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Chapter 1634: The Ancient Demon!


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 Lin Feng was worried when the vortex kept growing bigger and bigger. It seemed like it was going to absorb the Sky Destroying Imprint. Lin Feng quickly moved the Sky Destroying Imprint away. He had no weapons anymore, they had all been absorbed by the vortex. How was he supposed to fight against Ancestor Sand now?

Lin Feng had the Sky Destroying Imprint move away to escape, but Ancestor Sand and his compass accelerated and quickly caught up with the Sky Destroying Imprint. The people inside the Sky Destroying Imprint were thrown around because the Sky Destroying Imprint was too fast. Lin Feng was exhausted and he kept changing direction because he couldn’t tell which directions was which anymore, he didn’t know where north was anymore.

“Hahahahahahaha! Nü Wa’s descendant is so shitty! Back in the days, Nü Wa abandoned us, the people from the desert, and now we will destroy Nü Wa’s descendants! We finally take our revenge a hundred million years later!” Ancestor Sand laughed frantically.

As Lin Feng felt powerless, his ring suddenly started trembling. Rainbow colors appeared, and two small transparent silhouettes came forth.

“The dual clay figurine?” Lin Feng couldn’t help but shout. The clay figurine was growing! The clay cracked and two people came out of it.

A boy and a girl. They were children. They stretched and yawned as if they had been asleep for a very long time.

Ancestor Sand shouted in disbelief, “Th… Th… Nü Wa’s… Nü Wa’s original soul children!”

The two children raised their heads as if they had heard their names. They looked at Ancestor Sand and then at Lin Feng. They asked, “Father, who’s that huge ugly monster?”

Lin Feng swallowed, stared blankly and asked, “You called me? Why are you calling me Father?”

The little girl giggled and said, “You used your own blood to bring us back to life, so you’re our Father for this life.”

The boy said, “Father, Father, Father! Who’s that giant?”

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. Ancestor Sand shouted angrily, “Original soul children, back then, Nü Wa abandoned us, the people of the sand, because of you! We’re going to destroy you forever now!”

After that punch, Lin Feng was astonished. He shouted explosively, “Be careful, children!” Then he used his Buddhist mala to protect them, but his Buddhist strength was extremely weak at that moment. When Ancestor Sand punched the mala, it immediately broke apart. Ancestor Sand’s iron punch continued crushing towards Lin Feng.

It’s over!, thought Lin Feng, annoyed. He had done his best to save the two children and now his group and he were going to be injured. Were they going to die in this desert?

As Lin Feng was feeling unresolved about their imminent death, the two children suddenly grew to a gigantic size, as tall as Ancestor Sand. The boy grabbed Ancestor Sand’s fist. The girl threw a kick at him. Ancestor Sand’s attack failed!

Lin Feng and the others were dumbstruck. They didn’t expect the two children to be so strong.

“Hahahahahaha! Yin and Yang fusion, overcoming all obstacles, invincible, hahahahahahaha!” The two children clenched their fists, turned their heads around and looked at Lin Feng. “Hey Father, are we strong? Are we? Huh?”

“Good, good, good! Very good! Hurry up and defeat him!” Lin Feng answered.

Lin Feng didn’t expect the two children to shake their heads. Lin Feng couldn’t help but be astonished. “What do you mean? Won’t you listen to your Father? Are you disobeying?”

The two children shook their heads. Lin Feng was extremely worried. He was about to get angry, but the girl said, “Father, Ancestor Sand isn’t really a bad guy. He’s being controlled by the enemy…”

The boy said, “Father, Nü Wa created people. Initially, there were three original souls; us, and Ancestor Sand. But… but… but Ancestor Sand is made of sand, so he can’t exist with water. He can’t stand that element, so we were separated…”

Ancestor Sand shouted, “Nonsense! Nü Wa abandoned us! We’ve had a horrible life because of Nü Wa! Our life is a sheer hell! We are bodiless souls! We refuse to live under the same sky as Nü Wa!”

He moved to attack the two children. The two children didn’t counterattack. They flashed and explained, “Hey, can you wait for us to finish talking first? If you let us finish, you would believe us. Can you wait a little?”

Ancestor Sand grunted icily and said, “Hmph! What lame excuse are you going to tell me? You two are the original soul children. You’ve been humans for such a long time. Your life has been great so far. But what about me? I’ve been imprisoned in this place for such a long time. It feels like forever. I’ve never had a choice…”

Ancestor Sand burst into tears, but there were no actual tears on his face, because his body was made of sand.

