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Chapter 1633: Ancestor Sand Shows Up!


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 Lin Feng suddenly realized there was a problem. Why could that sand giant absorb people’s weapons? Nothing remained of those weapons.

“Hahahahahaha! Ignorant little boy! I didn’t expect you to be able to use pure Qi! No wonder you are so bold and arrogant. You even dare offend us on our holy cultivation territory! You’re going to die for this. Today, nobody is going to leave our holy cultivation territory! We will offer your lives to the gods,” said the sand giant, laughing darkly and extremely loudly. It punched the ice shell again.

Lin Feng released more ice Qi, making a second layer on the existing ice shell. There was an explosion, and a hole appeared in the ice shell!

The giant’s sand fist was inside the ice shell and moving towards the Sky Destroying Imprint enveloping the crowd. Lin Feng had a bad feeling. He hastily used his Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill. A stream of fire emerged from his eyes. It looked like a shooting star racing to meet the giant’s punch.

There was an explosion. The giant’s sand hand broke apart, and a rain of sand fell from the sky, making everybody cough.

“AAAAHHHHHHHH… Ignorant little boy! You have a refined red fire… Who… Who are you?” screamed the giant. It seemed terrified by Lin Feng’s Jia Yan’s Tao Skill, and stepped ten meters backwards.

Lin Feng didn’t understand what “refined red fire” meant. Since it feared Lin Feng’s fire, Lin Feng decided to use it to destroy the thing!

Fire emerged from Lin Feng’s body and the ice shell, and roared towards the giant. The giant did all it could to dodge, but huge wounds appeared all over its body. A thick fluid flowed out of the wounds. It smelled horrible.

“Snake witches, what kind of monster is this?” Lin Feng fought against the giant and talked to the snake witches at the same time.

The snake witches replied, “That is Ancestor Sand. That’s his upper body. The other part is in the sand. Don’t let it come out.”

Lin Feng watched Ancestor Sand’s movements. His lower body was slowly appearing. Gigantic legs were being formed. Half of his lower body was already out. He was going to stand up.

Even though Lin Feng didn’t know what would happen if the giant stood up for real, he didn’t really feel like seeing. He turned his Jian Yan fire into a sword and cut the giant’s legs. The giant’s upper body fell to the ground.

Ancestor Sand shouted in agony. Sand flew around, turning into a sandstorm. If Lin Feng hadn’t released the ice shell, everybody would have been blown away.

“Who are you? Why do you have red refined fire?” shouted Ancestor Sand furiously.

Lin Feng simply asked, “What is red refined fire?”

Ancestor Sand seemed mentally disabled at that moment. He replied, “Red refined fire can melt down stones to repair the sky… Could it be that… Could it be that you are one of Nü Wa’s descendants?”

Nü Wa’s fire was pure sun fire? But Lin Feng hadn’t made the Jia Yan’s fire himself, and hadn’t inherited it from Nü Wa.

But Lin Feng wasn’t stupid. He didn’t intend to tell him who he was so he said, “Indeed. I am Nü Wa’s descendant. Is that a problem?”

Ancestor Sand shouted furiously, “Since you are Nü Wa’s descendant, you are our enemy! Nü Wa is our sworn enemy. Back in the days, Nü Wa burned our nest and turned us into wandering souls in this horrible desert. We refuse to submit to Nü Wa or Nü Wa’s descendants!”

When Lin Feng heard that, he didn’t understand what was going on.

Could it be that the witches had ended up in such a situation because of Nü Wa? Why had Nü Wa done that?

Ancestor Sand’s legs started forming again. Lin Feng watched thoughtfully. Ancestor Sand jumped out of the ground. He was a hundred zhang tall. He made the whole ground of the desert shake with his steps.

Golden lights appeared for a thousand meters around Ancestor Sand. From the ground, it looked like a gigantic disc in the sky.


“Oh no! Aliens!”…

The people in the ice shell shouted in terror. Lin Feng couldn’t stand the noise. That gigantic circle looked like a UFO or a gigantic golden chess piece.

Lin Feng quickly realized that there was something weird. There were many shining symbols on the gigantic golden disc. They looked like letters on the screen in 3D movies.

Ancestor Sand was inside the golden lights. His body changed and melted, turning into a golden shell. Lin Feng was astonished. He hastily used his Jia Yan’s fire to cut the giant.

Ancestor Sand turned into a gigantic blade inside the golden shell, and then attacked the shell around him. He pierced through it and shouted furiously, “Nü Wa’s descendant, come and we’ll see if you can destroy my golden body!”

He could only blame himself for being arrogant. After a few more sword attacks, Lin Feng stabbed the giant’s neck, and holes appeared. Lin Feng kept attacking. Suddenly, the gigantic disc descended from the sky and took Ancestor Sand far away.

“Oh no! Where do you think you’re going?!” Lin Feng shouted explosively. He hastily jumped onto his Sky Destroying Imprint and chased after him.

Seeing those two in the sky was like a science fiction movie.

