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Chapter 1635: Origin of the Dual Clay Figurine!


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 He jumped on Pangu’s Compass. He could control it, and he drove the compass towards the depths of the territory. Lin Feng and the girl followed him quickly.

The territory was wide, and there were oases everywhere, scattered all over like stars in the sky. Lin Feng and the others flew for dozens of li before they finally arrived in front of a gigantic sand statue.

Lin Feng stared at it. It was a statue of the Ancient Demon! Lin Feng stopped quickly and said, “Be careful!”

He wasn’t even done speaking when the gigantic sand statue slowly opened its eyes and glared at Lin Feng angrily. “Lin Feng, you’ve lost your strength of the Heavenly Godly Ancestor layer? Your cultivation level is super low! Hahahahahahahahaha! You’re doomed!”

The Ancient Demon was initially seated cross-legged, but now stood up. Black Qi gushed out of every single pore of his skin. He raised his hand and a gigantic sand ball appeared, creating a strong wind.

 Lin Feng shouted furiously, “Yan Huang Jing, First Wave! Dao!”

Lin Feng was surprised when he shouted that. After he had come back to the Earth, he had lost his Yan Huang Jing, but today he suddenly thought of it?

Lin Feng didn’t think about it much longer though, as an extremely powerful Qi emerged from Lin Feng’s body and rolled for thousands of meters. The gigantic sand ball disappeared in the Qi!

Lin Feng was astonished. His Qi was even purer than back in the World of Battles!

The Ancient Demon’s expression plummeted in astonishment. “Lin Feng, you were hiding your cultivation level? You have the strength of the top of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer now? You pretended you couldn’t defeat Ancestor Sand just so I would show up?! You’re cunning!”

He charged Lin Feng, and his Qi was extremely powerful. It kept colliding against Lin Feng’s. Light beams flared at the contact, but his attack didn’t reach Lin Feng at all.

The little boy was in Lin Feng’s Qi, too. He couldn’t help but say, “Father, your isolated world is wonderful. We don’t need to fear him from inside. Crush him!”

“Isolated world?” Lin Feng didn’t understand.

The girl said, “This isolated world is part of your spiritual armor. Your mastery of the first wave of Yan Huang Jing is incredible, but you should hurry up and learn the second wave, Wu!”

Lin Feng swallowed and asked the little girl, “How do you know I studied Yan Huang Jing?”

The girl said pensively, “Is it strange? Yan Huang techniques are a branch of the Xuan Huang Dao of the earth and the sky. We are original soul children, so Nü Wa transmitted techniques to us long ago. Of course we know it.”

Lin Feng asked hastily, “What does the second wave, Wu, mean? How do I learn it?”

The boy said, “Father, Wu means I or Me. You have to understand it by yourself because it’s part of your own body’s Dao. For example, this isolated world seems gigantic. Qi rolls in waves, but it doesn’t really exist. It’s not solid. You need to understand the Dao of your own heart to understand how to make it genuine, authentic, and real!”

When Lin Feng heard that, he tried to control his isolated world’s borders with his mind. He tried to make it shrink and grow, but nothing worked. Even though his isolated world was around Lin Feng, Lin Feng couldn’t control it.

The little boy was right. The world was based on natural Dao. It was like it refused to submit to anyone in the world. Lin Feng couldn’t use his mind to control it.

The Ancient Demon was going insane. He was fighting with all his strength, but Lin Feng and the others were in the isolated world chatting as if they were on holidays, acting as if the Ancient Demon didn’t exist.

“You evil scumbag, Lin Feng! Don’t think that you’re invincible because you have an isolated world! If my primordial soul hadn’t been injured when I traveled to Earth, I would be able to crush you to mush!” swore the Ancient Demon hatefully.

Lin Feng looked at the Ancient Demon and said mockingly, “Ancient Demon, you’re pathetic and miserable. You became so weak. I’ll destroy you today!”

Lin Feng threw a palm strike. He was much, much stronger and more powerful than before. A gigantic hand shadow hurtled towards the Ancient Demon’s gigantic sand body. There was an explosion, and a huge handprint appeared on the Ancient Demon’s sand body as a cloud of sand arose.

