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Chapter 1622: New Pet!


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The dragon flew hundreds of meters higher and then started flying horizontally again.

The eastern suburbs were fifty li from the hospital, but the dragon was extremely fast. They arrived in less than five minutes. It was much faster than Wang Yuan’s car!

Lin Feng had the dragon descend. When they were only a hundred meters above the ground, Lin Feng jumped off its back and used Qi to fly, having the dragon go back into its ring.

The dragon was so big, Lin Feng had to hide it. He could call it only when he needed it!

The little winged dragon was angry. “Master, let me go back out! Why did you put me back in? I want to fly more!”

Lin Feng landed on the ground and said to the little winged dragon, “Don’t worry. You’ll fly more than enough in the future.”

Lin Feng could fly around conveniently enough now. He didn’t want to take taxis or use cars anymore, so the dragon would get to fly more than enough.

Lin Feng looked around. He didn’t see anyone. He had come here because he had been told to… but where precisely? Lin Feng was going to call out when he suddenly sensed an extremely powerful Qi from a forested hill.

A strong wind started blowing in the forest. The trees kept swinging. Fruit fell from the trees and shot towards Lin Feng like arrows.

“Who are you? Stop being mysterious!” Lin Feng shouted. He threw palm strikes, which turned into palm imprints the size of walls.

A huge tree exploded. It smelled like cedar everywhere.

“Hahahahahahahahahahaha! As expected! I finally found someone strong enough to compete with me!” someone laughed eagerly. Lin Feng looked over and saw a fat man.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but be shocked. Since he had come back to Earth, it was the first time he had bumped into a really strong cultivator. Lin Feng didn’t show any weakness though. He floated in the air above a valley and demanded, “Who are you?! Where is Qing Huang Tian?!”

“Hahahahahahaha! Defeat me first!” the man laughed gleefully in reply. He waved his hand and a pair of gigantic cymbals appeared and spun towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng dodged quickly. But the cymbals seemed to have eyes and followed him. Lin Feng was worried suddenly. He quickly shouted, “Ying Hun Sword, where are you?”

There was an explosion, and the Ying Hun Sword appeared. Many sharp swords shadows emerged from the Ying Hun Sword and turned into a sword wall.

The fat man hadn’t expected Lin Feng to have a weapon, and frowned. But then laughed excitedly and said, “Not bad! Your weapon is mine!”

He was determined to kill Lin Feng and steal his sword. Lin Feng remained wary, and released his armor.

“Hehe, you had the exact same idea as me! I want your weapons too!” Lin Feng smiled back.

They both released several weapons to float in the air. Their weapons started clashing in midair. A strong wind started blowing, and the ground started shaking. Clouds of dust and sand arose.

Lin Feng’s sword was damaged. At the same time, his opponent’s cymbals were broken. They broke into a billion pieces. Pieces of metal fell from the sky. It looked like a golden rain. The pieces kept twinkling. It was beautiful.

The trees on the ground all exploded.

Both fighters were getting nervous. Suddenly, something whistled. A hazy shadow flickered in the sky. Lin Feng raised his head and was shocked. It was a gigantic hawk!

Its wings spanned at least ten meters. Its claws were as big as tables. Cold lights flashed on them as it dove at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng quickly dodged. His opponent laughed eagerly, “Lin Feng, my supernatural bird hasn’t eaten yet! Good that you’re here, you’ll be a perfect appetizer!”

The hawk continued flying towards Lin Feng, opening its claws. Lin Feng threw a palm strike. Boom! Lin Feng’s palm strike reached the hawk’s abdomen. However, its body just rolled with the blow. It wasn’t injured at all!

Its claws lunged towards Lin Feng’s neck. Hawks had incredible accuracy. It knew exactly where to strike to kill prey!

Lin Feng had no choice but to have his dragon come out. The dragon appeared in an explosion of motion!

The gigantic hawk was terrified when it saw something appear suddenly, but when it saw it was the size of a dog, its lust for blood grew even more intense. It flew towards the dragon so fast there was a sonic boom.

