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Chapter 1638: Sudden Change!


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 When Lin Feng heard that, he wanted to say something. The young man on the floor suddenly asked, “Don’t go back… It’s a trap…”

Wang Yuan and Lin Feng were stupefied. They didn’t have time to ask anything. The young man continued, “You’re not from Earth and everybody knows now. You are everybody’s public enemy number one. If you go back, hehe, you will die…”

When Leader Wang heard the young man, he started panicking. “Who’s speaking, Wang Yuan? Don’t trust him and bring Lin Feng back RIGHT NOW!”

“Understood…” replied Wang Yuan, sighing helplessly. He looked at Lin Feng. His eyes gleamed.

Wang Yuan looked at Lin Feng for two minutes, then he shook his head and sighed, “Lin Feng, if you want to escape, you can. I’m not stopping you.”

Lin Feng nodded and started turning around, but suddenly sensed a cold wind. Lin Feng threw a palm strike behind him without even noticing it. There was an explosion, and a person’s silhouette crashed to the ground!

Another cultivator came over. He was badly injured, but his Qi didn’t disperse. He wiped the blood off his mouth and shouted, “Everybody, join hands to kill him! Don’t let him escape! Orders from the superiors!”

Leader Wang had contacted both Wang Yuan and the Real Cultivators Association. He had asked the Real Cultivators Association to capture Lin Feng, and if they failed, then they could kill him.

It was also a very profitable mission. Their wallet would be stuffed after completing it!

When that person said that, the cultivators looked at Lin Feng greedily. Greed made those cowards ready to risk their lives. They all wanted the cash! Everybody wanted to be rich. So they all fixed their eyes on Lin Feng.

Lin Feng shouted angrily, “You don’t know how to differentiate good from bad. But it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have saved you in the desert. I will kill you right now then!”

“Hmph, Lin Feng, what happened before has nothing to do with now! Our superiors told us to kill you! We can’t disobey. You should allow us to capture you. Otherwise, we’ll have to kill you, unfortunately…”

Lin Feng looked at them and said, “None of you can stop me.”

 He didn’t feel like wasting time anymore. He released his winged dragon and Pangu’s Compass. They all flew towards Jiang Nan.

Initially, Lin Feng didn’t want to talk to those people. He just wanted to get back to get to the Feng Clan as quickly as possible. Those people wanted to chase him, but Lin Feng was much faster. He lost them in a few minutes. 


“Wang Yuan, are you just going to watch him escape?” asked a cultivator angrily, blaming Wang Yuan. 

Wang Yuan sighed helplessly, “You think I can stop him?”

“Hmph, I think you let him go on purpose! But the association of the cultivators of Huaxia issued an order for the safety of all the cultivators of Huaxia. Do you want to bear the consequences for all this?” said that cultivator in an overbearing manner.

Wang Yuan frowned. He didn’t reply. The Real Cultivators Association was powerful. If they meant to hurt him, he wouldn’t be able to resist. 


Lin Feng flew towards Jiang Nan quickly. He glanced behind him. Wang Yuan and the others had already disappeared from his field of vision. He hadn’t expected Leader Wang would want to kill him.

Half an hour later, Lin Feng was in the southwest of the city. He flew straight to the Feng Clan. He was going to ask Feng Yin Quan why they wanted to provoke him.

If they really meant to harm him, then he would teach them a good lesson. Lin Feng didn’t let people bully him!

He quickly landed and took a taxi to avoid alerting the enemy. The driver was cautious. When he heard Lin Feng, he frowned and didn’t say anything, but Lin Feng noticed his strange expression.

Lin Feng asked, “Driver, is Jiang Nan safe these days?”

The driver nodded and hmmd. That’s all. At the same time, he opened both his and the passenger’s windows without really paying attention and a document flew in. Lin Feng grabbed it; it was a flyer with his picture! Lin Feng was astonished.

Written under his picture was WANTED CRIMINAL.

It continued and listed Lin Feng’s crimes. Lin Feng was now a wanted criminal. He had committed all sorts of crimes. He had hurt people in Jiang Nan. He had killed people from the Feng Clan, like Ye Qi. He had hurt even more people in Linhai. He had also committed all sorts of crimes in M Country.

