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Chapter 1614: I’ll Kill You!


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 When Lin Feng and Wang Yuan arrived at the entrance, they looked around and saw the gangsters hiding. There were at least a hundred people. They were all scattered about with blades in their hands.

“Lin Feng, let me show them my badge. They will not dare provoke us,” said Wang Yuan.

Lin Feng shook his head, “No need. If they really feared you, they wouldn’t cause trouble everywhere in town.”

Wang Yuan reddened. Even though Lin Feng was saying something unpleasant, he was completely right. The police officers were mice, and the gangsters were cats. Why would they act so arrogantly and aggressively otherwise? Why would they threaten and hurt people on the streets during broad daylight?

These people knew no rules. Even if they got caught, they didn’t care, and they didn’t feel ashamed. When they came back out of jail, they were even considered glorious heroes. These people feared nothing.

Lin Feng and Wang Yuan walked straight towards Brother Biao’s people. Lin Feng watched the gangsters fearlessly, then glanced at Shan Zhu.

Shan Zhu nodded at someone and started whispering things. He pointed to Lin Feng now and then. No need for a confirmation, that was definitely Brother Biao!.

Even though they were over thirty meters away, Lin Feng could hear everything perfectly. Shan Zhu told him about what had just happened. He was halfway done when the man suddenly slapped Shan Zhu in the face hard and cursed, “You’re just a fucking piece of trash. A little motherfucker  defeated you? Fuck off!”

After that, he raised his blade and walked forwards. Lin Feng said to Wang Yuan, “Stay on the side and leave the rest to me!”

He walked forwards all alone. When he arrived ten meters away from Brother Biao, he stopped. Brother Biao glanced at him and lifted his long saber. He said, “What’s your name, little fucker? My blade has never killed unknown motherfuckers!”

“Hehe, what did you eat for lunch, shit? I can smell your dirty mouth from here. I’ll tell you one thing; you better watch your words, or you’ll end up like Shan Zhu!” Lin Feng replied evenly.

Brother Biao was stupefied. He had indeed seen Shan Zhu, who had lost several teeth, and had bruises and wounds everywhere. Thinking about that, Brother Biao preferred to remain cautious, and stopped cursing.

All the residents who had gathered around were so scared that they ran away.

“Which group do you belong to? Are you from the mafia or…?” spat Brother Biao, grinding his teeth.

“I’m all alone. Hehe. What? You brought so many people to fight me?” Lin Feng said, looking down on him. “You’re really shameless with your loans. You lent two hundred thousand, and you’re asking for six hundred thousand, only two months later. Why don’t you just go and rob a bank? It’s easier and faster.”

“That’s our way of working. If someone is not happy with that, nobody forces them to borrow money. You done talking shit now? Do you intend to pay me back, or do you want me to cut your legs?” said Brother Biao, staring at Lin Feng.

“I gave you two options earlier. Unfortunately, you let all your chances slip. You can only blame yourself, moron. You want money? You won’t get it. You want my life? Then come and try to get it,” Lin Feng replied. He sounded as indifferent as usual. He was facing over a hundred men, but he didn’t seem to care at all.

Brother Biao was angry this time. Lin Feng had humiliated him in front of so many of his brothers and civilians. If someone provoked him and he didn’t attack, then he should quit as a gangster!

“Go and fuck your mother! I’ll give you two options too! First one is you give the money right now like a good boy. The second one is, I cut your legs! You want to play with the big boys, huh? Look at yourself, you miserable and pathetic piece of shit…” said Brother Biao. He tried to look impressive and violent in front of his friends.

But as soon as he finished speaking, Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered. Suddenly, his cheeks burned. Pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, pa!

Everything went white. The pain from his face was unbearable. Brother Biao had to force himself back to his senses. He cut wildly with his blade and cursed, “You fucking want to die! I’m going to fucking kill you!”

Brother Biao’s saber was from Japan. It was very long and extremely sharp. He looked around and couldn’t see Lin Feng.

