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Chapter 1629: Zhou Chang Gui’s Death!



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“Lin Feng, where were you? Did you get the item back or not?” Wang Yuan asked immediately.

“Eh… No. I didn’t manage to catch up with them…” Lin Feng lied. He hadn’t even had time to check what it was yet. He didn’t want to give it up without knowing what it was.

Wang Yuan frowned. “It seems like we failed again…”

Wang Yuan didn’t doubt what Lin Feng said. Lin Feng felt guilty, but he also knew that if he gave it to Wang Yuan, Wang Yuan would just give it to his superiors. They would ask “experts” to check out what it was for indecent amounts of money.

Lin Feng turned to look at the Golden Vessel. He had completed his mission. He had saved Qing Huang Tian, but he hadn’t solved the complete mystery yet. How had Zhou Chang Gui obtained the item in the first place? There was something fishy about it…

Wang Yuan shook Lin Feng’s sleeve and said, “Lin Feng, let’s go and see Zhou Chang Gui. Let’s ask him where he got that item. We can’t give up. We need to find some clues on the whereabouts of the item.”

Wang Yuan went back down to the third floor underground. They bumped into Zhou Chang Gui, Zhou Peng Bo, and the others as they were about to leave. When Zhou Peng Bo saw Lin Feng, he raised an eyebrow. The previous time, Lin Feng had made him lose face, and he had become a joke.

“What are you doing? You’re not welcome here!” exclaimed Zhou Peng Bo, glaring at Lin Feng furiously.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, he just looked down on him. Wang Yuan talked first, “Mister Zhou, I am Wang Yuan from the Bureau of Public Security. I participated in your auction and I saw the clay puppet. I was assigned the task to find in M Country in the past. In the end, it ended up at your auction… I want to know how you obtained it.”

Zhou Chang Gui was astonished, and suddenly anxious. He quickly said, “Officer Wang, this is not a nice place to talk. Let’s go upstairs.”

He led the way to the elevator. When Lin Feng entered the elevator, he stayed close to Zhou Chang Gui. Lin Feng frowned. He could feel some strange Qi.

The man’s Qi was familiar. Lin Feng couldn’t help but think of the corpse back at the top of the building. 


The elevator quickly reached the eighth floor. They went to an office there. At that moment, Zhou Chang Gui suddenly stopped and said to Wang Yuan, “Officer Wang, we should talk about private matters in private. Do we need other people?”

Zhou Chang Gui naturally meant that Lin Feng was not wanted. Lin Feng pushed Wang Yuan’s hand and said, “Alright, I’ll wait for you outside.”

Wang Yuan didn’t say anything. He followed Zhou Chang Gui inside a secret room and locked the door. Apart from Lin Feng, Zhou Peng Bo also stayed outside. He was eyeing Lin Feng menacingly. The others were all young men in black suits.

They were all bodyguards for Zhou Peng Bo. Zhou Peng Bo didn’t have that many bodyguards, but they were all extremely strong.

They were good in all sorts of martial arts, such kung fu, kickboxing, and so on. There were thirty people in total.

He wanted to find an opportunity to teach Lin Feng a good lesson. He hadn’t expected Lin Feng would come to him first. It was a gift from the gods.

“Lin Feng, in the future, don’t get involved in my affairs. Don’t think that you can do whatever you want on my territory just because you’re strong. Nobody can prevent me from having a woman I want!” Zhou Peng Bo declared proudly. 

Lin Feng glanced at him icily, but otherwise ignored him.

Zhou Peng Bo grew even angrier when Lin Feng was so unimpressed. He said, “Hehe. What? You’re afraid? I thought you were fucking strong, huh? In Jiang Nan, you pretended you were fucking strong! In Linhai, you also acted as if you were extremely strong, and now you’re in Beijing so you can’t act as if you are FUCKING STRONG, UNDERSTOOD?”

Since Zhou Peng Bo had been beaten up, he had sent many people to investigate Lin Feng and he hadn’t found him, so now he had to release his anger.

Lin Feng raised his eyebrow and looked at Zhou Peng Bo dangerously. “You done talking shit? You better not act that arrogantly. Otherwise, you’re going to die, and you won’t even know how you did.”

Lin Feng wasn’t interested in Zhou Peng Bo. He was listening to what they were saying on the other side of the wall with his godly awareness!

