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Chapter 1621: Lion and Tiger Fight!


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 The lion roared as it flew around. It looked ferocious and tough.

“What a bully!” shouted Lin Feng. He also rose up in the air, throwing several palm strikes. A gigantic Buddha hand appeared and slapped the nose of the lion in a burst of flames.


When the palm strike reached its head, the lion roared with pain. Then the second palm strike arrived, and it fell from the sky.

With a boom, the lion exploded!

Mayor coughed blood. When Lin Feng threw a third palm strike, Leader Wang shouted from the distance loudly, “Lin Feng… stop… Be merciful!…”

Lin Feng remembered Leader Wang had told him Mayor was from an extremely powerful family. If he killed Mayor, he would be in trouble.

Lin Feng also recalled that Mayor had tried to kill him and Lai Chang Xing a moment before. Thinking about that, Lin Feng took back ninety percent of his strength. The palm shadow shrank; it was now only a meter-wide Buddha hand imprint as it reached Mayor.

There was an explosion, and Mayor was blown a hundred meters away, and crashed against a gigantic bronze pillar. Mayor coughed blood again, and leaned against the pillar powerlessly.

Mayor looked almost dead. He pointed at Lin Feng with his finger shakily and said, “Who… Who are you…

“You… Wait for me and… you… will see… You… dared offend the Rothschild fami… ly… You… will… have… to pay the pri… price for that…” said Mayor, smiling ferociously before coughing up blood again.

Leader Wang ran over and stopped between Lin Feng and Mayor. He was afraid Lin Feng would kill Mayor.

“Mister Mayor, are you badly injured?” Leader Wang asked with good intentions. Mayor. Mayor was a guest, after all. What kind of hosts would he be if Mayor was severely injured?

But Mayor pushed Leader Wang away and said proudly, “You offended my family, the Rothschilds, you will have to bear the consequences of your actions! Our family will probably stop all business with Huaxia.”

He staggered away with the Young Master. Lin Feng looked at their backs and smiled icily. The Rothschilds? Who the fuck did they think they were? That guy kept criticizing Huaxia!

Lin Feng turned around and looked at Lai Chang Xing and the others. They were severely injured. They took medicines their clans had made and quickly felt better again. Lin Feng took a deep breath. He hadn’t expected that those ancient Chinese martial arts cultivators wouldn’t be able to withstand a single attack.

Lin Feng was startled when Little Qing ran towards him, looking rather awed. She chimed, “Who are you? You’re sooo strong! You’re amazing! You’re a hero of Huaxia!”

Lin Feng looked embarrassed and said, “My name is Lin Feng. It was a slight effort, nothing more.”

Little Qing said, “He kept insulting and humiliating us Huaxian, and today you showed him that there was at least one person who was stronger than those idiotic Europeans.”

Lin Feng smiled wryly. How naïve! If Lin Feng told her he didn’t use their kind of cultivation, how would they react?

Of course, Lin Feng didn’t intend to tell them the truth. A moment before, Mayor had acted arrogantly and rudely, but he had said something extremely true: in this world, there was only one rule.. strength!

“Thank you for saving us, Lin Feng…” Lai Chang Xing and Lai Chang Yue came closer to Lin Feng and kowtowed. Lin Feng quickly lifted them back up. He didn’t know what to say. 

Leader Wang finished sending Mayor and the others off and came back. He looked grim. He kept shaking his head and sighing.

He walked over to Lin Feng and smiled wryly. “Solving the issue isn’t going to be easy. He’ll definitely report to his family. The young man he protected was one of the direct heirs of the Rothschild family. If something happened to him, it would have disastrous consequences!”

“So you think I was wrong?” Lin Feng asked indifferently.

“No. We were. We shouldn’t have invited those people. Initially, we had good intentions. We didn’t expect Mayor to be so proud. He’s nothing to the Rothschild family, but the young man is very important. We hadn’t expected about him,” Leader Wang sighed.

When Little Qing heard Leader Wang, she demanded to know, “Uncle Wang, how come you’re on their side? Do you like it when other people bully us?”

Leader Wang looked at Little Qing and sighed helplessly, “Alright, alright. Since it’s that way, I am not trying to convince anyone any longer. It’s pointless.”

The meeting was supposed to be a happy one. He didn’t want the whole crowd to break up in discord. Lin Feng and Wang Yuan stayed with Leader Wang for a while and then went back to the hospital. 

 Lin Feng hadn’t expected that such an important thing would happen in such a short amount of time.


When they went back, they looked for Qing Huang Tian, but didn’t find her. They tried to call her, but she didn’t pick up the phone. They asked the nurses and doctors, but nobody knew where she was.

As Lin Feng was worried, his phone suddenly rang. A voice he didn’t recognize said, “If you want her alive, come to the farms in the eastern suburbs!”

The person hung up. Lin Feng immediately thought of Zhou Peng Bo. Apart from him, who could want to kidnap a nurse?

