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Chapter 1640: The Underground Spiritual Palace!


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 As Lin Feng was giving his best, he suddenly sensed his ring shake. Some warmth emerged from it and came to reinforce Lin Feng’s hands.

The Qi in Lin Feng’s hands suddenly became much more powerful. The Qi was extraordinary. It surged along the bar for the Seventh Ancestor of the Feng Clan.

The Seventh Ancestor didn’t expect the situation to change so quickly. The Qi penetrated into his arms. He panicked, and tried to remove his hands, but it was too late; his iron bar and left arm exploded! Pieces of flesh and bones flew around…

The Seventh Ancestor screamed in pain. He hastily sealed the stump with real pure Qi to stop the bleeding, and so that the Qi wouldn’t have a way to strike again.

Lin Feng looked at his own injuries. There were many holes in his hands. His flesh was slowly growing back, and after a few seconds, there was nothing anymore. His injuries were completely healed.

“Master, you activated Pangu’s Compass!” shouted the original soul children. They looked shocked. Lin Feng checked the inside of his ring and was astonished when he saw Pangu’s Compass rotating slowly. In the center of the compass was a small formless mass. It looked like a black hole. Ancient Qi was emerging from it.

The Qi moved towards Lin Feng’s hands and flowed into his meridians. It condensed in his dantian and turned into a small axe!

The axe kept rotating and diffusing golden lights. Lin Feng couldn’t help but ask, “What is this?”

“It’s Pangu’s Sky Destroying Axe. It’s been sealed in Pangu’s Compass the whole time. Now it’s going inside your body. It means it is now one of your weapons!” exclaimed the boy in awe.

Lin Feng could only ask, “So… How do I use it?”

The girl said, “Since it’s in your body, you just use your will to release it through your dantian…”

Lin Feng found it hard to believe, so he thought, Come to my hand!

Golden lights flashed, and a golden axe suddenly appeared in his hand. It was gigantic and extremely sharp.

The Seventh Ancestor was pale. He couldn’t believe he had lost to Lin Feng. Now an axe had appeared in Lin Feng’s hand! He suddenly shouted, “Hurry up and capture him! I need to call the Sixth Ancestor!”

The Feng Clan obeyed and instantly charged Lin Feng. Lin Feng hadn’t even had time to be excited about his axe and people were already causing trouble. But the axe seemingly had a consciousness; it moved forwards, dragging Lin Feng!

A golden axe shadow emerged and charged the dozens of elders of the Feng Clan. In the blink of an eye, everybody’s eyes went wide. They looked at Lin Feng, then lowered their heads and looked at themselves. They all had extremely thin wounds crossing them…

Blood suddenly gushed out of those micro cuts. They understood what had just happened just before dying.

They all collapsed at the same time. The Seventh Ancestor shouted in a rage, “Lin Feng, little boy, you have killed the elders of the Feng Clan… You know how we’ll get our revenge? By killing Lin Zu!”

When Lin Feng heard that, he knew he couldn’t afford to hesitate anymore, or Lin Zu might die!

Lin Feng chased the Seventh Ancestor. He initially wanted to destroy him with his axe, but he gave up. He preferred following him and finding Lin Zu and the others first.

When the Seventh Ancestor ran inside, there was an explosion and a spiritual curtain appeared in front of Lin Feng, shimmering with power. The Seventh Ancestor didn’t slow down, shouting over his shoulder, “Lin Feng, you evil monster, you won’t leave alive today!”

Lin Feng was about to say something when he suddenly sensed Qi rising around him. The doors suddenly closed and locked. Someone shouted over the loudspeakers, “Shameless bastard! You dared come here and kill my people? I will kill you!”

Gigantic balls of light appeared around Lin Feng. Silhouettes flickered inside them. There were six old men sitting there. All of them looked at Lin Feng angrily.

Lin Feng raised his axe and attacked the wall of the sphere without thinking. A huge hole appeared. One of the six old men shouted in shock, “What kind of insane weapon is that? How can it break our Star Deployment Spell?”

Another one said, “Everybody, join hands to protect the spell! We have to kill this insane cultivator, or he’ll kill us in the future!”

