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Chapter 1623: Pure Qi VS. Real Pure Qi! 


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 “Fellow disciple, do you think Third had an accident?” asked a young man.

“I don’t think so. He’s not weak. He can easily destroy an average cultivator. Do you think he could have left us on purpose?” replied a middle-aged man suspiciously.

“Maybe. He might be done with his mission, in which case he might be walking around and shopping in town.”

The middle-aged man exclaimed in surprise, “Look at the trees! They’re crushed! There are some broken golden cymbal pieces… Could it be… Could it be… he… is dead?”

The young turned pale with fright and said, “Brother, look! Isn’t that from Third’s hawk?”

The two men landed and saw pieces of the dead hawk. They were shocked and frightened. Lin Feng initially wanted to go and destroy them, but he controlled himself.

If he captured those people, they might be able to tell him where Qing Huang Tian was.

“Brother, what do we do? The hawk and Third are always together… the hawk is dead, so Third must be…” the young man swallowed.

The middle-aged man said sadly, “Let’s go back and report to our patriarch. It seems Third bumped into someone extremely strong. We have to be extremely vigilant.”

Lin Feng watched the two people leave. He rose up into the air, going extremely high so they wouldn’t see him, and he stayed far behind them. 


They quickly arrived in the center of the city, landing on a ten-story building, and went down the emergency flight of stairs. Lin Feng followed them.

When he arrived on the tenth floor, he saw the two men enter an office. He quickly walked to the door and checked the room with his godly awareness.

“Patriarch, Third, he… he may be dead…” the disciple said to the middle-aged patriarch, whose eyes were closed.

  The middle-aged patriarch suddenly opened his eyes and cried out in astonishment, “What?!”

The young one said, “We found traces of a battle in the forest…” said the young man. The patriarch suddenly put his finger on his mouth to tell him to be quiet.

He suddenly stood up and charged to the door, “Since you’re here, why hide, Your Excellency?”

Lin Feng was startled. That person’s senses were impressive! Lin Feng had been extremely careful. He hadn’t released a single thread of pure Qi, but the man had still found him.

Since it was that way, Lin Feng opened the door and smiled coldly. “Who are you and why did you kidnap Qing Huang Tian? Why does your sect want to kill me? Who sent you?”

The patriarch looked glum. He looked at the two others and said angrily, “Two pieces of trash. Someone followed you and you didn’t even notice him!” Then he said to Lin Feng coldly, “You’re too curious. What did you do to our colleague?”

Lin Feng shrugged, “He killed himself.”

The patriarch grunted icily, “Nonsense. You killed him!”

Lin Feng couldn’t help but snort with laughter. “In any case, he deserved to die! Since he wanted to kill me, he had to die! Besides, he was such a piece of trash; your sect should send stronger people if they don’t want such things to happen. I’m asking you once again… where is Qing Huang Tian?”

The patriarch smiled, looking down on Lin Feng, “So you’re Lin Feng. We underestimated you. We hadn’t expected you to be so strong. But since you’re here, don’t think of leaving!”

He wanted to attack. but suddenly remembered something. He couldn’t help but sigh, “Hey, this place is not convenient. If we want to fight, we must fight at the roof of a building. Lin Feng, will you dare fight against me? If you win, I will tell you where Qing Huang Tian is!”

“Hehe. Why wouldn’t I dare? Let’s go on the roof to fight instead!” Lin Feng replied, grinning ferociously.

“Alright!” replied the patriarch. 


The four men walked to the roof of the building. Lin Feng and the patriarch faced each other. The patriarch said, “What do we do?”

“As you wish. I just hope you’ll keep your promise and tell me where Qing Huang Tian is if I win,” Lin Feng said.

“Alright. We’re in the city center, so we can’t have a true fight and kill each other. We can compare our real pure Qi. Three attacks to find out who the winner is,” said the patriarch. He didn’t think Lin Feng looked strong at all, so he proposed that kind of method. 

Lin Feng accepted the challenge.

