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Chapter 1613: You Have Two Options!


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The legs of the leader of the group trembled. He was afraid Lin Feng would destroy him, but Lin Feng didn’t attack, only asked, “You’re the one who lent the money?”

The leader hastily shook his head and said, “No, not me. I just helped the lender ship the money…”

Lin Feng was gradually becoming more and more angry. He didn’t think the man in front of him wouldn’t be the owner of the money. Thinking about that, he said to the leader of the group, “Call the lender and give me the phone.”

The leader of the group had no choice but to call the lender and give the phone to Lin Feng. Lin Feng tried to control his anger and said calmly, “Hello, you’re the one who lent money to my friend Qing Huang Tian, right? You lent her two hundred thousand yuan, right?…”

Lin Feng only said half of his sentence before the man shouted hoarsely, “DON’T FUCKING TALK ABOUT PRICES! STOP WASTING MY FUCKING TIME AND GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK RIGHT NOW!”

“Hehe, I precisely called you for this. You have two options, you choose. The first one is you don’t get anything back. The second one is, I give you exactly two hundred thousand back, nothing more, nothing less.”

“FUCK YOUR MOTHER! ARE YOU A FUCKING FUCKTARD OR WHAT? I do LOANS, NOT charity! Today, five hundred and eighty thousand yuan! If one yuan is missing, she’s dead!” The man kept cursing, after that, he finally thought of something and asked, “And who the fuck are you and why the fuck do you have Shan Zhu’s phone?”

Lin Feng smiled helplessly and said, “Since you decided to choose the first option, we’re not going to give you anything back, not a single yuan. In the future, stop sending your friends; otherwise, you’ll suffer heavy losses!”

After that, he gave the phone back to Shan Zhu, but he didn’t hang up. The man on the line shouted at Shan Zhu, “Shan Zhu, you’re fucking useless! Who was that motherfucker on the line just now? Kill him, for fuck’s sake! He won’t give the money back? Then cut his fucking dick so that he can never fuck again for the rest of his life!”

Shan Zhu felt helpless, he mumbled, “Brother Biao… You should do what he said…”

“Fuck your mother in the ass you fucking moron! You’ve got a huge turd instead of a brain, right? Do what he said? You give me my fucking money back with interest, motherfucker!” Brother Biao kept cursing. Then he asked, “Shan Zhu, you fucking asshole! Are you on his side? You joined hands with him to plot against me? Motherfucker! You want to steal my fucking money?”

Shan Zhu looked grim and tried not to cry, “Brother Biao, you’re wrong, you’re wrong! I am innocent! I didn’t do anything! I really didn’t decide to collaborate with him, it’s just that…”


“IT’S JUST THAT WE CAN’T DO ANYTHING! We…. We can’t beat him… He’s too strong…” Shan Zhu couldn’t help but admit. He couldn’t think about face at that moment.

Brother Biao started cursing again, “YOU’RE A BUNCH OF FUCKING PIECES OF TRASH! How many people are they? I’ll take more people with me and come over to kill that fucking BITCH!”

“He… He… He’s alone…” said Shan Zhu.

“What? He’s alone and he’s scaring you? Does he have super-powers or what? Wait for me, I’m coming over!” shouted Brother Biao explosively.

Lin Feng understood what was going to happen, and smiled icily. He took Qing Huang Tian and Wang Yuan into a room, closing a door.

“You… What are you doing…?” asked Qing Huang Tian. She broke free from Lin Feng’s grasp and shouted in fear, looking at Wang Yuan. She knew Wang Yuan was a police officer, so she looked at him for help.

Qing Huang Tian thought that Lin Feng was even more ferocious and violent than those scumbags. She didn’t think he was a good person at all.

The room wasn’t very big, thirty or forty square meters at most. There were two beds, and a woman whose face was gray was lying on the bed. She was about forty years old.

Lin Feng walked to the bed and said, “Hello, Auntie, I am Qing Huang Tian’s friend. My name is Lin Feng.”

The woman looked scared at first, but when heard Lin Feng say he was Qing Huang Tian’s friend, she said happily, “You… Please… Sit down…”

She sounded very weak, and could barely speak. Lin Feng smiled gently and sat down next to her bed.

Lin Feng looked at Qing Huang Tian’s mother respectfully. Tian whispered, “Does that patient have a mental disorder?”

