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Chapter 1618: Special “Remedy”


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 A nurse exclaimed, “Hey, he took a risk, he may really like you!”

When Lin Feng heard that, he pushed the door and went in. Qing Huang Tian stopped talking. There were three nurses inside. One of them asked him, “What do you want?”

Lin Feng smiled and said, “Nothing. I just came to say that I had things to do. Qing Huang Tian, I’m off.”

Qing Huang Tian turned all red. She initially wanted to shout and scold Lin Feng, but then she remembered he had helped her, so she could only nod in annoyance.

Lin Feng left. The nurse said, “Look! Look! He’s in love with you! He came to say goodbye!”

“He came to inform us he wasn’t staying. He meant to tell all of us!” said Qing Huang Tian modestly.

“No. He came to say goodbye to you, Qing Huang Tian, specifically! Why would he say your name if he meant all of us? He even remembers your name!”

“Go, go, go! Stop joking. If you continue, he may forget you.”


Lin Feng and Wang Yuan left the hospital and headed off to the third hospital of the capital city. Half an hour later, they arrived. According to Zhang Bao, Hu Biao was in the visceral surgery department.

When they arrived in front of the twelfth room, they heard Hu Biao’s voice.

In the corridor were half a dozen young men. When they saw Lin Feng and Wang Yuan, they all stood up, looking terrified. They were all people Lin Feng had crushed before crushing Hu Biao.

Wang Yuan said, “Don’t worry! We’re here to see Hu Biao!”

The young men thought, What’s going on? The boss put pressure on this guy?

But Lin Feng didn’t look like he was there to apologize.

Lin Feng and Wang Yuan had no time to waste. They went to room 1208. They pushed the door open and went in. Lin Feng could sense an extremely powerful Qi. A dozen cultivators were inside. Lin Feng used his godly awareness to check the people in the room. They were all Small Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivators.

Hu Biao’s skin was yellow, and his eyes were black. His lips kept moving as he prayed. His head felt extremely sore, like he had needles in the brain. His temples kept pulsating. He had some cream on his temples; it was medicine, but it looked like bird excrement.

An old man who was seated on the bed inquired, “You’re Lin Feng?”

Lin Feng nodded. The old man stood up and asked, “You understand medicine?”

Lin Feng nodded, but said nothing. The old man frowned unhappily. He was from the Dan Xia Sect, they were experts in medicine. He hadn’t found any method to heal Hu Biao, so he didn’t think a young man could do more than him!

Lin Feng was already angry. Those people naturally didn’t want him to succeed. They were experts in medicine, after all. But Lin Feng didn’t intend to keep quiet.

The old man said, “Young people are modest. You respect elders. This is very honorable of you…”

He was trying to put pressure on Lin Feng on purpose. He smiled, pretending to look indifferent. “I’m sorry. I’m just here to try. I am not even sure myself that I can help. Just let me try.”

Their faces stiffened, and they converged on the bed. Hu Biao’s expression changed, and he shouted, “Lin Feng, I was wrong! I will never offend you again! I beg you, please save me! Release me from the pain! I BEG YOU! I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE! PLEASE…”

Hu Biao seemed insane. He looked like a sick puppy. Lin Feng grunted icily inside. You make people suffer every day. Is the pain you’re experiencing now enough to make you pay?

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, and one couldn’t see what he was thinking. He put some cream on Hu Biao’s forehead. Suddenly, an old man stood up and shouted, “Lin Feng! That’s a consciousness recovery cream. It will be extremely painful for him!”

Lin Feng waved, “You said that without this cream, he was in terrible pain.”

“You! You’re insolent! You’re a shameless little bastard! You consider everyone else beneath notice! You ignorant little fucker! You know nothing about medicine!” spat the old man.

Lin Feng ignored him and put his fingers on the cream. He didn’t feel like helping, so he just moved his hands randomly. In the end, he said, “He has a brain problem. Go solve the issue yourself.”

You look at me mad? I look at you mad too!

“Elder Yi, could it be that you trust a little fucker like him?” an old man protested to an envoy from the Dan Xia Sect.

“If we hadn’t joined hands to save Hu Biao, he would have died. He is feeling better now. If he feels worse later, who will be responsible?” asked someone else.

Everybody started whispering. Lin Feng wanted to laugh. He hadn’t thought these people would be such unscrupulous businessmen. They cared so much about face and responsibilities.

“Alright, alright, alright, if you don’t want me to heal him, then I’m not going to make a fool of myself any longer. I’m off,” Lin Feng said. He turned around and walked away.

“Lin Feng… don’t… leave… save… me… I was… wrong…” gasped Hu Biao worriedly. He had set his last hopes on Lin Feng.

Yi Chang Feng was also worried. The Lai Clan had assigned him the task of healing Hu Biao, after all. He had already told them Lin Feng was going to come to heal Hu Biao, and they had told him he had to support Lin Feng in that task. Now what had he done? Lin Feng was leaving!

“Wait, Lin Feng! We tried everything…” said Yi Chang Feng. He glared at the old men and waited.

Before Lin Feng’s arrival, they had already negotiated. They had waited for Lin Feng to laugh at his own failure because he was so young. How could he compete with them in terms of medicine?

They couldn’t stand people like Lin Feng!

Hu Biao shouted in pain. Thanks to those people, four-fifths of his pain had been relieved. Unfortunately, the remaining pain was sharp, and they couldn’t stop it!

Lin Feng stepped closer to Hu Biao’s bed. He took out something; he took a sip of something and then gave some to Hu Biao. “Take this medicine… It may work…”

Hu Biao had set all his hopes on Lin Feng. He really hoped this medicine would work. He couldn’t stand the pain anymore. He didn’t even check what it was and immediately took a sip.

Hu Biao put it in his mouth and spat it back out right away. What the fuck?! How disgusting! It stinks, it’s bitter, and it’s thick, ew! Yuck!, he thought.

Lin Feng nearly burst out laughing. If the people in the room knew what it was, how would they react? It was made of dried dog shit! Hu Biao would puke like a machine gun if he knew!

When Lin Feng had come to the hospital, he had already thought of a plan. If he left bare-handed, they would have suspicions and think he really was the one who had attacked Hu Biao. To avoid trouble, Lin Feng had to use a secret method: medicine as a cover.

But Lin Feng hated Hu Biao so much he wanted to torment and torture him. Lin Feng had used that dry dog shit to make the medicine.

Hu Biao spat out of the liquid. Lin Feng pretended he was terrified, and he even turned pale with fright and said, “Oh no! You spat it out! This medicine is EXTREMELY precious! Priceless even! I’ve been keeping it for decades! It’s a high-level spiritual medicine, perfect for your condition. You spat half of it out, with what’s left, you will not be cured right away. It will take a little while!”

The entire room smelled like dog shit. Everybody put their hands on their noses as they started gagging. What the hell was that? It stank so bad!

When Hu Biao heard Lin Feng, he didn’t dare waste any more medicine. He put it all in his mouth and swallowed it. Lin Feng pretended to examine Hu Biao. He put his hands on his head and back and took half of the pure Qi he had put in Hu Biao back.

Why only half of it? Because he didn’t want Hu Biao to stop suffering right away. Lin Feng had already told Hu Biao that, so everything was fine. They knew it would take a while.

Even if Hu Biao’s headache wasn’t completely gone, he could only blame himself because he had wasted half of the medicine! 

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