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Chapter 1617: Give Me Back My Diary!


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 When Lin Feng said that, the lamps in the room all exploded. Pieces of glass flew around the room. Qing Huang Tian was so scared she ran away. Then she burst into laughter, “Hahahahahahahahahaha! Lin Feng, look! Even the gods don’t believe you! Give me back my diary!”

Lin Feng shook his head helplessly. He had pieces of broken glass everywhere on his head and shoulders, and he felt dumb. Pure Qi had emerged from his fingers without him noticing. He had to be extremely careful!

Qing Huang Tian had been thinking about that dream for a while. Even though it was a dream, it had felt so real. It was as if deep in her soul , she had really gone through all that. After that, she had been so afraid to forget it that she had written down everything. She usually had her diary on herself at all times… and in the end she had lost it.

Now, she understood. Lin Feng had described her dream, so now she was convinced Lin Feng had read it in her diary. However, she had lost her diary six months ago; how had he obtained it?

Qing Huang Tian was at a loss. Had he been plotting against her for a while, and then pretended to be a patient to make fun of her? Was he a pervert? Did he intend to declare his love to her?

Qing Huang Tian’s cheeks burned. She swept the glass away from Lin Feng’s bed. She frowned and whispered, “Lin Feng looks like the Lin Feng in my dream…”

But then she quickly thought of a solution.

Even though she had lost her diary a long time before, she might have lost it in the hospital! In that case Lin Feng could have found it accidentally and read it… And then he had tried to think of a plan to sleep with her?!

In any case, Qing Huang Tian was convinced Lin Feng had her diary, and she wanted it back!


After that, Qing Huang Tian went to work and left Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was extremely annoyed. He initially hoped Qing Huang Tian’s memories would come back. Lin Feng didn’t know what to do or say when Wang Yuan came in and asked, “Why did you offend that nurse? She just asked me where her diary was? You stole a girl’s diary?!”

“I…” Lin Feng was caught unprepared. He really wished he could bury his head in the ground.

“Give it back to her. Stop infuriating her. A diary is one of the most important things in a girl’s life. It was extremely impolite…” Wang Yuan rambled on.

Lin Feng was sick of talking about it, and felt more and more awkward.

“Wang Yuan, you said Hu Biao was a gang member of the Lai Clan. Tell me more about the Lai Clan,” Lin Feng said straightforwardly.

Wang Yuan couldn’t help but frown. He said warily, “The Lai Clan is extremely strong. They’re a wealthy clan in Beijing. Their main business is real estate. They own a third of Beijing’s properties, and built most of them. You can consider him as a nephew or a grandson of the Lai Clan. In ordinary times, he was completely ignorant and incompetent. Therefore, whenever the Lai Clan sells a property, Hu Biao tries to sell them to get a commission.”

“Does the Lai Clan care about Hu Biao? Why do they let him carry out illegal businesses outside?”

“Hehe, don’t you understand? Who makes money with such deals? The Lai Clan of course! Otherwise, Hu Biao wouldn’t have so much money to invest in illegal businesses outside. Everybody benefits from that situation,” replied Wang Yuan.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but look grave and solemn. If Hu Biao was only an insignificant leech… Lin Feng would be able to kill him, he wouldn’t care… But now, it seemed that if he killed him, the Lai Clan wouldn’t leave the matter at that.

Lin Feng started thinking of a plan. Nobody had seen what he had done to Hu Biao. Nothing had shown up on his CT scans, either. Even if he died, the Lai Clan wouldn’t be able to guess he had done that, right?

Even if the Lai Clan wanted to attack Lin Feng, he didn’t need to be afraid anyway, right? He didn’t think they were that strong…

At that moment, Wang Yuan’s phone rang. Wang Yuan picked up the phone. It was Leader Wang, “Wang Yuan, yesterday, you and Lin Feng had a fight with Hu Biao, right?”