Lin Feng had been a patient at the hospital, and had talked nonsense. He had said she was his wife, he had known her name right at the beginning, he had followed her to the hotel, and so on. It was all so strange.

But what Qing Huang Tian couldn’t stand was that Lin Feng seemed like he had two faces. When he beat up people, he was cruel, ferocious, violent, insane… When he was “normal”, he looked kind, warm, and virtuous!

“Little Tian… Wa…. Water… Pl… Please.,” said Qing Huang Tian’s mother.

Lin Feng poured some water for her and said, “Auntie, don’t worry, Qing Huang Tian doesn’t need to pay back her loans. You don’t need to move anymore.”

When Lin Feng said that, Qing Huang Tian’s mother couldn’t help but give a rare smile. She said, “Rea… Really?”

She was sick, but her daughter told her what had happened outside. She knew how ferocious those gangsters were who kept threatening her daughter. She had been so scared.

“Hey, don’t worry. I helped Qing Huang Tian pay it back. Of course you don’t need to be afraid anymore,” Lin Feng said gently.

Qing Huang Tian frowned. She wondered why he was lying? He didn’t pay anything back!


Lin Feng stood up ten minutes later. He looked at his watch and said to Qing Huang Tian, “Stay in the room; I’m going out to see Brother Biao.”

Lin Feng’s watch was an item stolen from a black guy in M Country. It was a 90% new Rolex. Lin Feng loved it.

Lin Feng and Wang Yuan walked away. Qing Huang Tian watched Lin Feng and Wang Yuan’s backs. Lin Feng seemed so ordinary. How was he so strong?

Qing Huang Tian’s family was once quite wealthy. They had a two-hundred-square-meter apartment in the city center, but since her mother had become sick and her father had lost his job, everything had become difficult. They had had to mortgage the apartment to get money and then on top of that they had also had to borrow money from gangsters.

Qing Huang Tian had had no choice but to borrow money from her friends and relatives. All of them had lent her from three thousand to ten thousand yuan. In the end, she had had to resort to gangsters.

Qing Huang Tian was from a wealthy family who had lost everything. When she looked at Lin Feng’s watch, she understood he was extremely wealthy. She didn’t imagine that he had stolen it overseas.

“Tian Tian… A moment ago… Uh… Is he your friend?” When Qing Huang Tian’s mother saw Lin Feng and the others were gone, she looked at Qing Huang Tian, perplexed.

Qing Huang Tian hastily sat on the bedside and mumbled, “Mom… He was one of my patients… You can’t consider him a friend.”

Qing Huang Tian couldn’t let one of her patients lie to her mother and have her believe Lin Feng and she were friends. Qing Huang Tian’s poor mother frowned and said, “Could it be that he’s the cruel and ferocious guy you told me about? The one you hate? The one you said was evil?”

“Uhhh… Mom… You… No… That one is Zhou Chang Gui. He’s a rich kid in the capital city. This one is Lin Feng, he’s completely different,” said Qing Huang Tian.

Qing Huang Tian hadn’t told her mother everything Zhou Peng Bo had done. She didn’t want her mother to worry, it might worsen her sickness. Had Lin Feng done something to Zhou Peng Bo?

Qing Huang Tian had seen Lin Feng display his strength more than once, she knew Lin Feng knew how to fight. She was still worried because Lin Feng couldn’t compete with Zhou Peng Bo’s family. They were a big, wealthy family in Beijing!


Lin Feng and Wang Yuan left Qing Huang Tian’s room. The gangsters were already gone, but there were still many, many people all around the building, all chatting. When they saw Lin Feng and Wang Yuan come out of the building, they cheered as if Lin Feng and Wang Yuan were heroes!

An old woman said sadly, “You were awesome, young man! You taught those gangsters a good lesson! Awesome! Those bastards! They’ve been harassing us for days!”

A spinster said worriedly, “Little friends, hurry up and help your friend move away. Those people will not leave the matter at that. They will come back. Don’t give them any opportunity…”

Lin Feng smiled at those people and arrived at the flight of stairs. Then he saw the group of gangsters at the entrance. They were all waiting for Brother Biao and the others.

Lin Feng called Wang Yuan over. They walked towards the gangsters. When the gangsters saw Lin Feng and Wang Yuan, they ran away and hid. Before Brother Biao got there, they couldn’t face Lin Feng. 

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