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Chapter 1631: Powerless and Incompetent!


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 Lin Feng didn’t understand and asked, “Can it be that… So… Is there no other option?”

The snake witches looked thoughtful and said, “No. You can also use pure Qi to get in their bodies. However, you have to surround the worm and take it out. You can’t burst them in other people’s bodies. It’s the only way to save them.”

Lin Feng’s heart twitched. He could make his godly awareness transform now, so he could also do that!

Lin Feng said to Leader Wang, “Leader Wang, regarding those worms, I have an idea. I just can’t be a hundred percent sure that it will work…”

Leader Wang said thoughtfully, “Alright, let’s do this. I will call those two in later, and you can try. They are victims, after all. I just hope they won’t lose motivation after this. Anyway, I’ll just leave everything to you.”

Leader Wang and Lin Feng went back to the great hall. Leader Wang said, “Alright. Everything that was said during this meeting must be kept secret. When you get back to work, you’ll have to work even harder. You can’t afford to be careless. Little Liu and Little Sun, you stay, I have special tasks for you.”

After that, everybody left except the two who smelled strange. Lin Feng looked at their expressions. They seemed normal, neither worried nor afraid. On the contrary, they seemed excited.

It seemed these two people didn’t know they were infected. How had they been compromised?

When everybody left, Leader Wang started chatting with them. As he had agreed with Lin Feng, Leader Wang asked them about their recent abnormally fast progression on the path of cultivation. Lin Feng could feel something already.

Those two people mentioned a few things, including a trip to the Western Regions.

Could it be that they had gotten infected during their trip there?

Lin Feng was very close to the men at the moment, only a couple steps away. With his godly awareness, he could see the insides of their bodies very distinctly. Their meridians were quite complex. Lin Feng wasted a lot of Qi to find the abnormal spot in the first one’s body.

In that person’s arm, not far from his shoulder, there was something the size of a grain of rice. It was a worm egg.

There was a larva inside. It kept charging the walls of the egg, trying to get out of the egg. Lin Feng checked the other one. That person’s insect was bigger, as big as a corn kernel. It had already started moving around in his body. It was already in his left thigh.

Suddenly, Lin Feng noticed something. They both had a scar on their legs and arms. Lin Feng asked the one with the glasses, “Excuse me, when you went to the Western Regions, did you injure your leg or arm?”

The man looked at Lin Feng curiously, but didn’t say anything, looking at Leader Wang. Leader Wang understood, “Mister Lin Feng is not anyone. Just tell him the truth.”

That person said, “Indeed. I was on holiday and I had a car accident. My arms and legs were injured. Luckily, some fellow cultivators saved me. Otherwise, I would have died.”

“Like-minded people? Do you still have contacts with them? Which sect were they from?” Lin Feng asked quickly.

“They’re from Jiang Nan, the Feng Clan’s elders. In the end, they took me back to the Feng Clan where I recovered for two weeks. We’re good friends now,” said the man with glasses, smiling wholeheartedly.

At that moment, the other one cried out in fear, “No! It can’t be! What a coincidence! The exact same thing happened to me…”

They both stared at each other, dumbstruck. Lin Feng’s heart twitched. The Feng Clan and the witches were part of the same group? At least, they worked together…

It meant that the Feng Clan had put the worms in their bodies secretly.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng controlled his pure Qi and put some in the leg of one of them, surrounding the worm. When the pure Qi drew closer to the worm, the worm wiggled. It could feel that the Qi was dangerous.

The man shouted in agony. He put his hand on his leg and said, “Since I’ve been injured, I’ve been having muscle problems and sometimes, I have really bad cramps…”

He didn’t know that the issue wasn’t with his muscles, but because the worm fed on his meridians, slowly, bit by bit.

Lin Feng released even more pure Qi. His pure Qi surrounded the worm and pushed it away. When he took the worm out of the man’s thigh, a bleeding hole as thick as the tip of a finger appeared. The man grit his teeth and demanded, “What are you doing?!”