The girl said, “Don’t cry. You said Nü Wa had abandoned you, but you’ve never thought about the origins of your compass! Who gave you Pangu’s Compass? Nü Wa, right? And your soul has been free for a long time too, right? Back in the days, Nü Wa could melt down stones to repair the sky and save people. Indeed, you had a difficult life, but she never meant to abandon you or anything.”

Ancestor Sand was still crying. Lin Feng found some compassion for Ancestor Sand. He asked, “Ancestor Sand, do you know Mamma Snake?”

Ancestor Sand nodded and stopped crying. Then he asked, “What did you do to her? Did you kill her?”

Lin Feng was stupefied. Ancestor Sand was right. Lin Feng didn’t feel like telling the truth, or Ancestor Sand might feel offended?

Nobody would have thought the winged dragon would say, “Indeed! My Master destroyed her! A stupid snake, nothing more! He even took her snake egg!”

The winged dragon was completely stupid. Ancestor Sand shouted furiously, “You killed the person I cared about the most! I’m going to kill you!”

Ancestor Sand’s body started swelling, inflating like a balloon. He turned into a gigantic sand man again, running towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng shouted loudly, “Listen to me… I didn’t kill her…”

The giant had already gone into a frenzy. He shouted as he threw a punch. The two children intervened at the same time. One of them grabbed Ancestor Sand’s fist. “Can you listen to Father before attacking? You’re ruthless!”

“What? The only person who was ever good to me in life was Mamma Snake. Each time she came back, she took me to the restaurant, she played with me, and you killed her! I MUST AVENGE HER, OTHERWISE I’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO LOOK AT MY FACE IN THE MIRROR AGAIN!” Ancestor Sand’s thundering voice flung the sand about.

Lin Feng couldn’t just stand there and watch. He quickly made the sedan chair with the snake witches come out of his ring. Ancestor Sand immediately shouted, “You kept her soul weapon! NOW DON’T COME AND TELL ME YOU DIDN’T KILL HER! I’M GOING TO AVENGE HER!”

Ancestor Sand was shouted frantically when the snake witches in the sedan chair said, “Brother Ancestor Sand! I’m not dead. I… I turned into a snake, that’s all.”

Ancestor Sand was astonished. He walked to the sedan chair and said, “You’re not dead? But you don’t have a body, so isn’t it the same as…? So you’re like me? You’re an intangible soul piece of trash?”

Lin Feng said quickly, “Don’t worry. I will find bodies for all of you…”

At that moment, the ground started shaking again. An old man’s voice rang out, “Lin Feng, you dared come here? It seems like I can’t avoid the enemy this time! Do you remember me!?”

Lin Feng was startled. He said, “The Ancient Demon!”

The Ancient Demon’s voice was so familiar. Ancestor Sand stood upright and said, “Master…”

“What are you doing Ancestor Sand? Why aren’t you killing them? Especially Lin Feng! He’s evil and keeps plotting against me all the time! Don’t let him fool you! You must kill him!” The Ancient Demon’s voice shook the ground, but he still didn’t appear.

Ancestor Sand hesitated. The Ancient Demon frightened him, but he didn’t want to fight against Lin Feng and the others…

“Ancient Demon, you bastard. Stop being so mysterious. Show yourself and fight!” shouted Lin Feng fiercely, but the Ancient Demon didn’t show himself.

“Ancestor Sand, if you don’t attack, don’t blame me for being impolite. Don’t forget that I have your soul weapon!” The Ancient Demon ignored Lin Feng, and continued threatening Ancestor Sand. Ancestor Sand couldn’t help but shake from head to toe

Ancestor Sand’s eyes became red. He shouted explosively, “Lin Feng, I’m going to kill you!”

He threw a punch, but at the most crucial moment, the sedan chair went between Lin Feng and Ancestor Sand. Ancestor Sand’s punch reached the sedan chair, and it was blown away. Its trajectory made it look like a kite.

“Mamma Snake!…” Ancestor Sand shouted fiercely. His voice trembled sadly. He didn’t attack Lin Feng, he chased the sedan chair.

“Father, who is the Ancient Demon and why does he want to kill you?” asked the girl. The boy glanced around warily. Suddenly, he pointed to something in the distance and shouted, “The voice comes from there! He’s over there!”

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