunity!

Lin Feng didn’t say anything.

Halfway back, Lin Feng suddenly felt some pain in his gut. It felt as if he was being stung with needles. Lin Feng was a strong man, but he still shouted in pain.

Wang Yuan was driving. When he saw Lin Feng suddenly looked strange, he shouted, “What’s wrong, Lin Feng? You don’t feel good?”

Lin Feng couldn’t speak anymore because of the pain. It didn’t like being pinched; it felt like the pain came from inside, as if his soul was being stabbed!

“I… I…” Lin Feng said. His head felt loose.

Wang Yuan was frightened. He quickly stopped the car and put his hand on Lin Feng’s face. Lin Feng was burning and sweating. Wang Yuan checked his pulse, but it was normal. Wang Yuan had no choice, and drove straight to hospital. 


 Nurse Qing Huang Tian was standing in front of Lin Feng’s bed and kept shaking her head. The night before, after she had gone home, she had thought about it. She had taken out all her childhood pictures and looked at them. After checking everything, she finally came to the conclusion that she had never seen Lin Feng before.

But why had that man said her name, then? His tone of speech was so soft when he said her name that Qing Huang Tian was confused.

When Nurse Qing Huang Tian heard Lin Feng’s name, she muttered to herself, “Who are the other people he mentioned? Who is Nian Ling Jiao? Who is Qian Jin Cai Yue? Who is Lin Zu?”

“That person is so strange… Why does he keep calling me?” Nurse Qing frowned. She really wanted Lin Feng to wake up so that he could give her an explanation.

The nurse’s phone started ringing. She looked at it, frowned unhappily, and ran out of the room to take the call. She said angrily, “Hey, how many times have I told you that I have a boyfriend? Stop harassing me!”

A man called back, “Stop lying to me, Little Qing! I checked everything. You don’t have a boyfriend. You’ve never had one. You don’t have a boyfriend where you work, either. Be my girlfriend and you’ll have a car, an apartment, and anything you want. Why would you need to work a degrading job to survive?”

The nurse looked glum, she shouted angrily, “Zhou Peng Bo! Shut the hell up! You stalker! I’ll go and report you to the police!”

The nurse was angry, but Zhou Peng Bo was right. She had never had a boyfriend. She was beautiful and cute, but she had never met a man who could make her heart beat faster.

The nurse hated talking about it. Inside, she dreamed of a charming prince on his white horse, but reality was different. In real life, most men she met were tramps!

The nurse had become cold-hearted. Her friends and former classmates had all had one-night stands before. She wasn’t a libertine, so just spent her evenings alone at home. She was too shy to contact former classmates and friends. She was alone most of the time.

In any case, she didn’t feel bad about being single, but she felt threatened at being harassed by Zhou Peng Bo all the time. He was so shameless. He had had a fever once, so he had come to hospital and had gotten an injection. His obsession with her had started then.

He kept sending her flowers at the hospital. He kept calling her. He had even tried to drag her into his sports car to go for a ride. Qing Huang Tian was angry.

She even forgot to hang up the phone. When Zhou Peng Bo saw that Qing Huang Tian didn’t say anything, he said, “Little Qing, I really like you. Give me a chance. I know you are going through financial difficulties, and because of your mom’s relapse, you have to pay back a loan of hundreds of thousands of yuan. Don’t worry, I already helped you pay the loans. In the future, the debt collectors won’t come to your home to harass you.”

“What? You paid off the loan?” Qing Huang Tian was stupefied. That loan was one of her biggest worries. She had been drowning in debt. Debt collectors kept harassing her.

“So? Convinced? You believe me now? Little Qing, accept! Tonight, I’ll take you to the movies. We’ll watch an amazing 3D movie!” said Zhou Peng Bo firmly.

It was the first time Qing Huang Tian had hesitated. Could it be that that young local nobleman really liked her? Otherwise, why would he have paid back her loans for hundreds of thousands of yuan? But would he love her for his entire life? Zhou Peng Bo was one of the four Young Masters of Beijing. He was extremely famous.

“Little Qing, do you accept? We’re just going to watch a movie, nothing more…” Zhou Peng Bo implored her.

Even though Qing Huang Tian had a billion reasons not to like him, she finally said, “Alright.” She hung up right after that. She couldn’t help but burst into tears. Could it be that she had really agreed because of money? But she clearly didn’t like him!

If her mother hadn’t relapsed, she wouldn’t have needed those loans. She wouldn’t have needed to give up her studies to become a doctor. She wouldn’t have needed to work all sorts of different crappy jobs. Because of lack of sleep, six months ago she had crashed into the hospital with her car!

She had always been unlucky. She had grown up in poverty, then her mother had become sick. Her father had been fired. Her entire family had to rely on her!

“No… No…” shouted Lin Feng suddenly. The nurses quickly gathered around him.

Nurse Qing Huang Tian looked at Lin Feng, whose eyes were still closed. He kept saying “No”. 

Qing Huang Tian moved her face closer to him and asked carefully, “Hey, you’re dreaming. What’s wrong?”

“I… I… I’m saying, “No, don’t… don’t… go… with h… him… to the… movies…” replied Lin Feng, still unconscious.

Qing Huang Tian frowned and muttered to herself, “You’re really strange. Mind your own business, will you? Why would I listen to you?”

Lin Feng’s eyes were closed but he seemed extremely worried, he kept talking, “Qing Huang Tian… You… are… my… w… w… wife… D… Don’t go… to the mo… movies… with… h… him…”

Qing Huang Tian was infuriated when she heard that! She frowned and shouted at him, “NONSENSE! Who’s your wife? If you weren’t sick and in a coma, I… I… I would cut your tongue!”

Qing Huang Tian was breathing heavily. She was initially crouching down, and now stood up and walked to the door quickly. She turned around and looked at Lin Feng. He was unconscious, but he had still heard her conversation?

Qing Huang Tian was confused. She walked away and closed the door, but very slowly. She watched Lin Feng as she closed the door to see if he would move. She thought that Lin Feng might be pretending to be unconscious to stalk her.

But Lin Feng didn’t move and he didn’t look at the door. Could it be that he really was unconscious? Why was he so strange? First he had woken up and said her name. Now he had shouted her name while unconscious and he had even asked her not to go to the movies. The strangest thing was that he kept saying she was his wife. 

How infuriating!

 She was still watching him through the door. Suddenly she heard, “Hey! Miss, what are you doing?”

Qing Huang Tian was startled, and nearly dropped the syringe she was holding. She hastily turned around and saw Wang Yuan. Qing Huang Tian hastily said, “AAHH! Eh… Nothing! I… I… This door can’t be closed properly…” 

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