Lin Feng wanted to call Wang Yuan, but he suddenly heard a voice in his head, “Master, I am now an adult. I can work for you. Can you release me?”

He used his godly awareness to check, and was astonished. The little winged dragon was talking to him. Lin Feng had thought it couldn’t speak. He could speak the human language?

Lin Feng was so excited he released the dragon without even realizing it. Result, everybody was dumbstruck.

It was golden and only three meters long. Was it its maximum size already?

Usually, dragons in movies were terrifying. They were dozens of meters long. They were several tons heavy. But this dragon looked tiny and fragile.

The little winged dragon saw that Lin Feng wasn’t happy and asked quickly, “Master, why do you look so angry? Have I done anything wrong?”

Lin Feng shook his head and sighed, “No, I did. I shouldn’t have trusted the leader of the Yi Clan. I shouldn’t have brought you to the Earth. You are tiny. You are weak.”

The little dragon looked sad and angry at the same time. Tiny and weak? It said boastfully, “Master, you don’t understand. This is only one-tenth of my actual size. If I want to become bigger, I can do it anytime!”

It didn’t wait for Lin Feng to say anything, and flapped its wings three times. There was an explosion as the dragon turned gigantic. It quickly became as big as the room!

Lin Feng was pushed back to the main door. He shouted quickly, “Alright, alright! You want your Master to die or what? Hurry up and go back! If people see you, they will capture you to study you!”

The little winged dragon shrank again. Lin Feng tapped its head and said, “In the future, don’t become big again without me telling you. You could injure people accidentally. If you don’t obey, I will not save you!”

There had been loud sounds in the room, so people outside had heard them. Wang Yuan pushed the door quickly and shouted quickly, “What’s wrong, Lin Feng?”

 Wang Yuan saw the dragon. He was shocked, and fell back against the door. When the little winged dragon saw the stranger show up suddenly, it looked ferocious and bloodthirsty. It wanted to bite Wang Yuan, but Lin Feng quickly stopped him.

Lin Feng said to Wang Yuan, “Wang Yuan, I need to go and save Lin Feng. I think Zhou Chang Gui, Zhou Peng Bo, and the others are the ones who kidnapped her. It can’t wait.” He jumped on the little winged dragon’s back and ordered, “Take me to the eastern suburbs!”

Wang Yuan watched in awe as Lin Feng rode a gigantic dragon into the sky, and was already a hundred meters away.

A man and a dragon, in the sky of Beijing… how astonishing!… 


Lin Feng felt dizzy. When the dragon flapped its wings, it kept rising and falling continuously and was making him airsick, but after a while he got used to it.

Even though Lin Feng could also use his Qi to fly, it was less tiring to ride a dragon, and it made him feel heroic.

Lin Feng looked at the ground hundreds of meters below him. There were many people, all looking at the sky. Many cars had accidents because the drivers were staring at the dragon in the sky.

Someone cried out in fear, “AHHHHH! Look! It looks like a flying dinosaur!”

People took pictures with their phones, and started sending the pictures to news agencies. Others called the police because that flying dinosaur was clearly a threat to public order and security!

“Little dragon, can you fly higher? People on the ground can see us. It would be a catastrophe…” muttered Lin Feng.

“Master, hang on there, I’m going to gain altitude.” The dragon dashed to the skies at almost ninety degrees. If Lin Feng hadn’t held the dragon’s neck firmly, he would have fallen down. 

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  1. Zaflis July 2, 2020 at 7:28 pm - Reply

    Did the writer change at the beginning of Earth arc? Somehow Lin Feng has forgotten that he was an expert rider with all sorts of flying animals before, even his tiger friend. How could he possibly get airsick? Even if his power is weaker it feels like we are watching an entirely different Lin Feng, one with no backbone or pride as a ruler of several worlds.

  2. Lauflinjr July 3, 2020 at 2:14 am - Reply

    Um one of his foster sons is a legitimate dragon Aomo you know the one that grew up inside his body and flew around on

  3. Lauflinjr July 3, 2020 at 2:16 am - Reply

    um one of his foster sons Aomo is a dragon and he used to ride him as well lets not for get the other 2 dragon that where his temporary servants

  4. Dancer July 4, 2020 at 1:48 am - Reply

    We are watching a Lin Feng who was given an Earth Human body and slowly is recovering the advantages of being a cultivator. Individuals are either subject to motion sickness or not. Medication and tricks like watching the horizon on a small boat at sea help, but don’t cure. Motion sickness depends on the vehicle. This dragon apparently rides like a roller coaster falling on the upbeat and rising on the downbeat. Since the task requires speed there is minimal gliding.

    For the last bit, remember no saddle, no harness, no practice riding on this untrained dragon ? It is a bad idea to have the horse you’re riding bareback without harness rear up on it’s hind legs and dance bit. That’s basically what dragon did, standing on its tail performing a power climb.

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