The Ancient Demon was pushed back a few steps. Lin Feng threw another palm strike. Even more black Qi emerged from the Ancient Demon, and dispersed in the air. Lin Feng suddenly stopped in mid-attack.

Lin Feng suddenly thought of a few important questions. He hastily said to the Ancient Demon, “Ancient Demon, where did you put Qian Jin Cai Yue and Lin Zu? Where is your Master, Chi You?”

The Ancient Demon said weakly, “Hahahahahaha! Lin Feng, you don’t dare kill me! But I’ll never tell you! You can crush my bones to powder and my flesh to mush, but I will never tell you where they are!”

“You really want to die!” Lin Feng raised his hands again, but didn’t attack. If he killed him now, then he would never be able to find and clues!

Lin Feng was hesitating when he suddenly heard a voice from behind. He turned around and saw Wang Yuan and the others thousands of meters away. They were in a bad position, with hundreds of cultivators with covered faces behind them. They looked strong. They were all riding flying weapons and chasing them.

When Lin Feng saw that, he was in a dilemma. Should he continue fighting the Ancient Demon or should he save them?

Lin Feng thought about it for a second and decided to fly back to Wang Yuan and the others. He threw a few palm strikes and they all fell down from the sky.

The others stopped chasing them. One of them shouted furiously, “Who are you and how dare you trespass on a forbidden territory?”

Lin Feng realized that those people’s faces weren’t actually covered with veils. They were wearing iron masks, with only holes for their eyes, noses and mouths. The rest of their heads were inside the iron masks.

“You don’t need to know who I am. I’m asking YOU who you are! Since this place is a forbidden territory, what are you doing here?” Lin Feng demanded of them.

His questioner was surprised, but smiled ferociously, “Hehehe! It’s forbidden for you, but for us, it’s our base, our foundation, our life! Since you’re not going to tell us who you are, we’ll offer you as sacrifices to the gods!”

He waved, and those people charged again. Lin Feng started chanting the incantations of his Yan Huang Jing.

There was an explosion. The area for a hundred meters around Lin Feng was protected by his isolated world. Wang Yuan and the others were within it. When the men in iron masks reached Lin Feng’s isolated world, they bounced off it!

“You… You are an Ancestor!” that person cried out in shock and terror, stumbling back a few meters. “Impossible! How can a Dao Ancestor be so young?!”

Someone else exclaimed in shock, “He’s not a Dao Ancestor! It’s his own cultivation level! Could it be that he has some special weapons of the Dao Ancestor layer?”

Someone else swore coldly, “No matter what, we can’t let him get away. He trespassed on our forbidden territory, so he must die!” He raised his sword and charged.

His sword streaked across the sky, but stopped halfway as it collided into something intangible and couldn’t pierce through.

When he attacked, the others behind also raised their weapons, swords, daggers, throwing stars, golden balls, fire jewels, and all sorts of weapons. All the weapons stopped abruptly against the wall of the isolated world. They were all dumbstruck.

The leader of the group shouted desperately, “Everybody, hurry up and disperse! He’s a Dao Ancestor!”

They turned around and flew away. Lin Feng smiled icily, “You want to leave? Kill him no matter what!”

Lin Feng released pure Qi with deadly force. Their weapons flew away towards other people.



People kept shouting in pain. Half of the masked men fell from the sky. Lin Feng chased the others. One of them shouted, “Everybody disperse! Don’t stay together or he’ll get us all in one strike!”

Small black balls appeared in the sky and exploded. Black smoke floated in the air, and the sky turned as dark as night

What a sudden attack! Lin Feng destroyed the smoke Qi and continued chasing the others. When he saw those people were already thousands of meters away, Lin Feng couldn’t help but shake his head. Even if Lin Feng was extremely fast, people were going in every direction, so he couldn’t chase them all.

He sighed “Forget it. I’ll let you go today, but remember me. You better not stand in my way ever again. Otherwise, you may not be as lucky as today.” Lin Feng’s voice spread all through in the desert. They fled even faster when they heard his voice.

The reason why Lin Feng didn’t waste his time chasing them was that he didn’t know who they were, and wasting time to kill them wasn’t worth it. His biggest enemy was the Ancient Demon, so he decided to give up.

When Lin Feng turned around, he was shocked and frustrated. The Ancient Demon had disappeared!

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