He could see Lin Feng controlling the worm at that moment, as it was floating in the air. However, he thought it was a piece of his flesh.

“What you don’t know is that this is a worm, and I just helped you get rid of it. I saved your life. If we had waited a little bit longer, it might have developed a spiritual consciousness and you would have turned into one of the witches’ puppets,” Lin Feng said coldly.

Lin Feng burned the worm to avoid future infection or a potential poisoning.

The other one looked shocked and terrified. He Lin Feng asked, “What you mean… is that I am infected as well?”

Lin Feng nodded and cheered him up, “Don’t be afraid. Luckily, I discovered you are infected, and it’s only the beginning. Your worms haven’t reached adulthood yet, so their spiritual consciousness hasn’t formed yet. You are not in danger at all. Don’t move, and leave the rest to me.”

This time, the worm was smaller, so the hole was also smaller.

The men were cultivators. Those little wounds were nothing to them. They had different ways of healing them. After using some cream, their wounds vanished.

Leader Wang was furious. He clenched his teeth and declared, “I didn’t expect the witches to target my people! We have to get rid of them!”

Lin Feng, Wang Yuan and the two men nodded.

Leader Wang said, “But please, keep all this a secret. Don’t tell ANYONE about it. I have to report to my superiors. When I know a little bit more, I’ll keep you informed.”

The two people were silent for a few seconds, and then they left. Leader Wang looked worried. He said to Wang Yuan and Lin Feng, “They mentioned the Feng Clan from Jiang Nan. Lin Feng, you were in Jiang Nan before, weren’t you? Do you know anything about the Feng Clan?”

Lin Feng told him everything he knew about the Feng Clan. Leader Wang nodded and said, “I’m going to report to my superiors. Wait for me. Don’t leave yet.”

Leader Wang walked away. Wang Yuan said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, how come you know so much about the witches?”

He didn’t understand. Everything related to the witches was extremely mysterious. Very few people knew about them. How could a random district guard know so much about them? Wang Yuan started having doubts about Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled, “You may not believe me, but you remember when you asked me about the World of Battles? I think those witches are related to the Ancient Demon from the World of Battles. Therefore, I know a little bit more than ordinary people. In the World of Battles, I’ve bumped into the Ancient Demon several times. I know more because I understand things by analogy.”

Leader Wang quickly came back in and looked at Lin Feng and Wang Yuan silently before saying, “Lin Feng, Wang Yuan, my superiors confirmed what I thought. They told me we have to get rid of them. As for the Feng Clan, we have to watch them for the time being. We’ll see how they react and then  decide what to do.”

Leader Wang finished, “It’s a very serious and urgent matter. You’re not going back tonight. Tomorrow, some cultivators will come to the capital city. You’ll join hands with them.”


Lin Feng and Wang Yuan didn’t go back that night. Lin Feng called Qing Huang Tian and asked her what she was doing. She was at her mother’s side and nothing important had happened.

Early the next morning, they had breakfast and went to the big kwoon, which was always bustling with activity. Over a hundred cultivators had gathered there. Leader Wang had told Lin Feng not to tell those people about the witches yet. For the time being, Lin Feng had just been called for special training. The reason was that some of the people could be infected.

Leader Wang was right. Among the hundreds of cultivators, he found a dozen who were infected with worms.

Those people all had something in common: they had participated in a challenge in the Western Regions. Lin Feng couldn’t help but heave a sigh. The challenge had been fake; it had all been part of the witches’ plot. They just wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to infect people with worms.

The infected people were called over one by one by Leader Wang, and taken inside a small building. Lin Feng expelled the worms from their bodies there. Of course, those people were put aside. Leader Wang then assigned some people to watch them to see if they could recover normally.

It took Lin Feng about six hours to heal everyone. After he finished, they had all the Small Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivators and stronger stay behind. That was just a hundred people.

Three days later, Lin Feng and the others would travel from the capital city to the Ta Ke desert in the West. Everybody heaved a sigh. 

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