Lin Feng shouted furiously, “ARGH! You became big before, so hurry up and become big!”

As Lin Feng was shouting, the situation had already changed. The hawk was in front of the dragon just as the dragon’s wings suddenly grew gigantic, over twenty meters wide!

The hawk shrieked in terror. It immediately tried to turn around, but it was too late. The dragon grabbed the hawk by the neck and devoured a mouthful of one of the hawk’s wings. It cut the hawk apart and ate it alive. After two or three bites, the entire hawk was in its belly.

The fat man was now extremely worried. He quickly grabbed a bow from his back and shot arrows at the dragon. The dragon was relaxing after such a nice meal, and didn’t have time to protect itself from the arrows.

Lin Feng shouted out, “Be careful, little dragon!”

The dragon acted as if it hadn’t heard anything, and the arrows reached it. Lin Feng understood why the dragon had ignored him. When the arrows reached the dragon’s scales, they bounced!

Lin Feng was angry, and didn’t intend to be polite again. He threw a palm strike, and a Sky Destroying Imprint emerged from his palm, growing to a hundred meters high. Lin Feng shouted explosively, “You want to die!”

That person hadn’t expected Lin Feng to have so many different types of attacks. He wanted to escape, but Lin Feng chased him. The dragon who had just been attacked also chased him!

“Lin Feng, don’t kill me! Be merciful. It’ll be good for your karma!” Who would have thought the fat man would say such a thing?

Lin Feng lowered his sword and grunted icily, “Hmph! If you tell me where Qing Huang Tian is, I may spare your life!”

That person winced and said, “I don’t know where Qing Huang Tian is. I am just in charge of killing you, that’s all! But I lost!”

“Oh? So you have no trump cards anymore. Why would I spare your life?” Lin Feng smiled mockingly. The man’s face fell. He knew he had said something wrong.

He blurted out, “Lin Feng, don’t worry. You are our enemy, the enemy of the Western Regions. I suggest you think carefully when making decisions now.”

“The Western Regions?” Lin Feng couldn’t help but ask, “Why are cultivators from the Western Regions in the capital city?”

“Eh… You don’t need to know about that. In any case, you better not kill me. Otherwise, you will die tragically!” that person said. He was scared, but tried to sound confident.

Lin Feng tried to think of a plan. Initially, he wanted to kill that man on the spot but now, he had to think of a plan. He was in the capital city, after all.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng didn’t waste time. He threw two palm strikes. He felt like killing again. When the man saw that, he gave up his last hopes and cursed him, “Die, you fucking bastard! I’m ready to perish along with you if I have to!”

He also threw palm strikes using his full strength. He hoped he could at least injure Lin Feng. Escaping would be easier if he could…

He was disappointed. His attack instantly dispersed when it met Lin Feng’s attack. It didn’t withstand a single attack. Lin Feng’s Buddha hand smashed into him; he coughed blood and was blown away.

Lin Feng charged, releasing pure Qi. He blocked the man with his pure Qi. The man kept coughing blood. Lin Feng asked, “So, why did you sneak into the capital city?”

“Hehe. I won’t tell you. My pure Qi is already broken. I won’t live much longer. Suicide is the best option.” He suddenly raised his hand and slapped his temples.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but frown as the man’s brain exploded. He immediately used his Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill to burn the fat man’s body to ashes. The wind carried it away.

Lin Feng was extremely worried for Qing Huang Tian. He didn’t know where she was. She might even be dead. Lin Feng had no choice but to go and look for Zhou Chang Gui. 


Lin Feng called Wang Yuan and asked him where Zhou Chang Gui was. Wang Yuan didn’t know. He wasn’t from the capital city, after all. Zhou Chang Gui was from a rich family, so their information was confidential and kept secret.

Lin Feng wanted to leave when his godly awareness suddenly sensed a few threads of Qi coming closer. Lin Feng quickly put the dragon back in the ring as he landed and hid.

A short time later, two people showed up. They were dressed like the man just before, wearing navy blue robes. They shouted someone’s name. It was probably the man Lin Feng had just killed. 

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