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Chapter 1627: The Old Snake Witch Shows Up!


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When he said that, the whole crowd burst into an uproar. Someone had already bid one hundred and fifty million. Everybody stood up and started shouting, “Mister Zhou, you cannot cancel the auction just like that. I already bid. That item belongs to me!”

When Zhou Chang Gui heard that, he felt awkward and said, “I’m really, really sorry, my friend. Someone sent us a message just before the beginning and we only noticed it now. Those people are extremely powerful and influential… The Zhou Clan can’t afford to offend them… I’m sorry!”

“Ah? Those people are fucking strong, huh? Even Mister Zhou can’t afford to offend them?” muttered someone in the crowd.

Zhou Chang Gui pulled a long face and said, “I can’t tell you who it is, but you know that we take our auction very seriously. If we could, we would continue; if we don’t, it’s because we would all be in danger. Sorry…”

As everybody was shouting angrily, an old man’s voice resonated, “Who makes the decisions here? Are there some people who refuse to comply?”

Everybody raised their head quickly. An skinny old woman appeared at the door in the blink of an eye. She looked like a big snake.

There were four young women behind her, all young and beautiful. They had beautiful smiles. All the men in the room started drooling.

But nobody recognized that old woman, so a big man asked, “Mister Zhou, who’s this? Why is she talking nonsense at the auction? Justify yourself!”

“Indeed. Otherwise, Mister Zhou, we’ll hold you accountable. You can’t lie to us!” added someone else.

Lin Feng’s palms were sweaty; he could sense a powerful pure Qi emerging from that old woman!

Since Lin Feng had arrived on Earth, all the people he had met used real pure Qi; they were real cultivators. He hadn’t met anyone else who could use pure Qi!

The old woman walked up to the stage. Her wrinkled face was expressionless; she looked like a cold dead person.

She glanced around. She stared at Lin Feng and Wang Yuan for a few seconds and then suddenly turned her head away, then suddenly looked at Lin Feng again. 

He did his best to hide his pure Qi. Could it be that she had discovered him?

That old woman looked at Lin Feng for two or three seconds, then shook her head. She glanced around again and said, “I am the Elder in charge of Foreign Affairs for the Western Regions. I am Mamma Snake. Anyone have a problem?”

The crowd couldn’t help but swallow. They were ordinary people, but they had all heard of Mamma Snake from the Western Regions.

Their sect was situated in the desert. Cultivators from there were extremely strong.

In the last few years, in a city at the border not far from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, the sect of the old witches of the Western Regions had issued a challenge invitation to all the cultivators of Huaxia. Many people had participated, and in the end they had all suffered a crushing defeat. The luckiest ones had ended up severely injured. Dozens of Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivators had ended up severely injured. The old witches had become famous.

Ordinary people admired cultivators, even that kind of sect. Therefore, when the old woman introduced herself, nobody dared say anything anymore.

When the old woman saw that nobody dared say anything, she chortled in satisfaction. She said, “Alright. We’re taking the item.”

She quickly took the clay puppet and put it in her pocket. She said a few things to Zhou Chang Gui and left with the four young women.

Lin Feng stood up and followed her. The others were curious too, so they all followed. They all wanted to look at the beautiful women following the old witch.

After coming out of the hotel, the old woman suddenly stopped and turned her head around. She looked at Lin Feng in the crowd. She had looked expressionless the whole time, but this time she looked astonished, and then furious!

“Lin Feng, what do we do? Could it be that we’re just going to sit here and watch them leave with the item we’ve been looking for?” Wang Yuan looked worried and nervous. He quickly took out his phone and called his superiors.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He had already made a decision inside. Even if Wang Yuan decided to give up, Lin Feng didn’t intend to. He had to steal that item!

The old woman stared at Lin Feng for a while. Eventually she snapped her fingers and a sedan chair suddenly appeared. The old woman sat down in the chair and the four young women lifted it before walking away.

They rolled their hips as they walked away, many men in the crowd were aroused. Most of them even drooled.

However, after a few steps, the women suddenly slowly took off. They gradually started rising into the air.

