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Chapter 1616: Bad Luck!


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 Lin Feng took out his phone. It was eight PM already. There were many people in the yard now. Even though it was summer, it was still cool at night. Lin Feng stood up and went back inside the hospital to his room.

After arriving in the room, Lin Feng hastily closed and locked the door. He secretly took out the little winged dragon. The little winged dragon didn’t know it wasn’t in the ring anymore. It was still snoring loudly!

Lin Feng tickled the little dragon’s belly. The dragon stretched its clawed-fingers happily. How fun!

Lin Feng looked at the little dragon, which was still sound asleep. Lin Feng wondered how big the dragon could become? If it became huge, it would be great! Lin Feng would then just ride it everywhere.

What would happen if people on Earth suddenly saw a beast from the ancient times flying in the sky? They would be completely shocked and dumbstruck.

But wouldn’t the army get involved? That was always what happened in movies after all, like in Godzilla or The Lost World. Even though the beasts there were extremely strong, they had ended up getting destroyed.

Lin Feng quickly put the dragon back in his ring. He couldn’t let anyone find out about the dragon, or he’d be in big trouble. 


That evening, Lin Feng slept like a baby. He had many beautiful dreams. He slept until early in the morning, when someone knocked at the door. Wang Yuan stood at the entrance; he pushed the door open and came in. He was very early.

He ate his breakfast and spoke at the same time, “Did anything happen yesterday?”

“Nothing. Why?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t understand.

Wang Yuan said pensively, “You caused trouble yesterday. Brother Biao has powerful connections. He’s one of the richest kids in Beijing. I heard that yesterday evening, he didn’t go home; he went straight to hospital.”

Lin Feng looked surprised. He said, “What’s the matter?”

Wang Yuan looked pensive and said, “He said his head hurt, but the doctors didn’t find anything in the CT scans.”

Lin Feng didn’t understand, and asked, “Ah come on, it can’t be, right? Are you sure? How do you even know all this?”

Wang Yuan shook his head and sighed, “You are not a member of the government. I am a member of the bureau of intelligence and security. Hu Biao is from one of the four richest families of Beijing, the Lai Clan. We know everything they do. The Lai Clan sent us a message through underground communication channels. They said that if Hu Biao was injured, they wouldn’t leave the matter at that.”

“Hehe. A dog barks, and then pretends it is a victim? The young master of the Lai Clan is a scammer. His loans are fraudulent and illegal. So they think they can act wildly in defiance of the law and public opinion without retaliation?” Lin Feng smirked.

Wang Yuan shook his head and sighed, “Indeed. When you beat up a dog, you have to take into consideration who its master is. It’s usually quite cold under a huge tree. If you broke that dog’s leg, its entire clan may go to its rescue!”


Qing Huang Tian finished her breakfast and came in. She was in a much better mood than the day before. She didn’t feel under pressure anymore. Qing Huang Tian smiled at Lin Feng and Wang Yuan and said, “Lin Feng, how do you feel today? Do you want me to examine you?”

Lin Feng was stupefied. He nodded hastily, “Alright, alright, alright.”

Wang Yuan felt embarrassed, like a third wheel. He quickly found an excuse to leave. Qing Huang Tian checked Lin Feng’s blood pressure and temperature. She acted extremely meticulously.

“Everything is normal.” Lin Feng was disappointed. Could it be that they examined people like that on Earth? She hadn’t checked anything interesting!

Lin Feng asked, “Those gangsters haven’t come back to cause trouble, right?”

Qing Huang Tian shook her head. Then she sighed and said, “Sigh… My mother has been unconscious since yesterday evening. I was scared to death.”

Lin Feng frowned and asked, “Qing Huang Tian, is your mom being treated for her sickness?”

“No. It’s stopped for now. She just takes some cheap medicine. I feel so powerless.” Qing Huang Tian burst into tears.

Lin Feng hated to see a woman he loved cry. He took out two tissues and helped her wipe her tears. Qing Huang Tian blushed and feigned anger elegantly, “What are you doing? Don’t do that in front of my colleagues! It could lead to a misunderstanding…”

Lin Feng pretended to feel awkward and just gave her the tissues. He looked at her. She looked so sad he couldn’t stand it. He said, “Qing Huang Tian, can I tell you a story?”

