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Chapter 1615: Fantasy!


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 After all this, it was already noon. Lin Feng went to the supermarket with Qing Huang Tian to buy some vegetables, and they had lunch together until two in the afternoon. Then Lin Feng and Wang Yuan went back to the Air Force hospital.

Wang Yuan’s phone rang. It was Zhang Bao. He told Wang Yuan that they had found Nian Ling Jiao. Ling Jiao hastily took the phone and asked, “So, where is Nian Ling Jiao?”

“Oh, hi Lin Feng. Your friend is still in Linhai and she’s safe. We removed her from the list of wanted criminals. At the same time, we also started investigating the Brotherhood’s background. We want to help your friend,” Zhang Bao said excitedly.

“Did you see her?” asked Lin Feng.

“Not yet, because we’ve been investigating the Brotherhood. Our agents have to stay hidden. If they met your friend, then their identities would have been revealed,” replied Zhang Bao.

Zhang Bao told Lin Feng about Nian Ling Jiao. She was back in her old apartment. She had a simple lifestyle. When Lin Feng heard that, he decided to think about something else for the time being.

Lin Feng was at a loss. He was worried about Nian Ling Jiao, but also worried about Qing Huang Tian, He couldn’t take care of both unless he cloned himself.

After hanging up the phone, Wang Yuan asked Lin Feng, “Don’t worry. Leader Wang is very thoughtful.”

Lin Feng nodded, but he was already asking himself how to get Nian Ling Jiao and Qing Huang Tian together. He had to deal with Qing Huang Tian’s situation first. Her mother was seriously ill. She didn’t have much time left.

“Lin Feng, are you alright? Are you going back to the hospital, or are you coming over to my place?” asked Wang Yuan.

Living in the hospital wasn’t great. Staying with Wang Yuan was the most convenient solution. Lin Feng shook his head and said, “In two days, when I’m done helping Qing Huang Tian. After that, I’ll contact you.”


Wang Yuan brought Lin Feng back to the hospital. It was already late afternoon. After getting out of the car, Wang Yuan said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, be careful in the hospital. You beat up Zhou Peng Bo and you offended the Zhou Clan. They will not leave the matter at that. If you need anything, call me right away, and I’ll do my best to help you!”

Wang Yuan didn’t go upstairs with Lin Feng. Lin Feng was feeling annoyed. He had a walk in the yard of the hospital. He had helped Qing Huang Tian get rid of Brother Biao. He had been a little cruel, but did Brother Biao rely on even stronger people?

When it came to Brother Biao, Lin Feng already had murderous intentions. At the same time, Wang Yuan had been there too, so Lin Feng had controlled himself. He had used one discreet attack, using three threads of Qi to attack Brother Biao’s head. It had even penetrated into his respiratory system. Brother Biao was going to die within a week at most!

Since Lin Feng had come back to the Earth, he had adapted. When in Rome, do as Romans do! He didn’t want to slaughter people… well, he didn’t want to break the law deliberately. He gradually understood more and more things.

Lin Feng thought some laws were stupid, but if he wanted to violate them, had to do it in secret. Evil people didn’t abide by the law. They committed all sorts of crimes without scruples. That was one of the reasons why good people couldn’t defeat bad people.

Therefore, Lin Feng had had no choice but to resort to secret tricks to deal with Brother Biao. With people who did all kinds of evil, he had no choice; a tooth for a tooth!

As for Zhou Peng Bo, Lin Feng had easily defeated him in one kick, but he hadn’t killed him. In the end, what had happened? His clan had called the police!

Lin Feng made a decision. If the Zhou Clan caused trouble for him and Qing Huang Tian, he would kill them all without hesitation!

Lin Feng looked for a bench in the yard and sat down. He watched the patients walking in the yard and thought of Qing Huang Tian’s mother. Encephalatrophy was extremely difficult to cure, almost impossible. If she didn’t get treatment, she could die at any time. However, Lin Feng felt helpless.

As Lin Feng was thinking, he suddenly thought of his ring. He had the ancient fragrance the leader of the Yi Clan had given him.

Back then, he had been told that that fragrance could defy the laws of physics. It had extraordinary powers. It could heal billions of people with one drop.

Lin Feng checked the inside of his ring. He had too many things inside: stones, jewels, weapons, notes and coins of all currencies. His money had turned into small mountains already. If he took it all out, the hospital would disappear under the money.