The people on the ground were dumbstruck. Someone shouted, “AAAHHHHHH! Celestial beings! They can fly!”

Some people knelt down. Some people kowtowed, and everybody else followed when they saw that. In less than a minute, everybody was on their knees.

Lin Feng and Wang Yuan were the only ones standing up. Since the people were all prostrating themselves and kowtowing, they didn’t look around them. Lin Feng took advantage of that opportunity to fly up into the air. He chased after the sedan chair.

Wang Yuan didn’t notice that Lin Feng was gone, but someone on the ground shouted out when they saw Lin Feng take off. The man cried out, “AAAHHHHH! Another celestial being took off!”

By the time the crowd looked up, Lin Feng had disappeared.

Lin Feng didn’t chase them directly. He stayed far away, as he didn’t want to draw their attention now. He had to wait until they were in a place where nobody could see them.

However, the sedan chair in front of him suddenly stopped, then turned around. Lin Feng and the four young women glared at each other. Their expressions stiffened. They didn’t look so cute, proud, and beautiful like before.

The curtains of the sedan chair opened themselves. A hand with a staff appeared. She stuck her head out of the sedan chair and looked at Lin Feng. “Hehehe… I hadn’t expected there would be another handsome little boy like you in Huaxia. You’re so young and you can transform real pure Qi into pure Qi. Unfortunately, you should not have killed some of my people; we could have been friends otherwise.”

Lin Feng suddenly understood. The old woman and the patriarch who had died were from the same group?

“Hehe! Old woman, don’t accuse me groundlessly. You know nothing. I didn’t kill him. He died just like that. YOU kidnapped Qing Huang Tian,” Lin Feng replied, smiling icily.

The old woman frowned, which made her look as if she were both crying and smiling. She sighed, “Indeed. I can tell you the truth, though. I wanted Qing Huang Tian because she is perfect for a body capture spell. I am a witch. I want to be a young and beautiful woman. I want to have sex with many different men. Unfortunately, I am old and look horrible now. I’m sick of it. I need a new young body…”

Lin Feng frowned. He was stupefied. He hadn’t expected the old women to be so evil. She wanted to steal Qing Huang Tian’s body?!

“Hmph! Old witch, you’ve been living for too long already. You want to steal my friend’s body? I have to keep you on the right track then!” Lights flashed around Lin Feng’s hand, and his Ying Hun Sword appeared.

The old witch smiled icily, “Hey, hey, hey! You’re a little boy and your heart is already filled with bitterness and fury, huh? You sure have achieved something extraordinary. You are extremely young and you have already managed to learn how to transform real pure Qi into pure Qi. I have the feeling that you think you can defeat me because of that, am I right? Your pure Qi is not bad. It’s quite thick. If I absorbed it, my life expectancy would be extended four or five hundred years. Perfect, I will absorb your life today then!”

The old woman suddenly flashed into motion. Lin Feng heard the sound of crackling bones. It made his flesh crawl.

The old woman was initially crooked, but now she was standing upright. She used an agility technique and moved towards Lin Feng gracefully.

Lin Feng smiled coldly, and raised his sword. The old woman looked at the sword coming towards her from above. She lifted her staff horizontally to block the sword. Lin Feng was convinced his sword could cut that staff into two.

However, he was wrong!

When the sword and staff collided, there was an explosion. There was a peal of thunder, but the staff didn’t break.

Lin Feng was surprised; the old witch had transformed into a snake. She started slithering towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng immediately recalled the sound of her crackling back. He couldn’t help but have goosebumps. The old woman was slithering towards him, and reached out for him.

Lin Feng quickly moved ten meters to the left. At the same time, he threw his sword at the snake’s abdomen. He wanted to cut her in two!

But the old woman moved in a strange way and dodged the sword. She suddenly hissed and spat out a black liquid!

Lin Feng suddenly thought, Snake!

The old woman had four sharp teeth and her tongue was forked. She could spit poison!

Lin Feng didn’t dare get close to the poison; he knew how dangerous it was, and he didn’t know if his current body could resist against it. If he were back in the World of Battles, he wouldn’t fear it at all. 

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