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Chapter 1632: The Sand Demon Causes Trouble!


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 “The desert must be huge. How are we supposed to find the Witches’ Sect?” asked someone angrily.

Even though those cultivators weren’t weak, they had been living in the capital city for a long time. They hadn’t traveled for a long time. If people stayed away from their sects for a long time, it could lead to thoughts of leaving, which was not desirable.

“Officer Lin, you know a lot about the witches; do you know where they are?” someone asked Lin Feng.

There were two kinds of people on the plane: those who liked Lin Feng, and those who blamed him. They considered him the reason for this extremely dangerous trip. They didn’t want to die, and now they might die because of him!

Lin Feng flew up using his pure Qi and pointed to a place in the desert. All they saw was an endless desert. They didn’t see any trace of the Witches’ Sect.

“Snake witches, are you sure it’s the right direction? How far are we from it now?” Lin Feng asked. He couldn’t help but have doubts as well.

The snake witches inside the ring said, “Release me and I’ll lead the way. But… when we arrive nearby, there’s an isolation wall. You can’t cross it…”

When Lin Feng heard that, he was stupefied. An isolated world?

But he had already traveled this far; he didn’t care what stood in his way, he would be able to overcome it. Lin Feng released the sedan chair. When the sedan chair appeared in the sky, the people on the ground didn’t seem surprised.

They were cultivators, and knew a lot of things. Some of them were even Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivators, and all such people had mysterious weapons. When they saw the sedan chair, they just thought it was one of Lin Feng’s weapons.

Lin Feng looked at the people on the ground and shouted, “Hurry up and take out your weapons. Follow me. We have to arrive before nightfall!”

The people on the ground were far from being as strong as Lin Feng. They couldn’t use pure Qi to fly, but they all had weapons that could do so. Wang Yuan felt awkward because HE couldn’t fly…

Lin Feng didn’t intend to let him feel awkward. He used his Sky Destroying Imprint and let Wang Yuan ride it. Wang Yuan just sat down on it. The feeling was great!

The snake witches pointed in a direction, and off they flew. Lin Feng was faster than the others, so he was in charge of scouting the witches’ nest. 


After an hour of flight, Lin Feng suddenly felt that the atmosphere was different. He heard some sounds in the desert. Some silhouettes had appeared down on the dunes.

Those people moved as fast as lightning. They kept flashing, then streaked across the sky like arrows towards Lin Feng.

Some of them turned into gigantic birds, some of them into gigantic mahoragas, some of them to desert scorpions, and many other unnamed creatures and monsters. At the same time, many human-shaped sand creatures moved towards Lin Feng as well.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but be startled. He immediately released his Ying Hun sword and his Buddha hand imprint. They shot towards the sand creatures and cut them but Lin Feng saw them come back to life. Their injuries healed instantly!

Lin Feng was encircled. A cloud of dust appeared in the sky and blotted out the sky.

The snake witches suddenly shouted, “Water… Give them water…”

“What? Water? I need water?!” Lin Feng didn’t know what to do.

“They’re the souls of the people who’ve died in the desert. They turn into sand demons. They probably died of thirst. Give them water and they won’t attack you again. If you don’t give them water, they’ll eat your flesh and drink your blood!” explained the snake witches.

Even though Lin Feng didn’t have water, he had a spirit world with the Ice Spirit’s ice world. That ice Qi was frozen water. Lin Feng immediately summoned the Ice Spirit.

“Ice Spirit, release your ice Qi to kill those monsters,” Lin Feng said.

The Ice Spirit didn’t hesitate, and immediately released ice Qi over a thousand meters around them. The ice Qi melted in the hot desert air.

The water Qi made all those sand creatures collapse like sand castles in the waves. They didn’t rise back up.

The people behind caught up with Lin Feng. They had also been attacked. Some people had been caught unprepared, and the sand demons had destroyed them. The corpses fell from the sky. When they crashed into the sand of the desert, gigantic mouths appeared in the ground and swallowed them.

Lin Feng flew towards them quickly and used his ice Qi to protect the remaining ones.

The whole event took about half an hour before the creatures were destroyed. When it stopped, the people Lin Feng had wrapped up in ice Qi were trembling. They felt cold.

“Snake witches, are there many other monsters in the desert?” Even though they had overcome the first wave, it didn’t mean they would be able to overcome other, bigger waves. Did it also mean they would have to use ice Qi to protect themselves the whole time?

“The sand demons are tormented souls wandering in the desert. They are spirits without masters. They are everywhere. And the most dangerous… the most dangerous ones are the sand creatures who work for the witches. They are the witches’ best assets,” explained the snake witches.

Lin Feng didn’t feel relieved at all. He quickly had everybody gather and they continued moving forwards. Lin Feng told themt o stay within a thousand meters away from him. That was as far as the ice Qi could go. 

After half an hour, they saw lights. There was a gigantic city in the desert. The buildings were extremely strange, and green in color. Some of them were dozens of meters high. It was more beauty than one could take in.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but ask the snake witches, “Are those buildings the witches’ nests?”

The snake witches answered, “Yes. The witches’ death spirits’ place. We usually live here…”

The snake witches weren’t even done talking when golden lights suddenly flashed at the top of a building. The golden lights grew brighter and brighter. The whole area was illuminated. A sphere formed itself on the ground.

At the same time, the ground of the desert started rolling in waves. Human silhouettes emerged from the ground.

The number of people was beyond Lin Feng’s expectations. There were at least ten thousand people.

“How dare you trespass on the Witches’ Sect’s holy territory?” exclaimed a deep and scary voice. The wind made it sound even eerier. The ten thousand people all spoke at the same time, and walked at the same pace. They looked like an army of puppets. They had no vitality.

Everybody was astonished. Those people looked like puppets or zombies. Their five sensory organs were all black holes.

“Who are you? Stop being mysterious. Tell us who you are!” shouted Lin Feng.

Those people all looked at Lin Feng and said, “Hahahahahaha! Ignorant little boy! Since you’re here, you’re not going to leave!”

There was an explosion. The isolation energy of that small world turned into a human shape. It was dozens of zhang tall,a giant monster with sand claws. The giant’s gigantic hands reached towards Lin Feng and the others.

Lin Feng shouted hastily, “One Heavy Wave, Sky-Rising Wave!”

Dozens of hand shadows coupled with ice Qi crashed into the giant. A gigantic Buddha hand blocked the giant’s gigantic hand. Qi rolled in waves in the sky.

At the same time, the cultivators raised their weapons and charged the giant. Many people stabbed the giant. It kept staggering and shaking its head.

Clouds of dust emerged from its body as it absorbed the swords and the other weapons. They disappeared inside it.

“Lin Feng, what kind of monster is this? It’s so strong!” shouted someone.

“It’s a Sand Demon… Hurry up and aim at its eyes!” shouted Lin Feng. At the same time, he accelerated and did his best to block the giant’s sand punch. At the same time, the giant’s other fist reached for them.

Lin Feng released ice Qi and had it surround everybody’s body. The ice Qi turned into ice shells. They were almost in isolated worlds themselves!

There was an explosion. When the sand giant’s fist hit the ice shells, they cracked, and almost broke apart. The powerful punch forced everybody from the sky and down to the ground.

Lin Feng had a bad feeling. He hastily released a Sky Destroying Imprint on the ground so that the desert couldn’t eat them! 

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