As he was wondering where Lin Feng was, he heard Lin Feng’s voice behind him, “You’re way too slow, little slut. I’m here.”

Hu Biao was terrified and covered in cold sweat. He couldn’t believe someone could actually be so fast. He looked as scared as if he had seen a ghost.

He turned around as quickly as he could, trying to stab Lin Feng.

When he turned around he attacked with his saber, but failed. Lin Feng wasn’t there anymore.

“You’re such a moron…” Lin Feng sighed behind Hu Biao. Hu Biao had been fooled again. The crowd immediately burst into laughter. Hu Biao was furious.

What was going on? He wanted to crush Lin Feng, but he hadn’t expected Lin Feng would make fun of him and humiliate him.

Hu Biao was covered in cold sweat. He had practiced cultivation for a long time, and had never met such a strong cultivator.

“You… Who are you? Why do you want to make things difficult for us?” he shouted out.

“Hehehe, we didn’t want to make things difficult for you. YOU made things difficult for my friend. If your business had been fair and legal, you might have been able to live much longer.”

Hu Biao was furious. He knew that he couldn’t defeat Lin Feng alone, so they had to join hands.

“What are you looking at, fucking idiots? Hurry the fuck up and come help me!” Hu Biao shouted at them.

The gangsters behind him looked at Lin Feng angrily, their eyes filled with murder. Of course, all of them had just arrived. Shan Zhu and his people were wisely hiding.

Lin Feng could use just one palm strike and destroy them all if he wanted. He could also use his One Heavy Wave, Sky-Rising Wave attack and crush them all to mush. He didn’t do that, he had an unfair advantage. This time, he decided to play around a little bit with them.

Lin Feng took two bicycles at the side of the street and spun through the crowd, hitting the men around him with the bicycles. He moved so fast that the bicycles whistled. He spun twice and looked around; several men were already lying on the ground.

Lin Feng was probably one of the only people in the world who could use bicycles to fight. Each bicycle was a few jin and Lin Feng could easily lift them with one hand…?!

Those who hadn’t been taken down ran away. Nobody attacked him. Those who were injured crawled away. They looked like worms trying to flee.

Hu Biao was dumbstruck, gaping at the sight. Everybody had lost. Saliva fell from his mouth as his heart pounded violently. He whispered, “What the fuck? Is he human? How come he’s so strong!?”

Lin Feng put the two bicycles aside and said to Hu Biao, “Hu Biao, you looked for trouble. I gave you two options, and you still decided to cause trouble.”

Hu Biao swallowed and came back to his senses. He retreated and said, “Stop! Stop! Stop! I’m not fighting anymore. I don’t want the money! I admit I lost, for fuck’s sake!”

Lin Feng smiled icily. He pointed at him with his forefinger and said, “You submitted too late! You scam people with fraudulent loans. People like you should die. Let’s hope you’ll be a better person in your next life.”

Lin Feng was twenty meters away from Hu Biao. When he pointed at Hu Biao, the latter felt a sharp pain in his forehead. His blade fell to the ground.

Hu Biao didn’t know who Lin Feng was, but he understood that he was extremely strong. If he continued opposing him, he would die without even knowing how.

He was so terrified he started running away. The people who had come with him fled in panic as well. They looked like stray curs.

They all fled. Lin Feng watched their backs in the distance and smiled icily. He turned around and walked back to Wang Yuan. Wang Yuan stared at Lin Feng with his eyes wide, stunned.

“Let’s go! What are you doing standing and staring like that? Are you waiting to salute them with your eyes?” Lin Feng mocked him. 

Lin Feng and Wang Yuan went back to Qing Huang Tian’s apartment. Qing Huang Tian asked suspiciously, “Eh… Are they here too?”

“They came and left,” Lin Feng smiled.

“Eh… What do you mean?” asked Qing Huang Tian worriedly.

“Hu Biao said you didn’t need to give the money back, so don’t worry,” Lin Feng said. Qing Huang Tian seemed like a stranger and so familiar at the same time. He really wished she would come back to her senses right away. He wanted her to remember him! 

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