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Chapter 1612: Your Money or Your Life!


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“Fifth floor, apartment 512, let’s go up,” Lin Feng said, and entered the building. The old building didn’t have a lift, so they had to walk up the stairs.

When they arrived at the fifth floor, they heard someone crying and someone shouting. It came from upstairs. Lin Feng heard Qing Huang Tian’s voice. He couldn’t help but frown. He immediately ran up to the seventh floor. He saw all sorts of young people in the corridor of the seventh floor. They all looked hostile.

He heard a man shout angrily, “Stop fucking crying! It’s useless! Give us the fucking money, otherwise we’ll kill you, motherfucker!”

“Can you give me a few more days? I don’t have the money right now. Please, I beg you…!” Qing Huang Tian kept crying. Lin Feng understood that she owed them money.

Lin Feng shouted impossibly loudly, “EVERYBODY PISS OFF!”

He shouted so loudly and so suddenly that those young men were stunned. They automatically turned to look at him.

When they saw Lin Feng and Wang Yuan, they started cursing, “You fucking son of a bitch!”

However, as soon as that person finished their sentence, Lin Feng was already in front of him. He looked at the one who had just cursed and said, “You, come here!”

All those young men were shocked; nobody had ever dared provoke them like that. The young man looked at him and said, “Fucking son of a bitch. Go and destroy your mother’s pussy, motherfucker!”

He was with so many friends; he had to show off, and he didn’t fear Lin Feng at all, not to mention that he was holding a meter-long sword. He probably wasn’t easy to deal with. He pushed the crowd aside and walked to the very front.

“You just cursed at me, huh?” asked Lin Feng, looking down at him.

“Indeed. What’s wrong, you-”

He didn’t even have time to finish his sentence before Lin Feng slapped him in the face. “What? You better watch your words, you fucking asshole! I’m going to teach you how to speak properly!”

Pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, pa!…

In less than two seconds, Lin Feng slapped the young men at least ten times. He was too fast, the young men hadn’t had any time to react. On top of that, Lin Feng slapped them so violently that they fell to their knees.

Their mouths and noses were bleeding. They were almost knocked unconscious. Their weapons fell to the ground. The young men were astonished, they had never seen someone so strong. They didn’t understand what had just happened.

Suddenly, they all roared, “How dare you attack us? You want to die!”

“Destroy that motherfucker!”

Lin Feng pointed at those people with one finger and shouted explosively, “SHUT THE FUCK UP! This is what happens when a bastard insults me!”

Those thugs instantly shut up, coming back to their senses. They tried to get back to their feet, but their hands and feet didn’t respond. They fell back helplessly. When they hit the ground, even more blood splashed.

“Everybody move aside!” shouted a hoarse voice in the crowd. The gangsters moved aside and gave a big man space to come forward. He was almost a meter-ninety, taller than Lin Feng, and extremely muscular and strong.

He looked Lin Feng over from head to toe. His head shook like a buffalo’s nose as he asked, “Little motherfucker, you’re quite strong, huh? Which group do you belong to?”

Lin Feng looked at him and spat, “You better watch your words, or I will destroy your dirty teeth!”

Lin Feng sounded quite grim. When the big man heard that, he felt scared inside, but in front of all his friends, he couldn’t let it go. Besides, he was the leader of the group, so he couldn’t lose face in front of them.

“I’m asking you which group you belong to? Are you trying to take over our territory?” He thought Lin Feng was a gangster too!

Wang Yuan wanted to show his police badge, but Lin Feng slapped his hand and said, “Keep your badge for yourself. You don’t need it with them. All these scumbags of humanity understand is violence.”

Even though he didn’t speak loudly, the young men heard him. They were angry, of course, and the leader of the group looked glum.

Lin Feng raised his head again and stared at him. “You are not qualified to know who I am. All you need to do is gather your people and get the fuck out of here. In the future, if you ever dare cause trouble to my friends, I will just destroy you all.”

He didn’t give them any face at all, and provoked them on purpose. The leader of the group couldn’t handle it anymore. He brandished his blade and cursed, “Fuck your mother, you little shameless fucker! I will destroy you!” before attacking.

His blade was extremely heavy, at least two hundred jin, long and thick. It could easily crush bones. Lin Feng could easily reach out for the blade, but he had just injured so many people and he didn’t want to show them he was a cultivator, so he just dodged.

The big man didn’t have time to react. Lin Feng slapped him in the face. Papapapa! Four times! The man’s cheeks turned bright red.

The leader of the group looked miserable. Lin Feng flashed again and smiled at him. “So, are you going to be an obedient little boy now? Or are you going to continue barking?”

The leader looked stunned, and was on the verge of collapse. His vision was blurry. He ground his yellow teeth and panted. He was in pain from head to foot, dismayed. He shouted explosively, “What are you looking at? Die! I’m going to cut you into pieces!”

All the men looked furious and raised their weapons. Lin Feng didn’t flinch. He slapped their weapons here and there; everybody was dumbstruck because they couldn’t even see him move!

A couple seconds later, all of them had collapsed. Most of them were unconscious and bleeding.

Lin Feng went in the corridor and saw another big man. That big man looked really scary, at least among those young men. They considered him a ferocious tiger, he was cruel and dangerous.

But even he was terrified now. He stepped aside and gave Lin Feng space to pass.

All the residents were cheering. These gangsters had been causing trouble in the building quite often, robbing people. They had threatened and beaten the people up. Each time, they had stayed for one or two hours, and had been extremely loud. Nobody had dared contradict them.

What Lin Feng had done was like a gift from the gods. They naturally all supported him

Lin Feng walked up to Qing Huang Tian and gave her back her purse. “Here… You forgot your purse in the hotel the other day…”

Qing Huang Tian turned red. She had been so scared the other day in the hotel. Zhou Peng Bo had said he didn’t want to watch the movie because he was too aroused and wanted to bring her home.

As soon as they had gotten in the car, Qing Huang Tian had started feeling dizzy. She had immediately guessed what the problem was. Zhou Peng Bo had given her a glass of water in the cinema, and he had put something in it!

Women all knew what happened when a man put drugs in their glasses… It was something he had learned from doctors. He had enough experience to put women to sleep without falling in a coma. The only problem was that the effects didn’t last long enough for a man to enjoy himself thoroughly.

Zhou Peng Bo had taken her into the room, Qing Huang Tian had vomited twice, and suddenly felt much better. That’s when Zhou Peng Bo had started shouting!

But she was a woman, and couldn’t possibly be stronger than a man, especially if that man was Zhou Peng Bo. Of course, compared to Lin Feng, he was nothing. Lin Feng could crush him to mush.

Qing Huang Tian had been scared to death, so she had naturally decided to leave as quickly as possible. She had immediately taken a taxi home.

After that, she hadn’t dared go back to work, so she had taken three days off. Qing Huang Tian knew that Zhou Peng Bo was a scumbag, one of the four evil young masters of the capital city.

She also hadn’t thought Lin Feng would come to her door!

All the people who had come to threaten her were keeping their distance, but still standing and watching from afar. Lin Feng turned his head and said, “Did I ask you to leave?”

The thugs were initially ready to leave, but stopped. Lin Feng said to Qing Huang Tian, “How much money do you owe them?”

Qing Huang Tian mumbled to herself, “I owe them two hundred thousand yuan. With the interest, that’s five hundred and eighty thousand yuan in total…

Lin Feng couldn’t help but clench his fists. The interest rates were too high, weren’t they? The price had been tripled! Those gangsters were merciless. Thinking about that, Lin Feng looked at the leader of the group and wiggled his forefinger. 

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