It was a long list.

When the driver saw Lin Feng grab the flyer, he paled and was suddenly covered in cold sweat. He had recognized Lin Feng. His passenger wanted to go to the Feng Clan now; was he going to cause trouble there?

Lin Feng smiled indifferently and put the flyer back on the door. Then he asked, “You know who I am, right?”

The driver’s hands and legs started  trembling, “Please don’t kill me… I don’t know anything… Otherwise, you can get off the car, don’t go to the Feng Clan…”

“Oh? You know the Feng Clan, huh? So tell me what happened,” Lin Feng asked. The driver slowed down.

He replied hesitantly, “Don’t you know? Jiang Nan has become the Feng Clan’s territory. Two days ago, they killed a few elders from the Real Cultivators Sect. Now they want to arrest you! What are you doing here?”

He also noticed that a group of people were chasing someone at that moment. They were all cultivators. They kept moving in the air, jumping from car roofs to the tops of buildings. People kept jumping on their car. The driver said, “Look, they’re here to arrest you. Hurry up and leave as fast as you can.”

The driver kept driving in circles. Many cars crashed. Lin Feng looked at the person being chased. He immediately opened the door of the car and jumped dozens of meters away. He stopped the whole crowd with bare hands.

The one they were chasing was injured. When he saw someone help, he panted, “You… You don’t need to help me…”

Lin Feng looked at him. It was a young man in his late twenties. He was pale. When he looked at Lin Feng, his eyes went wide and he exclaimed, “You’re Lin Feng?”

Lin Feng nodded. The people of the Feng Clan recognized Lin Feng as well, and someone shouted excitedly, “That guy is Lin Feng, the wanted criminal! Don’t let him escape! Let’s capture him and share the reward!”

He raised his sword and rushed in. The others didn’t want to appear like cowards, so they charged as well.

Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to those people. He immediately used his One Heavy Wave, Sky-Rising Wave. A dozen people were in midair, and the wave suddenly crashed against them. Some of them crashed on cars, others on the ground. Lin Feng looked at the one at the front.

“So, the Feng Clan captured Lin Zu?” Lin Feng asked. That person was astonished and shook their head. Lin Feng couldn’t help but smile inside. He was too straightforward; even if the Feng Clan had captured Lin Zu, those people were insignificant, so they wouldn’t know about it.

Lin Feng shook his head and turned around. He looked at the one who was injured. At the same time, the one at the front thought, How can I give up? The reward is a million bucks after all…

Thinking about that, he put his hand in his jacket and took out a gun. He pointed it at Lin Feng and pulled the trigger.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

He shot three times. The crowd hadn’t even had time to see who had shot and at whom, but suddenly, their throats started hurting. Lin Feng looked angry.

“You really wanted to die, huh? I spared your life and you attack me from behind like that?” Lin Feng said icily.

He kicked out. The man’s bones cracked. He didn’t even have time to understand anything. He looked shocked as he coughed blood and died.

When the others saw that, they were all terrified, so they crawled back up and ran away. Lin Feng didn’t chase them. He went back to the one who had been chased.

“Thank you. They’re all members of the Real Cultivators Association of Jiang Nan. You should escape before they catch you…”

“Why would I escape? I came precisely for the association and the Feng Clan. Who are you and why do they want to kill you?” Lin Feng asked.

“My name is Lu Dao Hong. I am a cultivator from Mount Qingcheng. They killed our Elder in charge of External Affairs and captured us. I intended to save them, but they found me first!”

Lin Feng asked, “You are from Mount Qingcheng? Do you know Qing Yue?”

Lu Dao Hong’s expression changed, he said, “I do. She got kidnapped. She’s my female junior fellow disciple.”

Lin Feng understood. The Feng Clan was getting rid of all other sects and clans. Lin Feng didn’t intend to stand by with folded arms.

“Alright. Let’s go and save them now.” After that, Lin Feng flew towards the district. Lu Dao Hong followed him.

Lu Dao Hong explained everything to Lin Feng on the way. After Lin Feng had left Jiang Nan, the Feng Clan had started purging the Real Cultivators Association. The people Lin Feng had met before had all been kidnapped.

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