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Chapter 1630: Witches’ Plot!


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Lin Feng and Wang Yuan had no time. Lin Feng released some energy and they were all blown away. The bodyguards crashed all around.

Lin Feng said to the dumbstruck Zhou Peng Bo, “If you don’t want to die, you better hurry up and get to a hospital, or they will not be able to save you.”

He headed down the stairs. Wang Yuan drove. 


They arrived at Leader Wang’s home In less than an hour. This time, when they crossed the room with all the disciples, the disciples stepped aside to let them pass.

There were many cars inside already. Lin Feng and Wang Yuan got out of the car. Someone took them in. When they arrived in the great hall, dozens of people were there. Some were standing, some were sitting.

“Wang Yuan, Lin Feng, tell everyone what happened today, especially with the witches,” Leader Wang said gravely.

Wang Yuan dragged Lin Feng onto the stage. Lin Feng didn’t lie this time. He told them about the patriarch who had died a violent and mysterious death. He also told them the witch had stolen the clay figurine. Of course, he didn’t tell them he had killed her…

After that, Wang Yuan told them about Zhou Chang Gui’s sudden death. He also said that Zhou Chang Gui claimed he was under the control of the witches. After that, he wanted to get down from the stage, but Leader Wang said, “Don’t leave. This time, all the leaders of the different police and military departments of the capital city are here. Since the witches stole the relic, you must tell us more about them…”

Lin Feng winced. Actually, Lin Feng actually knew nothing about them.

Leader Wang looked at him imploringly. Lin Feng suddenly recalled he had the snake women in his ring.

He put his godly awareness inside and shouted, “Snake witches, where is your sect and who is there?”

A voice quickly emerged from the sedan chair, “Eh… Why do you ask?”

“Your witches used some assassins. You used Zhou Chang Gui, right? How did you kill him?” Lin Feng asked icily.

The snake women didn’t want to sell the witches out. When Lin Feng saw they didn’t want to sell their sect out, he couldn’t help but shout furiously, “Snake witches, since I spared your lives, you better help me! I can destroy you anytime! You told me the witches used you as slaves. Now you are free, so you should be grateful.”

The snake witches were angry, but still spoke.

Lin Feng listened and translated for everybody, “The Witches Sect is from the Western Regions, in the desert. All the cultivators there are neither humans nor beasts. The witches use secret methods to invade human bodies as parasites. Then they use their bodies as their own. They can also transform.”

As Lin Feng explained, everybody was astonished and shocked. Even though those people were cultivators and worked for the security of the nation were dumbstruck.

Leader Wang said suspiciously, “Lin Feng… Are you serious? How do you know all those things in detail?”

Lin Feng was startled. He hadn’t expected the question. He couldn’t tell them the spirits of the witches had told him, after all!

He looked pensive and said, “The patriarch who was under the control of the witches told me all this while he was dying…”

It was the easiest explanation, and impossible to refute.

“So, how did the witches manage to control Zhou Chang Gui and the others?” asked Leader Wang.

Lin Feng told them what the snake witches told him, “Actually, it’s very easy. They just have people eat a desert worm that the Witches Sect raises. When someone disobeys the witches, their bodies decompose.”

The snake witches also told Lin Feng, “Only the ancestral territory of the witches have the desert worms. They use a special spiritual consciousness to control and influence people, and if people resist, then the worms autodestruct and the people die from the poison the bodies of the worms contain…”

When Lin Feng heard that, he didn’t believe them. Leader Wang frowned. He wondered if Lin Feng harbored evil intentions. Worms in a body? He shivered even though he wasn’t cold.

Thinking about that, Leader Wang wondered how the witches used worms to control people’s bodies. Some people controlled the business circles, others controlled political circles. If someone controlled everything, it would be a catastrophe! The situation was already a time bomb, because it could happen anytime soon.

“Lin Feng, how do you recognize infected people?” asked Leader Wang.

Lin Feng asked the women. They told him everything.

Lin Feng listened and said, “Those insects have a strange smell and infected people smell like them…” The snake witches wanted to explain what the smell was like, but they didn’t find words.

Lin Feng understood when he remembered Zhou Chang Gui’s scent. He couldn’t help but get goosebumps. He actually smelled a little bit like the Ancient Demon…

Lin Feng’s blood started boiling at that moment. Could it be that the Ancient Demon was hiding in the Ta Ke desert? Could it be that the witches were servants of the Ancient Demon? But Lin Feng thought of the Feng Clan in Jiang Nan. Why did they say the Ancient Demon was their ancestor?

Lin Feng started feeling ill at ease. Was the Ancient Demon plotting again? But since Lin Feng had come to Earth, why hadn’t the Ancient Demon shown up directly?

As Lin Feng was thinking, Leader Wang, shook Lin Feng who was gazing absent-mindedly. “Lin Feng, can you tell us what that smell is like? Can you smell it on anyone in the room?”

Lin Feng came back to his senses. He looked at the people and inspected them all with his godly awareness. His face twitched. Leader Wang stared at him.

Lin Feng looked at a middle-aged guard. When he breathed, almost invisible thin black threads of Qi emerged from his nose

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, and continued inspecting the others. He found another middle-aged man who had the same strange smell.

“Lin Feng, are there infected people or not?” Leader Wang asked worriedly.

Lin Feng smiled, “Leader Wang, don’t think too much. Nobody.”

Lin Feng used pure Qi to speak to Leader Wang, “Leader Wang, please keep calm. I just said that so as not to alarm those who are infected. There are two infected people. That one over there, seventh in his row, and the other one, second in that row. Who are they?”

Leader Wang was astonished when he heard Lin Feng’s voice in his head, but he forced himself to look at the crowd. He couldn’t help but reply, “It can’t be… Are they really infected? They are new recruits!”

The two people weren’t that strong when they had arrived two years before. During the last two years, they had become extremely strong, and their superiors had noticed them. They had stood out.

Could it be that their cultivation had suddenly increased because of the infection?

Leader Wang smiled and said, “Everybody, I hope you don’t mind, I was just joking.”

Leader Wang then said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, come to my office. I have to show you something.”

Leader Wang took Lin Feng away and asked worriedly, “Lin Feng… Are you serious?”

Lin Feng nodded firmly. He had heard it all from the snake witches.

“Do you know if people can be cured from those desert worms? Or is the only solution death? Can anyone become infected?” Leader Wang asked.

Lin Feng asked the snake witches and the answer was very simple, “You found the snake egg, right? It can be used to kill parasites within a year of the moment of the infection. When they find a host body, they start growing and become adults after a year. That’s when the egg stops working.”

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