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Chapter 1610: Teaching Zhou Peng Bo A Good Lesson!


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 Lin Feng fell back down from the air. Luckily, Wang Yuan jumped and caught him, but this time, the ushers at the door were astonished.

Anyone with common sense would understand that an ordinary person couldn’t jump three stories in the air!

“Hoooooly fuck! Did you see that? That guy almost took off like a bird!” an usher cried out.

The usher next to him hadn’t noticed. At that moment, he looked at Lin Feng and Wang Yuan, thend said to the usher, “You’ve been reading too many mangas, man.”

The other usher immediately said, “I really saw it! He jumped as high as the third floor of my building! And then his friend caught him..:”

Lin Feng and Wang Yuan went to their car, then they chased after Zhou Peng Bo and Qing Huang Tian. Even though Wang Yuan’s car was a powerful Cherokee, they couldn’t see Zhou Peng Bo’s Ferrari anymore.

“Wang Yuan, hurry up! They’re going to leave us behind!” Lin Feng said, clenching his fists in worry.

Wang Yuan was worried, too. Even though he didn’t want to chase them, he knew that if he didn’t, Lin Feng wasn’t going to leave the matter at that.

There weren’t many cars at night. Wang Yuan drove as fast as he could with his car; he didn’t mind getting a fine.

However, they chased the Ferrari for several minutes and still couldn’t see the car. Lin Feng and Wang Yuan looked confused. Could it be that they…

“Wang Yuan! They’re over there!” shouted Lin Feng, pointing to a hotel by the hour. There was a red Ferrari parked in front of it.

Wang Yuan slowed down and then stopped twenty thirty meters away. They looked at the car. It was indeed Zhou Peng Bo’s car.

Lin Feng got out of the car and ran inside. He went up to the two women at the reception desk who were chatting. Lin Feng knocked on the counter and asked, “A moment ago, a man and a woman came in; which room are they in?!”

The two people at the counter were startled and asked, “Are you going to have a foursome, Mister?”

Wang Yuan was there too so when the women saw those two men ask for a straight couple’s room, they smiled evilly. Those women worked in a hotel by the hour and were fujoshi (Translator’s Note: women who like to watch hentai and yaoi), they already imagined Lin Feng and Wang Yuan making out.

“We’re not here for sex. We’re looking for the people who parked the Ferrari just outside. A man and a woman. Where are they?” Lin Feng asked worriedly.

When he said they weren’t there for sex, the two women looked wary. They had already faced such situations. When a woman who had a boyfriend or husband came to the hotel to have sex with another man, very often, her husband or boyfriend came with a friend to beat them up or even kill them!

Therefore, when the two women heard them, one of them said, “Sorry, we can’t let you cause trouble here. Please leave…”

The other woman got ready to go and inform Zhou Peng Bo. Zhou Peng Bo was a frequent client, so the women were protecting him.

When Lin Feng saw those two women talk nonsense, he was extremely worried, and didn’t say anything. He just suddenly jumped over the counter, startling them. Then he pushed them away and checked the computer. He quickly found their room, as it was the last entry in the database, room 303.

Lin Feng ran to the flight of stairs and then to room 303. He kicked open and destroyed the door, rushing inside. Qing Huang Tian and Zhou Peng Bo were fighting. She was struggling.

He kept pulling on her hair on the bed. When Lin Feng suddenly arrived, Zhou Peng Bo shouted arrogantly, “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? PISS OFF!”

As soon as he finished speaking, bam! Lin Feng slapped him. Zhou Peng Bo crashed into the headboard. Blood appeared on the corner of his mouth. He looked at Lin Feng, wanted to insult him, but Lin Feng suddenly appeared in front of him and kicked him in the balls. Zhou Peng Bo rose up a full meter and then crashed to the ground. His face stiffened in pain. He couldn’t say anything else.

Lin Feng wanted to attack again, but Wang Yuan pushed him and shouted, “Lin Feng! Stop hitting him! If you hit him again, he’s going to die!”

Lin Feng thought about it. He had reached his goal, he had found Qing Huang Tian. He turned his head and, what? Qing Huang Tian wasn’t there anymore…

As soon as he moved to chase her, a bunch of men appeared at the door; they were guards and staff members. Two of the guards were holding weapons, and shouted out, “Hands up and on your knees!”

