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Chapter 1628: Compassion!


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 Lin Feng dodged again. At the same time, he released his purple armor. Every single inch of his body was protected.

“Hey! You can condense spiritual armor? How strong… It seems like I’ll have to use a little bit more strength than usual today. When prey comes to me, I usually don’t let them slip!” hissed the old witch, trying to sound enigmatic.

Lin Feng pointed at her with his sword and spat, “What kind of monster are you? You can turn into a human? How come you’re so sinister and vicious?!”

“Hehehehehe… You’re too young. You humans are sinister and vicious. We learned it from you. Back in the days, you treated us as slaves and didn’t say you were evil, huh? Now look at you. Poor you…” said the witch insultingly.

It was the first time he met a cultivator who could transform since he had arrived on Earth. Unfortunately, she was also extremely evil!

Even if she was evil, it didn’t mean everybody was. She was a rare exception. Lin Feng didn’t consider himself evil, anyways.

“Let’s stop talking nonsense. I don’t care who you are. Since you wanted to hurt my friend, today, I will get the treasure of Huaxia back and since you’re a public enemy, I will also kill you,” Lin Feng swore angrily.

 Since she had decided to steal Qing Huang Tian’s body, it meant she was going to hurt him. Lin Feng wasn’t stupid, and didn’t intend to be magnanimous. Not killing her came down to sowing the seeds of disaster.

“One Heavy Wave, Sky-Rising Wave! Ying Hun, destroy!”

Lin Feng was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, he used all of his attacks. It was the best way to keep the witch busy. That way, she wouldn’t have time to think and attack, or even escape.

“We’ll help you, Mamma!” the four women cried out at the same time. They turned into monsters with body snakes and human heads, and surrounded Lin Feng.

There were some explosions. Lin Feng used multiple attacks. The witch kept spitting out weapons.

There were all sorts of weapons, fire red jewels, sharp bones, and so on. Scales appeared on her body and formed an armor. They smelled horrible; Lin Feng realized they were probably filled with poison, and he couldn’t afford to touch them.

“Hehe! I thought you were a strong and outstanding young man, but I was wrong. Let’s see how much longer you can resist,” purred the witch. She was happier and happier when Lin Feng kept having to dodge, feeling quite smug.

She didn’t know that Lin Feng was just waiting for an opportunity though. The reason why Lin Feng didn’t attack directly was because he was worried he would break the clay figurine she had on her.

“You four, to become as strong as you are now, you have worked very hard. If you stand aside, I won’t kill you. Don’t force me to kill you!” Lin Feng said.

The four women didn’t listen to Lin Feng’s words. He didn’t fear those women at all. After he warned them and they didn’t listen, his sword Qi flashed and he cut their tails.

When he cut their tails, they shouted in pain and turned back into humans. They all put their hands on their butts.

Lin Feng blushed. He hadn’t known which part of their body the tails would be…

The snake women retreated from the fight. The witch immediately swallowed one of them without the hesitation.

Lin Feng’s hair bristled. The witch even ate her own kind! How disgusting!

The three other snake women ran away in all directions, but after a few meters, the witch’s tongue caught them one after the other before swallowing them.

After eating them, her strength became even more explosive, as if she had consumed an energy drink. Her skin turned shiny and golden.

“That old witch is really evil! Die!” Lin Feng flashed up and grabbed her throat, then her tail.

The witch wanted to bite Lin Feng, but Lin Feng threw her head away, keeping hold of her tail.

He shook her around violently by the tail. The witch’s bones kept cracking.

The witch shouted with agony, “Let me go!… Stop!…”

But it was too late. She had lost control over her body already. Lin Feng pulled back her head and grabbed her by the neck again. He asked icily, “Where is the clay puppet? Hand it over.”

“Uhhh… Uhhh… Uhhh…” The witch tried to speak, but she was choking because Lin Feng was pressing on her neck too hard.

The witch cleared her throat and coughed, “… In… In my stomach… I… will… spit it out…”

Lin Feng really wanted to slit her abdomen open, but he was afraid she was lying, in which case if he killed her, nobody would be able to tell him where the clay figurine was. Even worse, what if he accidentally broke it?

But now the witch’s joints were all ripped apart, how could she spit something out? Lin Feng had to intervene.

Lin Feng grabbed her by the tail and started squeezing her like a toothpaste tube. He worked her from the tail to the head, and all sorts of things burst out of her mouth: broken bones, blood, flesh, even the four female snakes’ corpses she hadn’t digested yet.

Everything fell from the sky. They smelled horribly bad.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but think that the clay figurine was made of clay. She had eaten it! Had it dissolved?

Thinking about that, Lin Feng quickly pressed further up. Suddenly, a shiny purple ball the size of a fist appeared. The witch suddenly shrank when the ball appeared. In the end, she shrank down to a meter-long dead snake.

Could it be a snake egg?, thought Lin Feng, holding the ball. It was as cold as a crystal ball.

But Lin Feng couldn’t waste time trying to understand what it was at that moment, so he put it in his ring.

Lin Feng took the dead snake’s body and ripped it open. Where was the clay figurine?!

Lin Feng didn’t understand. Suddenly, he felt a wave of pressure from something behind him. He looked back and was astonished. The sedan chair was flying away!

“Oh no!” he shouted. He chased the sedan chair, which was thousands of meters away already. When he arrived next to it, he looked inside. There were five young women inside…

Lin Feng didn’t understand. The four women had died, the witch was dead. Now there were five women inside the sedan chair…? Lin Feng realized they might be primordial souls.

Lin Feng raised his sword. The women screamed in terror, “Don’t kill us! Please be merciful!”

“We can’t do anything anymore. We’re primordial spirits. If you kill us, we’ll never be able to come back to life…”

Lin Feng was surprised to feel some compassion for them. He ground his teeth, “Where is the clay figurine?”

“Here. It’s been in the sedan chair the whole time…” said a young woman quickly. Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel relieved.

But he was confused about these snake women. Should he kill them or not?

if he let them go, they would go and injure other people…

As Lin Feng was thinking, the snake women burst into tears. One of them begged, “Please Master, spare our lives… We are souls. We’ve had sad and difficult lives as well. We were poor women at the beginning. Evil people use poor people to make them into puppets. She put our souls in snake bodies. If you kill us, our souls will never be freed. Think about us… Release us… Please…”

Lin Feng couldn’t help gasp in astonishment. He hadn’t expected those women were initially poor young girls. Poor girls… Lin Feng had to be merciful this time.

Lin Feng looked at them and asked, “Why did you want to escape in this sedan chair then?”

If he hadn’t caught up with them, where would they have gone? The snake woman said, “The sedan chair is the container of my soul. My soul almost burst; if I leave it, my soul will disperse… Not to mention them…”

Lin Feng understood the problem. At that moment, his phone rang. Lin Feng put the sedan chair in his ring.

“Lin Feng, where are you now?” Wang Yuan asked him.

“I… I… Alright, I’ll be back soon. Where are you?” Lin Feng asked. Lin Feng was unable to check where he was. He couldn’t tell Wang Yuan he was in the sky.

“I am in the public square in front of the Golden Vessel,” Wang Yuan told him. Lin Feng went back and landed on the roof, then used the elevator to get to the foot of the building.

When he came out, he saw Wang Yuan on the public square. He seemed extremely worried and kept walking back and forth. Lin Feng walked over and asked, “What’s the matter, Wang Yuan?”

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