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Chapter 1626: Sudden Incident!


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 The guard gave the phone to Qing Er and smiled, “Sorry, sorry. We didn’t know you were a guest. Please come in.”

Lin Feng looked at Little Qing with new eyes. In this world, contacts were extremely important. One phone call and he could get in!

When they arrived on -3, they went in and looked around. There were people everywhere, but the auction wasn’t an ordinary auction. Everything was so luxurious it looked more like a ceremony than an auction.

Lin Feng and the others arrived, a waitress brought them their drinks. Qing Er said, “Lin Feng, what do you want from the auction?”

Qing Er had asked Leader Wang about Lin Feng’s background. She initially thought Lin Feng was from a rich family or the son of a high official, but no, he was an ordinary guard. But he was also a hero who had saved hundreds of passengers from a plane crash. It was why he was in Leader Wang’s courtyard the other day.

Therefore, Qing Er didn’t hesitate to help. This auction wasn’t like a stand on the side of the road. The items here were extremely expensive. Some items were millions of yuan, some were even a hundred million, and that wasn’t even that rare!

Besides, Lin Feng was an ordinary guard; he didn’t have that much money, right?

“Ahem! Nothing really. We just came to watch,” Lin Feng said modestly. He had come to see if the members of the Zhou Clan were here.

To get into the auction, one had to have 980,000 yuan. People here were extremely rich. Of course, many people knew Little Qing. Some people quickly came closer and greeted her.

Lin Feng quickly found a chair in a corner. There were two people at that table. They were chatting when Lin Feng arrived, so his arrival drew their attention.

A young man lifted his glasses and looked at Lin Feng, “Hello, who are you? It’s the first time we’ve met, right?”

“I… I am Lin Feng. It’s the first time I’ve come here,” Lin Feng replied casually.

The other one nodded thoughtfully. New people were not uncommon. Many people never came back because they were killed between the different auctions, so turnover was high.

These people had a sense of superiority in front of newcomers. It was instinctive. Someone came over and said, “Brother Lin, did you hear? This time, there will be an incredible item. The starting price is a hundred million!”

Lin Feng couldn’t help but swallow. One hundred million? How expensive. What kind of precious treasure cost that much?

“Do you know what treasure it is?” Lin Feng asked.

“I’ve heard that it was an ancient item from M Country. It’s something called a double puppet clay figurine or something,” someone else explained.

“What?” Wang Yuan cried out in shock. The two young men were dumbstruck.

 Lin Feng kicked Wang Yuan’s leg and said, “Don’t worry. We were just surprised because of the price. It must be extraordinary at that price.”

The two young men smiled thinly and thought Wang Yuan was a looney, considering the way he had shouted.

Lin Feng tried to calm things down. “Who is the owner of the auction house?”

“What? You don’t even know who the leader is? Hehehe! How did you even get in? Mister Zhou Chang Gui organized the auction secretly. My dad and Mister Zhou have been good friends for many years,” said the young man, not forgetting to tell everyone about his connections.

Lin Feng nodded and replied politely, “Incredible! Mister Zhou is extremely rich, and he’s your friend.”

The man smiled. He had a good impression of Lin Feng, so he took out his business card and gave it to Lin Feng. “Brother Lin, my name is Su Ding Hua. We’ll meet again in the future. We can do business and earn a lot of money together.”

Lin Feng took it, but he felt awkward because he didn’t have a business card of his own.

Wang Yuan quickly took out his own and said, “I am Mister Lin’s driver. He participated in a few conferences and meetings recently, and gave away all his cards. Here…”

The young man took it. He thought even more highly of Lin Feng. This young man was about the same age as him. He had participated in many conferences and meetings?! What about himself? He was lazy in comparison!

They suddenly heard some people clap. A few people came in. Lin Feng suddenly looked grim. Zhou Chang Gui and Zhou Peng Bo!

People cheered at them. They didn’t notice Lin Feng and Wang Yuan in the corner. The two walked to the stage and Zhou Chang Gui cleared his throat, “Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve organized over a hundred secret auctions. Each time, there are great items. It is a great opportunity for everybody. Thank you for coming. Sorry for making you wait just now. Let’s not waste any more time. Let’s begin!”

More people clapped. Zhou Chang Gui and Zhou Peng Bo glanced around. Zhou Chang Gui went into a side room and came back out with a plate bearing a red cloth on it.

He put the plate on the table. Zhou Chang Gui smiled mysteriously, and slowly took the cloth off. The whole crowd gasped in astonishment.

Lin Feng looked at the item on the crystal table. It was a ring. There was a huge stone on it. It was as big as a thumbnail, at least.

Lin Feng wasn’t interested in the item, but he deduced it was probably very expensive.

“Keep calm, everybody. We invited the famous Mister Lin to come and appraise this stone!” announced Zhou Chang Gui.

A Westerner with a beard came over. He was wearing Western-style leather shoes and urbane clothes. He spoke in perfect Chinese. Lin Feng couldn’t help but look at the ring again. He hadn’t expected the ring to be a Buddhist ring.

No matter who wanted to sell it, Lin Feng didn’t care about it. He just wanted the clay puppet.

Wang Yuan looked extremely worried. His palms were sweaty. He wanted to leave and report to his superiors. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get away.

Wang Yuan looked at his phone. No connection. He was annoyed. There was no network because they were underground.

The starting price of the ring was five million. As soon as it started, someone shouted, “Six million!”

Someone else promptly countered, “Eight million!”

Very quickly, someone said fifteen million. Only two people were still bidding. It seemed like they really wanted the item.

In the end, one of them got it for twenty million yuan. The crowd clapped.

Various items were sold off: swords, books, paintings, scrolls, jars, and so on. All of them were at least tens of millions of yuan. Lin Feng stared at them dumbfounded; he hadn’t expected so many different weapons and other extremely precious items to be here.

“Everybody, it’s now time for the most precious item of the auction. I’m sure everybody knows what it is. It is mysterious and extraordinary, so let’s not talk about its precise name and let’s call it the Clay Figurine. It’s a precious item from M Country…” Zhou Chang Gui began. He seemed reverential as he took the red cloth off from the box.

Lin Feng and Wang Yuan both clenched their fists. Wasn’t that the clay figurine which had slipped through their hands in M Country?

“The starting price of this double clay figurine is one hundred million. Raises are ten million and its multiples each time…” He sounded the beginning of the bids with his gavel. Someone immediately raised their plate, “One hundred and thirty million!”

Lin Feng looked at the man. He was extremely rich! One hundred and thirty million! Even though Lin Feng had gone to M Country to get the ancient treasure from Huaxia, he still didn’t know what power the item had.

The Indian chief had told him that the clay figurine had fallen from the sky, so Lin Feng had an idea. It it was an ancient treasure from Huaxia, how could it be from outer space?

Of course, Lin Feng had another idea, When he had arrived at the Indian tribe, he had touched the clay figurine and sensed the Qi of Yan Huang Jing. Therefore Lin Feng thought that it could be an item made using Yan Huang Jing.

It had happened when he had come back from the World of Battles, after all. Many things had fallen from the sky at the same time as him. If that figurine had come at the same time as him, then Lin Feng couldn’t let anyone take it away from him!

The price had already reached one hundred and fifty million yuan already. Lin Feng was trying really hard to find a way to get that item. Zhou Chang Gui suddenly spoke up, “Everybody, we have to cancel this one. Something extremely important happened. This item is not for sale anymore!”

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