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Chapter 1625: The Zhou Clan’s Auction!


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“AAAAAHHHHHHH…” he started screaming, but Lin Feng was already holding him by the neck. He walked in, still holding the man. He glanced around. There was a table with seven or eight men. They all looked shocked when they saw Lin Feng.

Suddenly, they all stood up grabbed for their guns.

It was too late for them. Cold lights flashed, and their throats were suddenly slit. Blood gushed out, and the men all collapsed, convulsing.

The man Lin Feng was holding was so terrified he peed his pants. He gasped, “Please don’t kill me…”

Lin Feng glanced around, but didn’t see Qing Huang Tian.

“Where is Qing Huang Tian?” Lin Feng asked coldly, releasing his grip a little bit. The man could breathe again.

“I… I will tell you, but promise me you won’t kill me…” said that person. Lin Feng nodded without hesitation.

“Down there. A room below ground…” Lin Feng kept hold of him as he entered the room and pushed the shelves. A door appeared. It smelled like mold inside.

Lin Feng went down the stairs, and went down about ten feet before ending up in a room. Qing Huang Tian was tied up there. She was extremely pale and unconscious.

“C… can you release me, brother?” the man asked hesitantly.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, “Hehe. How naive. All your friends are dead. You think I will spare your life?”

The man’s expression fell. He cried out, “You said you would release me! Was that a lie?”

“Hehe. You’re so silly, it makes you look cute. You dared tie my woman up, so you’re doomed!” Lin Feng clenched his hand. The man’s eyes rolled, and his hands convulsed as his tongue came out. He looked like a dead dog.

Lin Feng thought it wasn’t enough, so he clutched harder. Bones crunched.

He threw the corpse away and walked towards the chair quickly. He untied Qing Huang Tian. He didn’t need to check her veins or anything because when he heard her breathing and saw she was unconscious. Her face was abnormally red.

Lin Feng quickly understood that she had been poisoned and he had to hurry. He had no time to remove the poison from her body. He took her in his arms and left the building. When he arrived in the courtyard, the dragon landed, flapping its wings loudly and slowly.

Lin Feng jumped on its back, carrying her. The dragon rose back into the air and disappeared into the darkness of the night. 


Half an hour later, Lin Feng brought Qing Huang Tian to a hotel opposite the hospital. He laid her on a bed, then he put his fingers on her and released pure Qi.

Qing Huang Tian started gagging after a few seconds. Lin Feng quickly took her to the trash bin. She vomited a dozen times. Her face was sweaty and red, but she was gradually recovering.

She hadn’t woken up; her eyes were still closed and she breathed slowly. She still looked incredibly beautiful. Lin Feng looked at her breasts and swallowed twice…

The woman in front of him was his wife… Their relationship was fairly torrid. Unfortunately, Lin Feng felt awkward thinking of such things right now. He had burning desires right now, but he had to control himself. If he started making love to her and she came back to her senses, how would she react if she didn’t remember?

Lin Feng had done lots of things over the last day, so now that she was safe, Lin Feng also fell on a bed and fell asleep. 



Lin Feng was sound asleep when he suddenly felt a sharp pain. He quickly jumped off the bed and got ready to fight, but when he saw Qing Huang Tian in her night gown, he stopped.

“Why… Why did you hit me?” Lin Feng asked, shocked. His face hurt.

“You bastard!” Qing Huang Tian wasn’t wearing proper clothes for a fight, but she didn’t care and charged Lin Feng. He quickly grabbed her wrists.

Qing Huang Tian looked nervous. Even though Lin Feng was holding her hands, she could still move her legs, so she threw a kick at his knees. Lin Feng didn’t block the attack. It was extremely painful.

Qing Huang Tian wanted to throw another kick, but Lin Feng couldn’t let her. He pushed her against the shelves and explained, “Qing Huang Tian, it’s a misunderstanding! Listen to me! Yesterday, I found you tied up; some people kidnapped you. I saved you!”

Qing Huang Tian frowned. She didn’t believe him, but when she saw how serious he looked, she thought he might be telling the truth. Besides, he had helped her in the past. She muttered, “Hurry up and release me, then!”

Lin Feng stopped holding her and looked outside. It was daytime already.