“So, Mister Zhou, you bought the clay puppet? Who sold it to you? Ma Hua Long?” Wang Yuan asked.

“Officer Wang, I can only tell you I bought it. We love ancient relics. We have rules. We are amateurs. We don’t sell each other out. Please forgive me,” Zhou Chang Gui said nervously.

Wang Yuan was polite initially, but now he grunted icily. He couldn’t decide everything alone. He had to report to his superiors! Wang Yuan smiled and said, “Mister Zhou, we don’t care about the rules of your circle of friends. If you don’t tell me, I’ll have to go and report to my superiors. If they start an investigation, the consequences will be severe, because we’re talking about a national historical relic here.”

Zhou Chang Gui grunted coldly and said, “Officer Wang, don’t try to put pressure on me. I’ve been here for a long time. I know many very influential people. You think you can scare me?”

After that, Zhou Chang Gui regarded Wang Yuan icily. He stood up from the couch and waved his hand, indicating Wang Yuan should leave. Wang Yuan stood up, feeling awkward. At that moment, Wang Yuan’s phone suddenly rang.

Wang Yuan picked up the phone. He listened, then looked at Zhou Chang Gui and said, “Mister Zhou, someone wants to talk to you.”

Zhou Chang Gui hadn’t expected someone to call Wang Yuan’s phone just to talk to him. He looked perplexed, but still took the phone and asked nervously in a low voice, “Are you sure, Leader Wang? Is that relic really that… important?”

Leader Wang said, “Do you think I’m a liar, Chang Gui? Qing Er came back today and told me an old woman left with the item. What is that supposed to mean?”

Zhou Chang Gui looked at Wang Yuan and said angrily, “Indeed, Leader Wang, but I was forced to do that. I… I couldn’t afford to offend them… They have me under absolute control…”

“Don’t avoid the question! Who was that person?” shouted Leader Wang impatiently.

“They… They’re the old witches… AAAHHHHHHHH…” When Zhou Chang Gui said that, his expression suddenly changed. The hand he was holding the phone in started shaking violently. His seven apertures started bleeding.

Lin Feng could hear everything perfectly so when they stopped talking, Lin Feng immediately knocked at the door and shouted for Wang Yuan to open the door. By the time Wang Yuan opened the door, Lin Feng saw Zhou Chang Gui soaked in blood. His blood smelled like a rotting corpse. The sofa was covered in stinking blood that was eating away at it.

The rotten blood even made his clothes decompose. Blood was bubbling all over his corpse. Wang Yuan looked frightened. He blurted out, “Lin Feng, he… What’s wrong with him!?”

Lin Feng looked at him and thought of the patriarch who had died because of the witch. Zhou Chang Gui’s death was extremely similar…

Lin Feng quickly took Wang Yuan’s phone and kicked it away. The blood was bubbling on the ground already.

Zhou Peng Bo charged in as well. When he saw his father was dead, he lost control and ran towards him. He wanted to take Zhou Chang Gui in his arms. Lin Feng quickly caught his arm, but it was too late.

Zhou Peng Bo’s hand had already touched Zhou Chang Gui’s hand. He cried out in fear and took his hand back. He looked at his hand. Two of his fingers were already dark purple!

When Lin Feng saw that, he quickly took out his blade and cut off his hand. Zhou Peng Bo’s hand fell on the ground. The pain was so unbearable he fell on his ass.

The bodyguards were frightened out of their wits. They had never seen anyone die in so tragically. They all started puking violently.

Lin Feng took Wang Yuan’s phone back and they left the room. The smell was unbearable. 


 The screen of the phone was cracked, but Wang Yuan called Leader Wang back to tell him what had happened. When Leader Wang heard that, he was astonished. After a while, he said, “Those witches are evil. They use poison to kill people…”

He asked Wang Yuan to give the phone to Lin Feng. Leader Wang said, “Lin Feng, you and Wang Yuan, come here. I have to talk to you.”

Leader Wang had retired, but he continued working behind the scenes in national security. He had lots of experience and was worried about his nation.

Lin Feng and Wang Yuan were about to leave, but Zhou Peng Bo and the bodyguards stopped them.

“You can’t leave! You killed my father! You are murderers!” Zhou Peng Bo’s stump was still bleeding heavily. He was extremely pale, but he looked even more ferocious.

He was sure Lin Feng and Wang Yuan had harbored evil intentions, and now his father had died inexplicably. He didn’t intend to let them leave!

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