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Chapter 1639: Feng Clan’s Secret Plot!


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 “Where are they imprisoned?” Lin Feng asked.

“I investigated and I think they’re in the Feng Clan’s base… but… recently, many extremely strong cultivators have arisen in the Feng Clan. If you go and provoke them, they will destroy you. You should be careful,” said Lu Dao Hong worriedly.

Lin Feng didn’t care. Since he was there and he had no time to lose, he didn’t intend to give up. He had no time to think of a new plan.


Lu Dao Hong quickly brought them to Feng Yin Quan’s residence. Lin Feng had been there before. He asked Lu Dao Hong, “You mean this place is the Feng Clan’s base? Isn’t it a kwoon?”

“Yes, it’s their base. It looks like a small kwoon on purpose. There is a mysterious palace under the kwoon, according to legends. The Feng Clan’s strongest cultivators all practice cultivation there…” Lu Dao Hong said uncertainly.

When Lin Feng and Lu Dao Hong showed up, many of the people were already informed. Some enemies they had met on the way had escaped and reported to their superiors.

An old man came to the front and shouted out at him, “Lin Feng, you are bold and audacious! You dare cause trouble everywhere in town and you refuse to be arrested! It’s time to punish you now!”

Lin Feng inspected the old man’s cultivation. He was astonished. He was at least a Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivator. He was the strongest member of the Feng Clan Lin Feng had met so far.

“I suggest you call Feng Yin Quan to talk to me. You’re not strong enough to talk to me,” Lin Feng said icily.

“Hmph! Ignorant little boy! You’re still arrogant and aggressive right before your death, incredible! I will show you what the price for talking big is!”

The old man had no weapon, but his real pure Qi was thick and rich. He clenched his fists and Qi rolled in waves around him. An invisible and intangible energy put pressure on Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had to admit that that old man wasn’t a bad cultivator. Lu Dao Hong could barely breathe because of the man’s Qi. It felt as if he had turned into a gigantic boulder. He couldn’t lift his feet or hands anymore!

Lin Feng noticed Lu Dao Hong was struggling and thought Lu Dao Hong was a crappy cultivator. He didn’t say anything and isolated him in a small world. He spoke as if nothing had happened, “I’ll tell you something once and only once. Move away and let me pass if you don’t want to die. I won’t repeat it.”

When the old man saw Lin Feng wasn’t affected by his attack at all, his expression changed slightly. But he still looked down on Lin Feng. “As expected, your cultivation is not bad, Lin Feng! But talking big is useless! I will show you my true power!”

Then he shouted extremely loudly, “Planet Destroying Tiger Punch!”

He threw two punches with brutal force. The Qi was so thick people could see it with their bare eyes. His real pure Qi punches slammed towards Lin Feng’s chest. 

Lin Feng reached out to the two fists and grabbed them.

The old man was extremely fierce and ferocious, but he was extremely nervous at that moment. Lin Feng scared him. He couldn’t help but feel shocked and scared, and his face turned gloomy.

“Explode!” the old man shouted suddenly. His two punch shadows exploded, and turned into a sharp finger wind stabbing Lin Feng extremely quickly.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

All the finger shadows collided with the wall of Lin Feng’s isolated world. Zebra lights flashed on the wall, but Lin Feng didn’t move at all. He remained silent as he opened his fist and threw a palm strike. A Buddha Hand imprint appeared in front of the old man’s forehead.

There was an explosion. The old man was pushed back three steps. His face became red as his cheeks inflated, and he suddenly coughed a mouthful of blood.

“What… What is your cultivation level?” gasped the old man, implicitly yet unhappily admitting he had lost.

Lin Feng didn’t feel like wasting his time, so he threw another palm strike to kill the ignorant old man. However, as his Buddha hand Imprint moved towards the old man, he suddenly sensed a powerful Qi rise from behind the old man.

Lin Feng was astonished when some real pure Qi appeared and turned into gigantic black claws and struck at his Buddha hand imprint.

The real pure Qi had appeared so suddenly. Lin Feng was dumbstruck, especially after his attack was countered!

As Lin Feng was surprised, there was a shout and loud laughter as a VERY old man arrived, “Hahahahahaha! IGNORANT LITTLE BOY! You came to hand yourself in!”

Even though he was extremely old, his eyes were full of vivacity and vitality, and glowing golden. His whole body was filled with an extraordinary Qi.

“Hehe, who are you?” Lin Feng asked, getting ready to defend himself.

“I am the Seventh Ancestor of the Feng Clan. I had to show up personally to teach you a good lesson. You don’t know how to recognize deep and profound kindness in other people. Anyway, just kill yourself so that I don’t have to get my hands dirty,” said the old man proudly. He didn’t take Lin Feng seriously at all.

“Oh? Seventh Ancestor?” Lin Feng asked suspiciously. He had never heard of a Seventh Ancestor in any clan or sect. Did it mean that there would be a sixth, and a fifth and so on after him? The Feng Clan really thought they were an empire or what? They classified their ancestors like dynasties…

Lin Feng was sick of wasting time. He said straightforwardly, “I couldn’t care less which ancestor you are. Where is Lin Zu? Where are Qing Yue and the others?” Lin Feng had to control himself not to burst into a rage.

“Hahahaha! You’re going to die. You don’t need to know those things,” said the old man, looking down on him.