The old men started chanting a mantra. A powerful Qi rolled in waves towards Lin Feng and put pressure on him. Bloody black smoke swirled towards Lin Feng

Lin Feng destroyed a few clouds of black blood smoke with his axe. The Star Deployment Spell kept trembling.

But the smoke clouds grew more and more numerous, faster and faster, bigger and bigger. They kept attacking.

Lin Feng didn’t know that something was attacking him from behind, until he took two steps back while fighting against the blood clouds in front of him and suddenly felt a horrible pain in his back. He cut with his axe behind him instinctively.

There was an explosion, and bloody smoke roiled about. The men shouted in unison, “Corrode!”

There was a conflagration, the temperature increased a lot. The whole area turned into an oven. Did they want to cremate him! ?

Lin Feng released ice Qi to block the attack, but when the fire and the ice collided, the ice quickly melted.

“Hahahahahahaha! Lin Feng, you are pretty strong, but today you won’t be able to escape. You’re going to the best Shi Gui we’ve ever had! Our slave forever!”

Lin Feng hastily tried to think of a solution. Since he was in a deployment spell, couldn’t he escape?

Lin Feng looked around, the top, the ground, then he suddenly remembered what Lu Dao Hong had said. A palace under the ground?

He hastily used his godly awareness to check the area. Ten meters beneath him was a kind of cave. Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel excited as he thought, Sky Destroying Axe, can you bring me there?

The axe promptly started ‘digging’.

There was an explosion. A ten-meter-wide crater appeared, extending deeper and deeper. The ground suddenly crumbled and collapsed. The kwoon was completely destroyed!

The walls were broken. There were a dozen gigantic holes in the ground, all leading to the underground palace. The six old men shouted furiously, “Hurry up and stop him! Protect the founder!”

But Lin Feng was already deep underground. He attacked another wall, and a huge hole appeared.

Lin Feng saw white Qi floating in the air. He heard someone shout furiously, and the six old men appeared.

Clouds of blood smoke moved towards Lin Feng, and their Qi kept colliding. Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to them. He immediately continued digging into the cave.

When he chopped through it, he saw a long man-made corridor.

Lin Feng landed. A strong wind started blowing, and lights emerged from the walls, shooting towards Lin Feng. He used his axe to block them. Massive numbers of sharp bronze darts fell to the ground.

But it wasn’t over. More darts shot from both sides of the walls towards him. He hastily ran ahead. If he stopped, he might get killed!

He used his axe to destroy the thorns, but they were too many, too fast.

At the crucial moment, Lin Feng released his Sky Destroying Imprint. It protected him from the incoming attacks. The Sky Destroying Imprint kept squeaking as it brushed against the walls on both sides. Lin Feng staggered as it shook from the impacts.

But good, he was safe. He ran forwards quickly. The elders had caught up with him. They were attacking from behind him. 

After that corridor of hell, Lin Feng arrived in a limestone cave. There were magnificent stalactites, with many little doors everywhere and a white spiritual Qi emerging from them.

“Who dares trespass on my underground spiritual palace?” shouted a gloomy voice. The doors opened themselves. Dozens of old men appeared. Lin Feng’s back grew sweaty and cold at that moment. Those people were too strange and scary. Their heads looked like panthers and their eyes looked like hawks’ eyes. They didn’t look like people at all.

Lin Feng didn’t have time to reply before the elders who had been chasing him shouted, “He’s the traitor, Lin Feng! He’s the one who injured the Seventh Ancestor and destroyed our underground palace! Hurry up and capture him!”

All those people roared and turned into beasts before charging Lin Feng.

Lin Feng wondered what these people were. They could transform?…

He had no time to ask though. He raised his axe and stabbed a beast’s eyes, and cut its head.

But the beast didn’t die immediately. It bled, saliva flowed from its mouth and mixed with its blood on the ground in a stinking mess. The beast roared furiously with pain one last time.

Lin Feng spun his axe and killed a few more beasts.

“If you try to stop me again, I’ll kill you!” Lin Feng snarled. The beasts were suddenly scared of Lin Feng’s Qi, and retreated. 

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