“Fuck you!” Lin Feng cursed them angrily.

They attacked him, and shouted at the others to call the police.

The guards couldn’t stop Lin Feng. Lin Feng easily took care of them. He grabbed them with one hand and pressed on their arteries with his fingers. Instantly, their arms went numb and their weapons also fell down. He kicked them and blew them away before running down the stairs.

Reaching the foot of the building, he saw a taxi leaving quickly. It was Qing Huang Tian. Since she had left, he had partially reached his goal.

But Lin Feng was still angry. He turned around and went back inside the hotel. Zhou Peng Bo was a scumbag of mankind! He had to get rid of him!

Lin Feng pointed at the guards inside and said, “You better piss off! All of you! If anyone dares stop me, they’ll regret it!”

His powerful Qi made the guards feel numb. None of them dared stop him. However, when Lin Feng arrived back in front of 303, Zhou Peng Bo wasn’t there anymore.

Lin Feng didn’t know where Zhou Peng Bo was hiding. Suddenly, he heard the sound of squealing tires. He looked out of the window and saw Zhou Peng Bo raising a cloud of dust behind his Ferrari as he left.

Lin Feng wanted to get out of the building, but stopped and looked at the bed. There was something shiny there, a woman’s bag. Lin Feng didn’t need to think, it had to be Qing Huang Tian’s!

He took the bag and went back to the lobby. The guards had locked the hotel already. They didn’t want to let Lin Feng and Wang Yuan leave. They wanted to wait for the police to arrive.

Wang Yuan showed his police badge. A guard took it and looked at it, then pursed his lips, “I’m sorry. Your badge doesn’t work here because it doesn’t cover this area. You can only use it in your area of assignment.”

Wang Yuan talked to them, but they refused to talk. It was not a surprise; that place had been created by people who had money and power, who were both high officials and criminals.

“Wang Yuan, don’t waste your time talking to them. Let’s see who can stop me!” Lin Feng stepped  in front of the door and lifted his foot, then kicked the door open. It burst into pieces, and he stepped outside.

He didn’t look at those people and walked away.

The guards were dumbstruck and scared. They had locked the door with iron chains, but Lin Feng had easily destroyed the door with a kick!

Wang Yuan ran after Lin Feng. T they jumped in the car and left. The guards didn’t dare follow them. They looked at Wang Yuan’s car and cursed, “Fucking hell! Call the boss. I remember his plates number. They can’t run away!”

Wang Yuan was angry at Lin Feng, and kept shouting at Lin Feng. Not only had Lin Feng harmed many people, but he had also destroyed many things, including the doors of the hotel. Lin Feng looked inside Qing Huang Tian’s bag. There was a scarf, makeup, money, a phone and different paper sheets.

Lin Feng looked at paper sheets. He was shocked. The first paper he opened was a medical report. Qing Huang Tian’s mother had encephalatrophy!

He checked everything. They were all receipts from hospitals, all totaling either thousands or tens of thousands of yuan. The total value was hundreds of thousands of yuan. There were papers from the loans as well.

Lin Feng sighed sadly. He hadn’t thought that someone like Qing Huang Tian, a heroic and valiant cultivator in the World of Battles, would come to Earth and now had a horrible, miserable, and sad life!

“Lin Feng, where are you doing? Are you going back to hospital?”

“Yes. Let’s go back to the hospital…” Lin Feng said. He had Qing Huang Tian’s bag. At the same time, he had to help her solve some issues. 


Back at the hospital, Lin Feng went straight to the nurses’ office and asked if Qing Huang Tian was back. The nurses said she wasn’t working. Lin Feng asked where Qing Huang Tian lived. A nurse shook her head and said, “I don’t know. I’m just here for my internship. I’ve been here for less than a month. I don’t know the other nurses…”

It was already nighttime. He couldn’t contact Qing Huang Tian, but he didn’t feel like sleeping. He sat down on a bed and waited for sunrise. He just wanted to wait for Qing Huang Tian.

“Lin Feng… Can you tell me more about the World of Battles? How is it over there and what’s going on there?” Wang Yuan had heard a lot of stories about Lin Feng from Lu Zhan. He had heard about the World of Battles and he had wanted to ask Lin Feng that question for a long time already. He was very curious. 

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