Qing Huang Tian couldn’t help but frown. She mumbled, “What do you mean you got rid of them…? You mean… you killed them?”

“Uhhh… No. I meant I’ll solve the issue peacefully. At least, they won’t come and cause trouble for you again. Alright, it’s already daytime. Go home. You have to go back and take care of your mother,” Lin Feng smiled.

Qing Huang Tian lowered her head and blushed. Her night gown was opened by the scuffle. Lin Feng could see her beautiful white breasts…


When Qing Huang Tian came out of the hotel, she still wondered if Lin Feng had raped her or not that night. Could she really trust him?

Lin Feng stopped a taxi for her. He gave the driver two hundred yuan and opened the door for Qing Huang Tian, “Remember, call me if anything happens. And don’t go out for two days! Don’t go back to work for the next two days. Zhou Peng Bo and his people kidnapped you… so I’ll get rid of them. It’s the only way for you to be completely safe.”

After seeing Qing Huang Tian off, Lin Feng called Wang Yuan. Wang Yuan had been waiting for Lin Feng all night at the hospital. Lin Feng felt guilty. He had forgotten to contact Wang Yuan the night before.

When he saw Lin Feng, Wang Yuan asked worriedly, “Lin Feng, where is Qing Huang Tian? Did you find her?”

Lin Feng nodded. Wang Yuan took a deep breath and asked, “Who kidnapped Qing Huang Tian? Zhou Peng Bo and the others?”

“I think so. They are our sole enemies,” Lin Feng replied calmly. He didn’t look angry, but Wang Yuan was even more worried.

After a few seconds, Wang Yuan said, “Lin Feng, don’t provoke the Zhou Clan. Since you saved Qing Huang Tian, leave the matter at that. You can’t afford to offend the Zhou Clan.”

Lin Feng nodded and asked instead, “You know the Golden Vessel International Hotel?”

“Why are you asking? You really want to cause trouble for the Zhou Clan?” asked Wang Yuan. Lin Feng deduced that the hotel belonged to the Zhou Clan when Wang Yuan said that. Could it be that the organizers of the auction had helped the Zhou Clan kidnap Qing Huang Tian? Did they want to trade her for her body?

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, and went downstairs. Wang Yuan followed him quickly. He kept asking Lin Feng to listen to him but Lin Feng looked grave and solemn. He turned his head and asked, “What do you want to do against the Zhou Clan?”

Lin Feng smiled, “Don’t think too much. I just want to participate in their auction, nothing more. You can even come with me if you want. Let’s hope there will be no accidents.”

Wang Yuan was relieved. If Lin Feng didn’t cause trouble, everything was fine. He couldn’t afford to offend the Zhou Clan, after all. 


Wang Yuan and Lin Feng soon arrived at the Golden Vessel International Hotel. Lin Feng walked to the entrance and entered the hotel. He stepped to the lift in the lobby and went to Floor -3.

When the lift arrived at -2, it stopped and the door opened. Some people stopped them. The young men asked calmly, “Do you have your invitations?”

Lin Feng was surprised. They needed invitation letters? Where could he find one?

Wang Yuan raised his head. He was about to take out his badge when they suddenly heard a woman say, “Lin Feng? What are you doing here?”

Lin Feng was surprised. He turned around; it was Qing Er! He smiled, “I came to participate in the auction, but I forgot my invitation letter in my hotel. I can’t get in.”

He pretended to walk away. Qing Er interrupted him, “Lin Feng, you don’t need an invitation letter to get in with me.”

Qing Er called someone on her phone. She explained something and gave the phone to the guards after a few seconds. The guards nodded a few times, saying, “Okay, okay!”

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  1. Lauflinjr July 4, 2020 at 5:11 pm - Reply

    Is it just me or does Lin Feng lie alot now

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    Lin Feng was turned to garbage and was a coward at the beginning, I feel like his character development is being forcefully changed, He lies, He talks too much smack, and he is too brutal. Brutal and smack talk is what the real Lin Feng does but since he’s retarded in this Arc it’s too weird to suddenly make him not retarded. Also since when did Lin Feng start Lying?
    This Lin Feng is so different in so many ways

    I really don’t know if I can trust these translations, They seem to be getting worse at translating. Who knows they even might be forcefully making Lin Feng more brutal to appease the Patreon.

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