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Chapter 1641: Holy Buddha Mother of Evil


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Lin Feng took one step forwards. They all took one step back, but they didn’t intend to let him go. Lin Feng swung his axe furiously and cut the injured beast in two.

Lin Feng wanted to attack again, but white lights flashed among the enemies’ black energies suddenly. A human silhouette formed there. Lin Feng saw a young and beautiful woman sitting on a lotus stage.

Lin Feng immediately thought of the Goddess of Mercy (Translator’s Note: the term used in the original is Guan Yin Zuo Lian, which refers to the pictures of the Goddess of Mercy sitting on a lotus seat, but nowadays it almost only refers to the sexual position with the woman sitting on top of the man. Probably a pun meaning she’s a depraved and thus evil Goddess).

Lin Feng didn’t even have time to say anything. The woman said gently and softly, “We Buddhas are benevolents, we don’t kill people. Danapati, put your axe down and you will attain Buddhahood…”

“I…” Lin Feng was dumbstruck. He looked at that beautiful woman and stopped fighting. She said She was a Buddha? She sounded so grave and solemn.

“Who are you? And why are you helping the Feng Clan cause trouble in this world?” Lin Feng shouted furiously.

“Who I am is not important. What’s important is that today, you killed people. Now, put your axe down and attain Buddhahood… @¥@@!¥!% (Translator’s Note: “@¥@@!¥!%” means the Goddess is speaking a language nobody understands at that moment) The woman was chanting a mantra. Nobody understood what she was chanting.

They didn’t understand, but it didn’t mean the words weren’t powerful, and they weren’t fake. As she was chanting, the lotuses on her lotus platform turned black and vines writhed towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had the feeling her voice contained something mysterious and magical. Lin Feng felt like his mind had been propelled to outer space. His Qi became loose. He felt drowsy, like in the evening. He had only one thing in mind, have a good sleep!

Lin Feng’s axe slowly slipped from his hands. His isolated world energy became extremely weak. His eyelids became heavy.

His isolated world Dao grew weaker and weaker. The black lotus flowers started spinning like sharp circular saws. They moved towards Lin Feng like frisbees. The young woman looked calm and serene, but her eyes gleamed. Her mouth started twitching abnormally.

Suddenly, a black talisman emerged from her mouth and shot towards Lin Feng like a bullet.


It attacked Lin Feng’s arm. With a clang, the axe fell on the ground. Lin Feng came back to his senses from the pain. He shouted loudly, “You evil witch! You dared used a hypnosis technique on me!”

Lin Feng grabbed back his Sky Destroying Axe and charged the woman. But when he cut with his axe, a lotus floating in the air flitted towards him like a hungry bat.

The bat devoured the axe shadow. Lin Feng was dumbstruck. At the same time, Lin Feng knew he had to be careful about those black lotus flowers. They weren’t as simple as they seemed!

As Lin Feng was about to attack again, his arm crackled. He lowered his gaze and shouted loudly, “Ahhhhhhh! What the hell is going on!?”

The black lotus which had attacked him was changing. It grew bigger and bigger and surrounded half of Lin Feng’s arm. If it continued growing, then Lin Feng would turn into an iron-skinned statue!

Lin Feng tried to remove the iron skin from his arm, but it was too tough. The iron skin kept growing and fusing with his skin!

Lin Feng suddenly remembered the people in black clothes with iron masks he had seen in the desert; their masks and faces were stuck together!

Lin Feng didn’t want to turn into a monster. He shouted angrily, trying to use his Sky Destroying Axe to get rid of the iron skin, but realized he couldn’t even move his arm anymore!

“Benefactor, don’t resist. We Buddhas don’t harm people. We’re going to make you turn into an Iron Monk (Translator’s Note: Another pun, Iron Monk or Tie Luo Han is a famous type of oolong tea from Wuyi Mountain). When you become a Buddha, we’ll be friends forever…” that woman told him with a smile that was not a smile. At the same time, she stood up from her black lotus stage.

She walked in the air towards Lin Feng gracefully. She reached out for his Sky Destroying Axe and said jokingly, “What a nice religious tool. You used it to kill sentient beings… You are a criminal.”

She immediately put it in her Buddhist robe. Lin Feng had no hope anymore. He stopped struggling because he couldn’t feel his arm anymore. It was as cold as iron.

Then, his legs had started feeling numb as well. Lin Feng inspected himself with his godly awareness and realized that his arms and legs had turned into real iron. His veins, flesh, muscles and bones had already turned into iron. He was turning into a complete iron monk!

Of course, Lin Feng knew that it wasn’t real iron. Real iron couldn’t be that tough!

But in any case, thinking about it didn’t change anything. He continued turning into an iron monk slowly.

