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Chapter 1619: Arrogant Mayor!


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 After drinking the dogshit potion, Hu Biao gradually started feeling better again. His headache gradually disappeared.

Half a minute later, Hu Biao had no headache anymore. He wasn’t in pain anymore at all. He didn’t say anything. He got off the bed and kowtowed in front of Lin Feng crying his heart out, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Lin Feng, you saved my life. You are my Benefactor! I’m reborn and you’re my father!”

Wang Yuan and the others were all dumbstruck. Even though they didn’t want to submit to Lin Feng, he had succeeded where they failed. They had tried everything they could and it had failed every time. Lin Feng’s horrible medicine had worked, even though Hu Biao had wasted half of it! His headache was cured instantly!

Lin Feng pretended to feel embarrassed and inquired after his well-being, “No need to be so polite! It’s such a pity that you spat out half of it. Your headache won’t be completely gone for awhile… If you want to remove it completely, you must wait for me to make new medicine. It takes a lot of time… and energy…”

When Hu Biao heard the headache might not be completely gone, he fell on his knees again and burst into tears, “Lin Feng, I don’t want to suffer again! Please help me and make new medicine! I can give you whatever you need! How much money do you need? I’ll give you as much as I can!”

Hu Biao acted like that because Lai Chang Xing supported him. Hu Biao’s father had died when he was a child, so Lai Chang Xing cared about Hu Biao a lot.

Lin Feng lifted Hu Biao and said, “I’ll do my best. These Masters can continue treating you meanwhile. Their treatments will reinforce the effects of my medicine.”

The old men had looked down upon Lin Feng. Now, they were dumbstruck, shocked, and scared. He had made them feel like buffoons.

Yi Chang Feng bowed hand over fist and said, “Lin Feng, you’re an incredible doctor. Don’t worry. We can join hands so that Hu Biao recovers better and quicker.”

After that, they put Hu Biao on the bed again and gave him all sorts of medicine and injections. Lin Feng and Wang Yuan said goodbye and left. 


 As soon as they came out of the hospital, Wang Yuan’s phone rang. It was Leader Wang again. He immediately said approvingly, “Lin Feng, that little boy is great! Lai Chang Xing called me and told me he was extremely grateful. Initially, he had promised one million for Lin Feng, but now he increased the reward and added another million. Come here now. Lai Chang Xing will also come later. He wants to see Lin Feng.”

Lin Feng heard it all clearly. He sighed helplessly. They had no choice but to accept.

Lin Feng knew that if he wanted to work for the security of his nation, he had to get to know some high government officials. 


Lin Feng and Wang Yuan arrived there after an hour of driving. This time, they saw two people in front of the door. One was Leader Wang, and the other was Lai Chang Xing.

That person was over fifty years old. His moustache looked like whiskers, and his temples kept pulsating. It was easy to see he was a cultivator. His Qi was incredible.

Lin Feng and Wang Yuan got out of the car. Lai Chang Xing bowed hand over fist and said, “Mister Lin, I’m very pleased to meet you.”

Lin Feng felt awkward, but greeted him politely as well. Leader Wang looked at Lin Feng in admiration before saying, “Alright, everybody come in.”

Leader Wang’s place was far from the main gate. They crossed the main gate, and Lin Feng saw dozens of people of all ages standing in two lines. They all looked extremely disciplined. Between them was enough space for people to walk between them.

Their Qi was impressive. That kind of Qi was different from real pure Qi. It seemed simpler and more ancient.

When Lai Chang Xing saw Lin Feng looking at him curiously, he explained hastily, “Mister Lin, they’re all nephews of the Lai Clan. The Lai Clan’s school of thought is based on ancient Chinese martial arts. I hope you will agree to cooperate with the Lai Clan, Mister Lin.”

“Oh,” Lin Feng said. No wonder their Qi seems so ancient, he thought.


After Lin Feng and the others left, those men gathered and someone said, “Hey, how strong do you think Lin Feng is?”

“No idea. I didn’t notice anything in particular,” replied an old man, stroking his beard.

The old man was called Lai Chang Yue, a coach in the Lai Clan. He was one of Lai Chang Xing’s brothers. He had inherited ancient martial arts techniques. He wasn’t weak, but he was rather proud and arrogant. He had just seen Lin Feng’s style and was disappointed.