Wang Yuan looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng hadn’t thought Leader Wang would learn about it so quickly?!

“Why are you not talking? If you don’t say anything, it means you agree. Sigh… Oh, you… You’re not a child anymore, you’re a grown man… My son came to me to ask me about Hu Biao… He told me to ask what Lin Feng did to Hu Biao. Hu Biao is in agony. He’s suffering every single second and keeps howling and crying. If Lin Feng used some kind of trick, he should do something. It’s useless to let the situation escalate,” said Leader Wang.

Wang Yuan felt dizzy, and nearly fainted. He didn’t know if Lin Feng had done something or not. He hadn’t intervened at all the day before. If someone had really done something to Hu Biao, then it was Lin Feng!

Wang Yuan looked at Lin Feng curiously. Lin Feng pretended he didn’t understand. He shook his head. Leader Wang sighed, “Let me talk to Lin Feng.”

Leader Wang took the phone, Leader Wang said, “Lin Feng, what have you done to Hu Biao? The Lai Clan has called some cultivators and doctors, but nobody can heal his headache. Everybody thinks you did something to him.”

Lin Feng didn’t know what to say. Admitting it would be stupid. They didn’t know anything about him and Qing Huang Tian, after all. They didn’t know Lin Feng never forgave people who hurt his women!

Lin Feng ground his teeth. Even if they beat him to death, he wouldn’t admit it! He said, “Leader, I haven’t done anything to Hu Biao. How could I do anything without moving? Besides, the tensions between him and me are insignificant. I don’t even need to pay attention to him.”

Leader Wang remained silent for a few minutes and said, “So, do you have a solution? The Lai Clan is extremely generous. If you help them, you will get rewarded. A million yuan wouldn’t be an issue.”

Leader Wang had been asked to intervene with Lin Feng, so he had thought of a plan. He wanted Lin Feng to admit it, and he wanted to push Lin Feng to the limit so that Lin Feng would heal Hu Biao. Then everybody would forget about it. They could bury the hatchet.

Lin Feng was in a difficult position. If he said he didn’t have a solution, then everybody would understand it was not true. If Lin Feng released pure Qi, he could help Hu Biao.

Lin Feng thought about the loan scam. If he hadn’t been there, Qing Huang Tian’s life would have been worse than death. Even a million yuan couldn’t save them!

“Lin Feng, I know you are a strong cultivator. I like you. You are a young man and you are talented. The nation should be proud of having a citizen like you, so I am being honest with you. Old people shouldn’t look down on juniors with arrogance. I am just begging you; I hope you didn’t use some secret attack on Hu Biao, and I hope you won’t let him die… Save him, please, I beg you. What do you say?” Leader Wang sounded like a machine gun. Lin Feng was speechless.

Leader Wang was a VERY high-ranking official, and was begging Lin Feng for that slimeball. If Lin Feng agreed right away, it would be a catastrophe, he hadn’t completely recovered his cultivation. He didn’t fear anyone, but he had to rescue Nian Ling Jiao, Qing Huang Tian, Qian Jin Cai Yue, and Lin Zu. He couldn’t let them die!

“Alright. I will do my best to help him. I will go and check on him but I can’t promise anything.”

When Leader Wang heard that, he laughed excitedly, “Alright, alright, alright! I will ask Zhang Bao to send you the address! When you have time, come over for drinks, and why not even exchange views on cultivation again?”

Lin Feng hung up the phone. He felt annoyed. He wasn’t strong enough. He had to be extremely careful in this world.

After a minute, Wang Yuan received a text message: Hu Biao’s location, a hospital name, and a room number. At the same time, the person said, “Thank you, Lin Feng!”

Since Lin Feng had agreed, he had nothing to say. He first went to the nurses’ room, before entering, he heard Qing Huang Tian, she was complaining, “Hmph! That patient, Lin Feng; he stole my notebook and read everything I wrote in it! He’s such a bastard!”

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