The few people walked to the young woman and cheered merrily, “Holy Buddha, Mother of Evil, what should we do with him?…”

The woman glanced at Lin Feng. When she saw he couldn’t move anymore, she said softly, “Since he can’t hurt anyone anymore, he can turn into a normal Iron Monk. He’ll stay with me on the lotus stage and we’ll illuminate all things with our benevolence together…”

“Go and fuck your mother! You evil bitch! Who the hell are you, you bitch! Hurry up and let me go…” Lin Feng decided to use his tongue since it was the last thing that he could move. He kept cursing at her.

 The young woman’s expression suddenly changed, but she said kindly and softly, “I am a benevolent Buddha. I forgive you for your offenses. Excellent…”

“You’re not a Buddha, damn it! You’re just an evil bitch! You contribute to making evil spread in this world!” Lin Feng kept cursing. He was going to turn into an iron monk and he hadn’t done everything he wanted to do in life.

Finally, the young woman looked grim. She was kind but this time, it was too much. Her eyes gleamed icily and she said, “Benefactor, if you curse again, we’ll have to cut your tongue and send you to hell.”

Lin Feng didn’t care about hell. Going to hell was better than turning into that woman’s iron monk!

Lin Feng insulted her again. He shouted all the swear words he could think of. The woman got angry and slapped him violently, then shouted and cursed, “You asshole! You keep insulting a Buddha?! I’m going to cut your tongue!”

Blood appeared on the corner of Lin Feng’s mouth after she slapped him. But Lin Feng didn’t stop talking; he understood that he had bumped into someone extremely strong, so he was most likely going to die.

After slapping Lin Feng, the woman seemingly felt remorse. She pressed her hands together and said, “We Buddhas are benevolent. When a disciple’s cultivation isn’t good enough and they offend other people, we have to take measures sometimes…”

The people on the side remained silent and looked at the Holy Buddha Mother of Evil with admiration and reverence.

“Lin Feng, you must wonder who I am, right? We Buddhas are benevolent. Since I transformed you, you will understand.” said the woman softly. Then she gazed into the distance as if she were feeling nostalgic and thinking about the past. After a long time, she said, “You know the Ancient Demon, right? He’s my son…”

Lin Feng nearly choked. He asked, “What? You’re the Ancient Demon’s mother?”

Lin Feng didn’t believe her at all. She was so young, she looked like an eighteen-year-old at most! How could she possibly be the Ancient Demon’s mother?

The young woman nodded and looked honest. Lin Feng burst into laughter, “And you said you were a Buddhist? You call yourself a Holy Buddha? You seem like a nymphomaniac! Which sect are you from? I didn’t know there were Buddhas who led lives of debauchery!”

The woman looked at him icily. She replied angrily, “You are an ignorant little boy. Back then, I wasn’t very smart either, so I made some huge mistakes!”

“Hahahahahaha! SO FUNNY! Ancient Demon, your mother is a fucking nymphomaniac! Which wild monk fucked her?” Lin Feng burst into manic laughter. 

The woman was furious. Lin Feng’s tongue stiffened and turned into iron. He couldn’t speak anymore. Lin Feng had turned into a distorted and motionless iron statue.

Lin Feng realized that the iron skin’s spread had slowed down. It stopped at his neck. Apart from his head, his entire body had turned into iron. The young woman looked at Lin Feng and smiled icily, “Lin Feng, I know you and my son, the Ancient Demon, are old enemies. You killed many of his clones. You ruined a thousand years of his cultivation. If I weren’t benevolent, I would have crushed you to mush, but I am benevolent so I’ll let you live as an oil lamp burning at the foot of a Buddha statue…”

Lin Feng couldn’t speak anymore, so he couldn’t ask questions. But after that, his throat went dry and cold. His eyes felt dry. 

The woman couldn’t be a Buddha. She took out a string, which looked like a wick or a fuse from her pocket, and then put it inside Lin Feng’s mouth. She said, “It would be a pity to waste your pure Qi, so we can use it as the wick for the oil lamp for the Buddhas. That way, you will illuminate sentient beings with Buddhist light.”

She raised a finger, and put it on the wick. Lin Feng was terrified. Was he going to turn into a lamp?

This woman was completely evil. She kept telling him to give up his axe to attain Buddhahood. She also said she was benevolent and had turned him into an oil lamp. What a horrible life!

The lamp was lit. Lin Feng swallowed; it tasted like iron in his throat. It was so hot Lin Feng started crying, but he couldn’t move. Lin Feng summoned his treasures silently.

Ying Hun…

Winged dragon… Hurry up and come rescue me…

Original soul children, Ancestor Sand, Mamma Snake… Where are you all?

However, nothing worked but. Lin Feng felt ice-cold inside.

The young woman looked at Lin Feng and smiled kindly, “How do you feel? Isn’t being an oil lamp the best thing in the world?”

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