He also had many weapons he didn’t use, like his Buddhist bracelet, his Godly Battle Sword, his Ying Hun Sword, and so forth. He spent half a day looking for the ant egg.

However, when Lin Feng saw it, he was dumbstruck. It was initially shiny, but now it was cracked? Lin Feng couldn’t help but frown. He had a bad feeling. How had that powerful item become so weak? Could it be that it was going to break apart?

Lin Feng sighed… and suddenly felt something. A weak spiritual wave had emerged from the egg. Lin Feng suddenly realized something. He hastily checked the inside and was astonished when he saw a little creature moving around in the egg. Lin Feng blinked; when he opened his eyes again, he looked dumbstruck!

How come the leader of the Yi Clan had told Lin Feng it was a fragrance? How was it a mere ant! When Lin Feng checked inside, he saw a tiny little creature, all shiny and sticky. It looked like a gecko! “Whaaaat the fuuuuck? Impossible! Did the leader of the Yi Clan try to mess with me, or what?” Lin Feng blurted out.

Back then, after the battle against the Demon Clan, he had rushed back to the Region of the Eight Corners. He hadn’t inspected the egg right away. Why should he? If back in the days he had recognized that it was an ant egg, he would have cut off the Yi Clan’s leader’s beard!

Lin Feng lost interest in the gecko, but at that moment, it reacted as if it had detected Lin Feng’s presence. It was lying on its belly and opened its eyes languidly. It was like it was trying to see what was going on around the ring. 

Lin Feng stared at its eyes. The gecko had red eyes?

Impossible! Impossible! Why are its eyes red?

Lin Feng didn’t think it could possibly be a gecko. What was it?

That little creature opened its eyes, closed them again, and curled up sleepily.

This time, the gecko was lying on its back. Lin Feng was surprised because it had two wings! Lin Feng was astonished! Was it a dragon with wings?

He quickly looked at its head again. There were small horns on it!

Lin Feng was dumbstruck. He pinched his own legs to check if it was real. He stood up from the chair suddenly. He hadn’t expected the gecko was actually a red-eyed winged dragon!

Lin Feng’s strange reaction drew the attention of those around him. Someone stood up and walked away. They turned their head around while walking away, thinking Lin Feng was probably a looney.

Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to other people’s reactions. He hastily condensed some pure Qi, which he slowly put inside the egg. The little dragon immediately awoke from its dream and absorbed the pure Qi greedily. Its body grew bigger and bigger. The cracked egg broke into pieces at that moment!

The little dragon came out of the egg and started playing around. It bounced around in the pile of money, then it dug holes in the ground. It played with some jade jewels like a cat with a wool ball. Lin Feng was surprised and said, “Hey! Little dragon!”

The little dragon was playing happily, but when Lin Feng called it, it stopped. It turned around and looked at him. It ran towards Lin Feng excitedly, but couldn’t get closer to him, because they were separated by the walls of the ring!

The little dragon shook its tail and looked at Lin Feng happily. Lin Feng was curious. Even though it was a cute and lovable little dragon, how could he control it?

He had never learned how to control dragons! Lin Feng tried to use his thoughts to talk to the dragon and asked, “Can you understand me? if you understand, then nod…”

The dragon nodded. “Ahhhhhhh! It understands me!”

“Little dragon, go to the red jade jewel…” Lin Feng asked, trying to guide the dragon. The dragon glanced around and then quickly flew towards the red jade jewel. It grabbed and lifted it.

Lin Feng was overjoyed! He hadn’t expected the little winged-dragon to understand, nor to obey his orders. What a wonderful thing! The dragon would be very helpful.

But it wasn’t as perfect as Lin Feng thought. The little winged-dragon could understand him, but it couldn’t speak. Lin Feng couldn’t understand the little winged-dragon!

“Can you speak?” Lin Feng asked.

The little winged-dragon looked thoughtful, but in the end, it shook its head resolutely. Lin Feng sighed. Nothing was perfect. But… he was still content with what he had!

Lin Feng really wanted to take the dragon out. He wanted the dragon to explore the world, but he knew people around him would be frightened. Since it wasn’t very big, people could kick it and kill it! That would be a catastrophe!

Lin Feng didn’t know that people couldn’t kick and kill this dragon that easily…

Lin Feng played with the dragon a little bit more. In the end, the dragon was exhausted. It jumped into the pile of money again and fell asleep inside. Lin Feng heard it snoring quickly. 

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