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Chapter 1642: Holy Buddha Mother of Evil’s Sad Life!


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 After that, she shouted at the elders and told them to leave. Lin Feng felt calm and composed. He used his godly awareness to inspect the inside of his body and realized that, apart from his arms and legs, which had turned into iron, his dantian and internal organs were fine. He had hope again.

It proved he wasn’t dead yet. He also still had his godly awareness and consciousness.

Lin Feng noticed that, even though the flame of the oil lamp was scorching hot and hurt, it didn’t burn his body. It burned and consumed his pure Qi.

As Lin Feng was lost in thought, he heard a strange mournful melody. It reverberated everywhere.

Lin Feng raised his head and saw something astonishing. His blood started boiling. It was the Holy Buddha Mother of Evil. She had completely changed as she stroked her hair coquettishly. She looked like a femme fatale.

If Lin Feng hadn’t been a statue, he would have been soaked in cold sweat. The Holy Buddha Mother of Evil was a lookey! Why was she trying to arouse him now?

But Lin Feng couldn’t move his tongue, and couldn’t ask her anything. He couldn’t help but insult her inside. The woman seemed like she was on fire. She started undressing…

She took off her outer robe, which revealed her short top, beautiful shoulders, and thin waist. She had long white legs. She was so horny her legs shook.

“Mmmhmmm…. Ah…” she looked at Lin Feng seductively and moaned. Her hands then started roaming all over his body.

Lin Feng was an iron statue, but he was surprised that he could feel her touch very distinctly.

It felt like small electric shocks. Very quickly, Lin Feng felt even hotter. His pure Qi was even less stable. When his Qi started moving chaotically, the flame on the wick in his mouth became even bigger and hotter.

“Lin Feng… Your pure sun Qi is incredible… It’s perfect for some rituals I need to perform. I’ve never burned such a great cultivator before. When I get your pure Sun Qi, my life expectancy will be extended at least a thousand years! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Lin Feng, do you agree to stay with me for a thousand years and practice cultivation? If you agree, I won’t kill you. I’ll leave some life pure Qi in your body. We can practice together in this cave! What do you think? It’d be a dream!”

The Holy Buddha Mother of Evil couldn’t control her lust anymore. She was whispering in Lin Feng’s ears. She then bit and licked his ear. Lin Feng felt as if he were going to lose consciousness.

Lin Feng ground his teeth and shouted furiously, “You’re a fucking dumb, pathetic and psychotic nymphomaniac! I would have never thought you’d be a woman like this. You call yourself the Holy Buddha Mother of Evil? You should call yourself the nymphomaniac MILF on fire! When was the last time you saw a hot stud, huh?”

Lin Feng wanted to speak, but he couldn’t move his tongue so he sounded like a mute trying to speak. The Holy Buddha Mother of Evil thought Lin Feng was begging her for mercy and smiled. Then she put her finger in Lin Feng’s mouth and tickled his tongue.

Even though Lin Feng’s body was stiff, he could move his mouth, so he bit her finger as hard as he could. She had made a mistake because of her sexual urges.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…” she shouted in pain. She tried to pull her finger back, but Lin Feng didn’t release it.

“You, you stinky man! You’re insane! Release my finger! AHHH!…  AHHH!… HOW PAINFUL…!” The Holy Buddha Mother of Evil used her other hand to punch Lin Feng’s chest. It sounded like a bronze gong when she punched his iron body.

Lin Feng tasted blood in his mouth. The taste made him feel like vomiting, but he knew that if he released her finger, he was doomed. He was ready to do everything he could. Since he was in danger, he didn’t want to spare his enemy’s life!

Because of the taste, Lin Feng gagged. His mouth was suddenly filled with thick saliva. Lin Feng swallowed two big mouthfuls of saliva mixed with blood without even thinking about it. He was determined to stay like that as long as he could. 

Suddenly he could feel his tongue again! Had he recovered?

Lin Feng was overjoyed! The woman’s blood could save him from the iron skin’s imprisonment?

The blood Lin Feng had swallowed started spreading throughout his body. It felt like a flood across his body. Lin Feng’s heart was pounding.