He wasn’t even done talking when a finger shadow appeared and thrust towards Lin Feng’s forehead. A gigantic wave of energy appeared in front of Lin Feng’s head. If Lin Feng tried to dodge, Lu Dao Hong, who was standing behind him, would die!

Lin Feng’s eyes turned blue. Pure Qi gushed out of his body. His isolated world Dao strength grew even more powerful. There was a fiery explosion a meter in front of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng blinked twice. The old man seemed to be about as strong as him?

The Seventh Ancestor of the Feng Clan looked unhappy when he realized he couldn’t kill Lin Feng in one strike. He was a little startled as he thought, I didn’t expect Lin Feng to be so strong. No wonder the other members of the Feng Clan all feel pressured. I can’t let a guy like him live.

The Seventh Ancestor already considered Lin Feng as a danger to his clan. He couldn’t let Lin Feng live. He immediately threw punches one after the other.

Lin Feng knew he couldn’t afford to make a mistake. He also threw punches. Their fist shadows started colliding, one after the other, creating successive explosions.

Lin Feng and the ancestor were both pushed back several steps. The Seventh Ancestor didn’t look as relaxed as before. He now looked fierce and brutal as he cursed, “You shameless little fucktard. You think you can bully the Feng Clan as you wish? Die!”

The Seventh Ancestor started chanting an incantation. His body grew bigger and bigger, and golden lights appeared all around him. He advanced for close combat.

Lin Feng didn’t back off at all. At the same time, he knew he had bumped into a strong opponent, so he had to be careful.

Lin Feng used his Aggressive Punch attack, throwing punches one after the other. Their punch shadows kept colliding. In the end, their punch shadows were becoming blurrier and blurrier.

People in the distance were dumbstruck, but the members of the Feng Clan looked calm; they all knew how strong the Seventh Ancestor was. He had been practicing cultivation in the underground palace for decades. How could a little boy like Lin Feng defeat him?

The Seventh Ancestor was stupefied. Lin Feng’s punching technique was very advanced. He was so fast! His punches didn’t even make a wind blow. After a few punches, Lin Feng started taking the advantage.

But the Seventh Ancestor wasn’t too worried, since he still had lots of techniques and weapons he hadn’t used yet.

Air Hands!, the Seventh Ancestor focused. Two gigantic strangely-fingered hands appeared. Lin Feng didn’t defend himself in time, and the two hands grabbed him.

The pressure was almost unbearable. The harder the hands pressed on him, the less he could move. It felt like his body had been about to explode.

“Hahahahahahaha! Lin Feng, you’re doomed!” When the Seventh Ancestor saw his attack was so efficient, he burst into laughter. He used one more attack, which should be the death blow. After that, Lin Feng would be dead!

Black Qi emerged from the Seventh Ancestor’s hands, and huge and very sharp iron bar appeared and thrust towards Lin Feng. He wanted to stab Lin Feng in the stomach!

The powerful Qi put pressure on Lin Feng, and he was much slower than usual. Lin Feng’s body suddenly turned purple, and purple lights appeared around him. It was his Purple Lights Aeon Armor! It had fortunately appeared in time. It was very different from before. It looked much more dazzling and more tangible!


When the sharp energies collided with the armor, they pierced through and went in a few centimeters. If the armor wasn’t so thick, Lin Feng would have been injured!

“Poisonous Dragon Thorns, Activate!” shouted the Seventh Ancestor abruptly, then attacked with his iron bar again. This time, Lin Feng was pushed back a few steps.

Lin Feng was furious. He grabbed the iron bar and pushed on it with deadly force. He wanted to make it fall, but as soon as he touched the bar, sharp thorns suddenly appeared all over it!

Lin Feng naturally stung his fingers. Blood appeared everywhere on his hands, and the pain made Lin Feng shake violently.

Lin Feng had been fooled. The poisonous dragon thorns the Seventh Ancestor had mentioned was the bar! But Lin Feng couldn’t stop, and didn’t intend to let him off. Even if he got injured, he had to injure him too! 

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  1. Ovrlymm July 13, 2020 at 8:37 pm - Reply

    Everyone is now an ancestor. This is so lame. It’s not the translators fault. But seriously someone who could tend the sky’s and change the landscape has just been hiding out this entire time. The ancient demon must be weaker than this guy as Lin feng has the upper hand no more than 4 chapters ago.

  2. Lótus July 13, 2020 at 9:35 pm - Reply

    Uma forra contemplada, mas parou assim?

    Valeu pelos 3 capítulos.

    • Aaron Alonzo Hill July 14, 2020 at 12:52 am - Reply

      I just want this to end. Hes getting powers for no reason that he didnt have beforehand, the made a big deal about finding Qi on Earth being hard but lots of people are strong, all the fights are them making up words, Lin Feng wins, next guy.

      Also Lin used ALL his weapons vs the Ancestor Sand guy and they vanished but now he still has some weapons left?

      This is a horrible way to end this, the original writer gave up on good story progression, I honestly dont care about any of the new characters as Lin forgets them then finds someone new. Just end it because you’re doing more harm than good.

  3. zzzzz July 13, 2020 at 10:49 pm - Reply

    Lin Feng is getting weaker and stupid, he talk too much nonsense, they play him like a child. Also, the story is getting borinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng

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