Lin Feng kept attacking with his Jia Yan’s Tao skill. They were both extremely fast. Ancestor Sand dodged easily each time. Besides, his wounds had healed. His golden lights were even brighter.

Lin Feng’s ice Qi melted in the golden lights, and his protection layer went up in smoke.

“Hahahahahaha! I finally became a human! I’m a human, finally! Nü Wa, back in the day, you abandoned me in the desert. Today, I, Ancestor Sand, have become a human. Pangu’s Compass can turn people from the desert back into humans!” Ancestor Sand burst into dark, ferocious laughter.

Ancestor Sand’s Qi was incredibly powerful. He stopped escaping and slowed down, then turned around and looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng stopped quickly, but he still crashed into Pangu’s Compass.

Lin Feng thought, Could that thing be Pangu’s item? What is Pangu’s item? Can it really make those creatures from the desert into humans?

Lin Feng looked thoughtful, while Ancestor Sand kept rising. He raised his fists and threw punches. A hundred-meter-wide fist appeared in the sky, golden lights flashing on it. If it reached Lin Feng and the others with full force, then everybody would be crushed to mush!

Lin Feng was tense, but he still released strength to block the attack. Ancestor Sand’s gigantic fist and Lin Feng’s collided with an explosion. Lin Feng’s Sky Destroying Imprint fell from the sky and crashed into the sand of the desert, disappearing into it.

Lin Feng felt as if his viscera were going to explode. He coughed blood, staining his chest. He staggered and fell from the sky.

The cultivators who had come with him were terrified and dumbstruck. Wang Yuan had already fainted.

“Hahahahahahahaha! You’re all going to die! Nü Wa’s descendants are the worst enemies of the creatures of the desert! I will kill you all!” shouted Ancestor Sand. He threw another punch, creating another tornado.

Lin Feng knew he couldn’t compete with him, but he could protect himself, while the others couldn’t.

“Right, don’t imagine that’s possible!” Lin Feng shouted back at him. He released another Buddha hand. which collided against Ancestor Sand’s fist again. There was an explosion. The Sky Destroying Imprint was driven ten li deeper in the desert now. The dunes around them were thirty meters high. The people in the Sky Destroying Imprint were going to be buried if it continued like that!

Ancestor Sand transformed again, especially his eyes. They were made of two desert stones, but now they looked as if they were burning. They looked scary.

Lin Feng wiped the blood off his mouth with his sleeve. He decided he had to act quickly and drastically. He released all the weapons he had in his ring. Ying Hun sword! Xuan Yuan Sword! Buddhist Mala! Winged dragon! And on and on. He released all of them, without exception.

“Hahahahahahahaha! Ignorant little descendant of Nü Wa! Let’s see how powerful your crappy weapons are! No matter how many weapons you have, compared to Pangu’s Compass, your weapons are trash!” Ancestor Sand burst into laughter. He laughed loudly and frantically. The giant compass under his feet started spinning quickly. A vortex appeared.

The winged dragon grew to a hundred meters long and charged Ancestor Sand, trying to devour Ancestor Sand in one bite. But Ancestor Sand threw a punch and the winged dragon was blown a hundred meters back. It crashed to the ground and rolled over a few times. It crawled back up, then charged again, but it was punched away again.

The winged dragon kept making unrelenting efforts. Its body seemed as resistant as iron. It kept getting punched, but it wasn’t injured at all, and continued fearlessly.

But the Ying Hun sword and the Xuan Yuan sword were absorbed by the vortex created by the compass. They didn’t respond to Lin Feng’s orders anymore! 

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  1. H July 9, 2020 at 5:39 pm - Reply

    Isn’t the pangu campass an asset of lin genf that he acquired in tian yuan sect’s tomb when he becam its sect leader in god’s country. He seemed to have forgotten it since then but now it appeared in this demon’s hand.
    And i really don’t understand how fuc*edup this story has become. Well even is lin feng doesn’t have the power the ice spirit should have it ri8? I mean how could anybody… Literally anybody on earth can possibly be stronger than an overlord of world of battles…. This is unconvincing.
    I really think the author has changed. This is not the same author.

    • Ovrlymm July 9, 2020 at 8:18 pm - Reply

      Exactly. Suddenly a demon appears that can rival lin feng from the world of battles? He just sucked up a sword that could split a continent in two. Even if he can’t use his blood to charge it this guy shouldn’t be at a level to take on a godly ancestor. Maybe emperor level (at best) but it’s so messed up it’s not even funny

  2. Duan Feng is back July 9, 2020 at 9:05 pm - Reply

    Where are the other two chapters from yesterday and today? It’s only Thursday, with the current schedule you’re supposed to release 3 a day Mon-Thurs and 1 a day Friday-Sunday. Don’t start jewing us over now that we’re getting close to the end.

    • Orange Joe July 9, 2020 at 9:07 pm - Reply

      Hurry up with the rest of the chapters, stop this nickel and dime bullshit.

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