The blood was trying to control his body. Lin Feng decided to release her immediately!

The Holy Buddha Mother of Evil snatched back her finger. It was so painful she was crying. She looked at her injured finger and cried even louder! “Lin Feng!  You’re a shameless bastard! I wanted to spare your life. I didn’t expect you to react like that. It seems like I have to teach you a good lesson.”

She took out a red whip. She lashed the ground and the whip was covered in flames. There were a few explosions. Lin Feng didn’t have time to react. She was already whipping him.


Lin Feng learned to control the pain gradually. It even started feeling good?!

Lin Feng cursed, “You’re a fucking nymphomaniac, evil slut! You think we’re in the game Serious Sam? If you want to kill me, just do it!”

The Holy Buddha Mother of Evil seemed even more excited. She forgot the pain in her finger and smiled. “Lin Feng, you know where my whip comes from? Nü Wa used to use it to refine stones with fire, it’s called the Red Flames Godly Whip. I had never thought I would use it to punish you. Hehehe! Don’t you think I’m amazing?”

“Bah! You’re a disgusting slut, definitely not amazing!” Lin Feng cursed again. His blood was changing. Surprisingly, it was condensing in his dantian. It slowly condensed and transformed, turning into a black Buddhist creature.

Lin Feng was shocked and terrified. He swore, “Old bitch! Who the fuck are you? Why is your blood… turning me into a Buddhist creature?”

The Holy Buddha Mother of Evil was stupefied, but she suddenly smiled, “Hehehe! Congratulations! In this world, only women can be pregnant. You’re now pregnant with my ovum. Hahahahahaha!…”

Lin Feng nearly coughed blood, but didn’t believe her nonsense. The Holy Buddha Mother of Evil lit up her Red Flames Godly Whip again and whipped Lin Feng. Each time she whipped him, blood and fire mixed in Lin Feng’s body.

His dantian kept changing. It was like an embryo forming a small black Buddha.

Lin Feng felt his dantian move. He suddenly felt as if he were burning. Some lights flashed, pure and bright. A white Buddha shadow appeared. The white Buddha sat opposite the black Buddha and they looked at each other. The two Buddhas started spinning.

When they started spinning, Lin Feng felt as if his dantian was about to explode. A Qi started condensing between the two Buddhas. Lin Feng had never seen such a powerful pure Qi.

The Holy Buddha Mother of Evil suddenly looked exhausted. She rolled her hips and looked at Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, don’t you want to know who I am?”

Lin Feng grunted icily, “You’re a boring person. I don’t care about who you are.”

“Hehehe. Don’t you want to know? I’ll tell you anyway. Nobody knows who I am. It’s a sad thing! I am one of Nü Wa’s servants. More precisely, I am a woman who practices fire cultivation. I helped Nü Wa burn stones for a long time. We created some clay people together. This world exists partly thanks to me…” she said mournfully.

Lin Feng was dumbstruck. One of Nü Wa’s servants?

She continued, “Sigh… But then Miss Nü Wa became stronger; she started flying and didn’t need me anymore. She threw me down to Earth. Damn it! Why can people fly and I can’t? Unfortunately, I am a woman. I can’t reach enlightenment. But then I met a man, finally, a real man. So I wanted to help him become strong enough to control this world. What I didn’t know was that he was cruel and evil… After stealing a part of my cultivation, he got rid of me! This world is unfair!”

Lin Feng was stupefied. She was the Ancient Demon’s woman?

“Who’s the man? What’s his name?” asked Lin Feng.

When the Holy Buddha Mother of Evil saw Lin Feng was interested in her story, she smiled and walked closer. She caressed his chest and said, “The man looked a lot like you. He’s ambitious and strong. He hates mediocrity. He said he wanted to create another better world. His name is…”

At that moment, the Holy Buddha Mother of Evil stopped talking. Her cheeks reddened. She couldn’t pronounce that person’s name! 

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        I’m disappointed that I’m being reading this novel for almost 2 yrs now… And was among the first one who started reading this second part of PMG but now this story has detoriated to this….
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