They both took a few steps back. The leader clenched his fists; spiritual energy slowly emerged and rose to the skies. His entire body was now surrounded by spiritual energy, especially his fists.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but be quietly impressed. This man was indeed strong. His spiritual Qi fused with his body, making his body even more powerful. It turned into a real physical armor.

That person had the strength of at least the Small Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator layer. He might even be a Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator.

However, he didn’t look worried at all. The patriarch couldn’t help but frown, “Lin Feng, what is that supposed to mean? Do you think you can afford to be careless when fighting against me?”

“Oh no, never. Hehe!”

“You’re an arrogant prick! Don’t blame me for being merciless then!” The patriarch threw a punch, which turned into a punch shadow.

Lin Feng clenched his fists and threw a punch back. The two punch shadows collided with an explosion. Lin Feng trembled, and the patriarch was pushed back a step.

The patriarch couldn’t help but have a bad feeling. Lin Feng had managed to destroy his attack, which raised a question. It meant that he was a… Spiritual Emperor?

The patriarch shook his head, “Impossible, impossible! He’s so young! How could he be a Spiritual Emperor? If that’s the case, it’s incredible! If we give him more time, nobody will ever be able to defeat him!…”

Lin Feng slowly threw a palm strike. It seemed so fragile and weak. It was like the bells of death were ringing.

The atmosphere turned cold and suffocating. The patriarch’s meridians were being pressed on. He couldn’t help but cry out in shock, “What a powerful real pure Qi! No… It’s not real pure Qi! Real pure Qi can’t be this powerful. Could it be that it’s a… new kind of condensed and modified real pure Qi?”

Lin Feng stopped moving. He hadn’t expected the patriarch to know the difference between real pure Qi and pure Qi. His cultivation wasn’t that powerful, after all.

“How do you know the difference between real pure Qi and pure Qi?” Lin Feng couldn’t help but ask.

People said real pure Qi on Earth because spiritual Qi on Earth was extremely scarce. Making real pure Qi turn into pure Qi was impossible.

Meeting people like Lin Feng who could use pure Qi was extremely rare!

The patriarch was covered in cold sweat. He said in a trembling voice, “Could it be that I was right? You… You can use pure Qi?”

Lin Feng smiled indifferently and nodded. The patriarch’s legs shook so violently that he fell on his bottom and whispered, “I… I have lost!”

The patriarch’s expression was strange. His fellow disciple didn’t understand and asked quickly, “Patriarch, what is pure Qi? What is the difference between pure Qi and real pure Qi?”

The patriarch shook his head, “You’re not elders or leaders, so there are many things you can’t understand. Thousands of years ago, there were people on Earth who could use pure Qi. Nobody has ever reached their level since.”

The two disciples were trembling. If the leader was right, this young man had reached that person’s level?

He was the first person for thousands of years to reach that legendary cultivation level?

“Impossible! Patriarch, you must be wrong. He’s so young! Even if he had been born in the womb of the Earth, he couldn’t have become that strong that quickly!” the older disciple said stubbornly. He ordered the young man, “Help the patriarch come to the side. I will fight against him!”

He refused to submit. He didn’t think anyone could use the pure Qi the patriarch had talked about. It was a fraud!

“Hehe! Your patriarch lost. It’s not the right time to challenge me, knowing that you don’t stand a single chance to win against me. It’s time for you to tell me where Qing Huang Tian is, as you promised,” Lin Feng replied, shaking his head.

“Hmph! You’re thinking too much. You must defeat me first!” He released an ice cold Qi. It was ice real pure Qi, surprisingly!

He raised his hands; ten ice needles appeared and shot towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng used his Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill. The ice needles instantly melted in the blast of fire!

“What kind of sorcery is this?!” the older disciple gasped when he saw the needles melt instantly, paling with fright.

He knew that even though ice-type attacks were less powerful, those ice needles weren’t ordinary. Even powerful fire couldn’t destroy them easily.

Lin Feng’s attack had destroyed it instantly! The temperature around increased considerably.

The patriarch shouted, “You can’t defeat him! Stop humiliating yourself! Real pure Qi can’t compete with pure Qi!”

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