Qing Huang Tian looked at Lin Feng curiously. He looked serious so she nodded, “Alright, tell me. But nothing sexual please…”

Lin Feng was stupefied. How did Qing Huang Tian dare talk about sex so openly? Was she a nymphomaniac? Why would she ask him not to talk about sex otherwise?

Lin Feng cleared his throat and said, “In a parallel world, there is a woman. Her name is Qing Huang Tian. She looked as beautiful and cute as you. In that world, there is also a man called Lin Feng. He’s as handsome, natural and unrestrained as me…”

When Qing Huang Tian heard that, she couldn’t help but smile and say, “Come on! Your way of flirting with girls to get them in your bed is way too time-consuming. I know the end, after having gone through innumerable hardships and tribulations, they lived happily ever after, right?”

Lin Feng smiled wryly. He hadn’t thought he would be so bad at telling stories. Qing Huang Tian had understood everything already.

But Lin Feng added, “If I told you that all this had really happened… Would you believe me?”

Qing Huang Tian saw Lin Feng looked extremely serious. She blushed but still nodded, “Even though I don’t know whether you’re lying or not, I like science fiction and I am convinced parallel worlds really exist. I even believe in aliens. I’m sure other worlds in outer space are different from our world though. I’m sure aliens are very different from us too… And I think they may visit the Earth someday, but it will be in a very, very long time I think…”

Lin Feng gulped down, “Eh… What I wanted to tell you is that I am from a parallel world. Do you believe me?”

“Aghraghraghra! You… Hahahahahahahahaha! Aliens have huge heads and you don’t! So, you’re not an alien!” said Qing Huang Tian, snorting with laughter.

“Uhhh… Alright. But all the things you just told me are things which only happen in movies. Who can say what real aliens look like or not? Creatures in other worlds are exactly like on Earth. Even though parallel worlds have been separated for hundreds of millions of years and have had their own evolution, they’re all actually pretty similar. Therefore, when you say aliens don’t look like us, I have no choice but to contradict you,” Lin Feng said.

Qing Huang Tian nodded, “Alright. Finish your story. I need to work.”

When Lin Feng saw she wanted to know the end, he was happy. No matter whether she believed him or not, he finished his story about the World of Battles, the battles there, and so on. He told her everything that was related to her, directly or indirectly, and in detail, especially when he went through their relationship. Qing Huang Tian was as red as a tomato.

Qing Huang Tian thought, Is this guy a fraud or what?! He said he wouldn’t say anything sexual, erotic or pornographic, and now he’s telling me a story about a certain Qing Huang Tian and what she did to him in bed and how passionately she did it…

Lin Feng watched Qing Huang Tian’s reaction. He saw she felt awkward. Unfortunately, her memories hadn’t come back thanks to his story…

Lin Feng had hopes until the very end, “In the end, the Ancient Demon’s clone sent Qing Huang Tian to the Earth… And she became a nurse… Besides, Lin Feng couldn’t abandon her so he chased her to the Earth. He loved her so much. He couldn’t abandon her, so he came to her rescue…”

When Lin Feng said that, Qing Huang Tian frowned. Qing Huang Tian suddenly said, “Eh… Why do I have the strange feeling that I’ve heard this story before?”

Lin Feng was excited. He asked quickly, “Think about it. You’ve been through everything I told you!”

Qing Huang Tian looked thoughts. She frowned and suddenly slapped her leg, as if she suddenly understood everything, “I remember! I had a dream last year! The exact same dream!”

Qing Huang Tian then looked astonished again and said, “No. It can’t be. I’ve never told anyone about that dream. Back then, I had an accident and I was in a coma for several days at the hospital. I had that dream when I was in the coma. When I woke up, I quickly wrote it in my diary… how do you know about it?”

Lin Feng was overjoyed! Since Qing Huang Tian had dreamt that, it proved she really was the Qing Huang Tian he knew! Her memories of the World of Battles were probably deep inside her psyche…

“Hmph! You’re evil!” shouted Qing Huang Tian, standing up suddenly. “You probably read it in my diary! You’re a stalker! You’re trying to scare me!”

Lin Feng was suddenly covered in cold sweat. He waved and shouted, “No, no! I promise you! I swear to you! I haven’t read your diary!”

Qing Huang Tian looked at Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, no need to lie. Tell me who you are and how you found my diary. I hope you can give me my diary back. It’s mine!”

Lin Feng was going insane, he hastily knelt down and said, “I swear that everything I said is the truth. If I lied about anything, then may my soul be cursed and be destroyed!”

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