After that, everybody expressed themselves, “I think he must be a doctor. If he were strong, he would practice ancient Chinese martial arts like us.”

“Old Lai, later, you should try and exchange views with him, and you’ll find out. He injured Young Master Hu. He doesn’t give us face. We need to regain face,” spoke up a skinny young man.

Lai Chang Yue looked at that young man. He narrowed his eyes and nodded. He said in a low voice, “You try and exchange views with him!”


Lin Feng had no idea those people were talking about him. His group was already in the second corridor. Lin Feng scanned the area with his godly awareness and like last time, strong people were hidden everywhere.

They were all in houses, their cultivation areas. They were in charge of guarding the area, but they didn’t waste their cultivation time. They used all sorts of medicine and herbs. Leader Wang was in charge of all of them, of course.

When they arrived in front of the door of a kwoon, they heard some people shouting. A bunch of rich kids was practicing, studying martial arts. Lai Chang Xing said, “No wonder people say Leader Wang is a benevolent, merciful, honest and kind, tolerant and generous person. He is devoted to young people. “

He sounded like a boot licker, but Leader Wang loved hearing such things and answered immediately, “Let’s go and see. A few big families are here.”

This time was different from the last one. There were many guards there. They all had the same thing in mind. At that moment, dozens of young men and women were standing there. There were even some Caucasian foreigners.

Lin Feng was excited. In M Country, he had seen many foreigners, but the foreigners who were in that room were probably extraordinary.

At the moment, Zhang Bao was in the middle with a middle-aged Caucasian who was a meter-ninety tall. Zhang Bao threw a kick. The man didn’t move, blocking with his belly. He pushed Zhang Bao with his belly. Zhang Bao slid back five meters.

The Caucasian burst into laughter, “Hahahahahahahaha! Chinese people are such weaklings. No wonder they’re usually snowflakes. They suck at fighting. Only we Westerners are good at fighting!”

He glanced around provocatively and pursed his lips, looking down on everybody.

“Who’s that? Lin Feng couldn’t help but ask.

Leader Wang looked a little embarrassed and said, “He’s a Rothschild. His name is Mayor. He works in one of the Rothschild’s offices here in Huaxia. And the members of the Rothschild family are guests of honor.”

He had humiliated Zhang Bao. The latter was angry. He walked back to the Westerner and said impolitely, “Mister Mayor, our confrontation doesn’t mean all the battles between Westerners and Huaxian fighters will have the same outcome. I would like you to stop humiliating us!”

Mayor looked satisfied at first, but when he heard Zhang Bao, he turned grim and said icily, “I’ve been living in Huaxia for five years now. I’ve met many geniuses, some of whom have never been defeated in Huaxia. Unfortunately, they’re just buffoons to me. Their attacks looked nice, but they were useless. They all lose against me and my people. You don’t like hearing this, but it’s a fact.”

Zhang Bao felt awkward. He bowed hand over fist, “Mister Mayor, let’s try again. I want to see how strong you can be.”

Mayor curled his lips, “Alright. Since you are not afraid of losing face and humiliating yourself, no problem. I don’t mind.”

Zhang Bao’s arms were extremely big. The veins on his neck kept pulsing. Lin Feng understood how strong Zhang Bao was. He controlled a resistant sort of Qi. He had Qigong Iron Clothes and he used them now.

He had them on for show, of course. He didn’t really use them against Mayor.

“Ha!” Zhang Bao shouted. His Qi rolled out towards Mayor. Mayor didn’t attack like before. Bam! Zhang Bao’s fist struck his chest. Zhang Bao bounced off, and nearly fell down.

Mayor was also pushed back two steps. Mayor tapped his chest with his hand strongly. Zhang Bao had hurt him! Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel excited. Mayor was intriguing. He solely relied on physical strength to resist Zhang Bao. It was impressive! How strong!

“Hahahaha! You understand now, huh? Asians are crappy fighters. You’ve been resting on your laurels since Bruce Lee. In the past, Asians were Bruce Lee’s, now they’re Bruise Lee’s. Hahahahahaha! No need to continue with the fight. If I used my real strength, you’d all be dead,” Mayor said arrogantly.

A woman in the crowd spoke up, “Mister Mayor, please take back what you said! You may be able to defeat everybody here, but it doesn’t mean you can defeat every single Huaxian person. You are rude and impolite! I challenge you!”

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