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Chapter 1643: Original Intentions!


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Lin Feng quickly asked, “Come on, tell me! Who is that person? Who can be so strong and who looks like me?”

Tears kept flowing on her cheeks. She cried and said, “I can’t say his name. I can only pronounce his name in my head…”

Lin Feng couldn’t stand her anymore. He spat at her face. 

She was startled and took a few steps backwards. She swore, “Are you sick? That’s so unhygienic!”

Lin Feng said, “So who is he? He dumped you like a good for nothing and you still think about giving him face by not revealing his name? Are you stupid? Release me and I’ll take you to him!”

The Holy Buddha Mother of Evil was stupefied and then looked delighted. But then her eyes gleamed with resentment and she said fiercely, “What for? He’s heartless. He better not bump into me ever again!”

The Holy Buddha Mother of Evil’s mood swings were pretty bad… She had probably spent too much time confined in that gloomy cave…

“Hehehe, Lin Feng, I didn’t think you would try to plot against me. You tried to find a way to make me release you. That would have been a terrible mistake, like back in the days with that guy. He tried to do the same thing as you and then he abandoned me and ruined my life. Men are all bastards! I hate them all!”

When she said that, she continued whipping Lin Feng, all the while giggling and smiling. She seemed delighted to whip him.

Lin Feng was infuriated, but he also noticed a change in his body. The two Buddhas were absorbing one another. Lin Feng was extremely worried.

In the end, a white Buddha silhouette appeared. Lin Feng recognized it: it was the Buddhahood Heart! Lin Feng had thought it had disappeared. He hadn’t expected it to be hidden in his dantian! If it was absorbed by the vortex, wouldn’t it vanish forever?

Lin Feng was worried when the Holy Buddha Mother of Evil lashed out with her whip again. This time, she whipped the ground. Her face was red like fire and it was becoming brighter and brighter!

“AAAHHH… AAAHHH…” she ripped her clothes apart, revealing her beautiful white skin and her amazing figure. She was entirely covered in flames!

Lin Feng quickly closed his eyes and said, “You… Can you be a little more decent, please? Hurry up and put on some clothes…”

“Hehehe! Lin Feng, you… you’re such a frivolous young man. Don’t pretend to be serious. Men are all the same. They’re always ready to peep on women if they have the opportunity…” replied the Holy Buddha Mother of Evil. She slowly walked towards Lin Feng, closer and closer, until their bodies touched. She started rubbing against him.

When she saw Lin Feng looking stoic and keeping his eyes closed, she frowned and said icily, “Hmph! You’re just pretending. I don’t believe that you don’t think I’m beautiful. I order you to open your eyes, or I will make your eyes pop out!”

Lin Feng said, “I won’t open my eyes… Even if you do…”

The Holy Buddha Mother of Evil bit her lips, but she then smiled, “Alright, I will show you what I can do.”

She grabbed Lin Feng’s upper eyelids and lifted them. Lin Feng’s eyes were wide open and he couldn’t close them anymore. He had no choice but to look at her magnificent body. Her figure was incredibly nice.

Lin Feng hadn’t had sex since he had arrived on Earth. The woman kept rubbing her body against him, turning him on. Lin Feng was slowly getting aroused. Her smell was bewitching.

If there had been other people there at that moment, they would have gone insane. People usually didn’t have the opportunity to see such a beautiful woman. She also smelled so good. Ordinary people only saw such beautiful women in movies or theater plays.

Lin Feng felt like he had lost control. There was a waterfall of sweat on his forehead.

The woman kept swaying her belly and touching her body and Lin Feng’s. Lin Feng was completely red. Suddenly, his penis, now as hard as iron, pierced through his trousers and appeared before the woman’s eyes.

Lin Feng felt extremely embarrassed. The woman smiled and said, “Lin Feng, you said you were a righteous gentleman, but now you’re showing me your penis. All men are the same. Stinky men! All hypocrites!”

Lin Feng’s thoughts were so chaotic it felt like a ball of porridge was inside his head. But he still replied, “Stop talking nonsense. I… I naturally don’t agree… And it has nothing to do with virtue or principles…”

Lin Feng couldn’t believe what he had just said.

The Holy Buddha Mother of Evil suddenly looked astonished, “You… You broke my Furnace Cauldron Technique?”

The Holy Buddha Mother of Evil had used a Furnace Cauldron Technique on them. The materials she had used for that were those from back in the days with Nü Wa. She initially wanted to turn Lin Feng into an oil lamp so she would be able to absorb his pure Qi over time.

It was also a way for her to improve her cultivation and increase her life expectancy. She had used many people’s lives for that, but Lin Feng was the first one who had managed to break her Furnace Cauldron Technique.

Lin Feng didn’t know what to say, but he had only one thing in mind: how to get away from her?!


There was an explosion inside Lin Feng’s body. Lin Feng looked quickly and saw two Buddhist lights emerge from his dantian. One beam was black, the other was white. They fused together and turned into a new Buddha shadow… a very strange Buddhashadow!

It was half black, half white!

Lin Feng didn’t understand what was going on. The Holy Buddha Mother of Evil shouted, “Lin Feng, you broke through my restriction!…”

Lin Feng felt strange. The iron which had been fusing together with his skin was being absorbed by him. He spat out the lamp wick in his mouth.

Black Qi suddenly emerged from the Holy Buddha Mother of Evil’s body. She suddenly looked terrifying. Her face was now distorted by wrath.

Black hair appeared all over her body. She looked like a terrifying monster, now on all fours and with seven or eight tails.

Lin Feng was dumbstruck. He couldn’t help but think he had to destroy her thoroughly now.

“ARGHHHHH… LIN FENG… I’ll kill you no matter what!” shouted the terrifying monster. She was three meters tall now! Lin Feng had just recovered, so his arms felt a bit numb. He quickly moved aside and dodged the gigantic claws.

There was an explosion as the demonic wolf crashed on the ground. A huge crater appeared, and boulders exploded. Lin Feng wasn’t even standing firmly before the demonic wolf was already constricting him with its tail.

Lin Feng broke free and retreated towards the wall of the cave. There was an explosion and a hole appeared in the wall with a cloud of dust. Suddenly, it started smelling really bad, like rotten fish.

Lin Feng shouted furiously and the Ying Hun sword flashed and cut the demonic wolf’s tail. The wolf shouted in pain.

The demonic wolf escaped. Lin Feng didn’t have time to chase the wolf because dozens of creatures similar to the demonic wolf came out of the hole in the wall.

those creatures were standing on two legs, like humans. They shot towards Lin Feng like arrows. Lin Feng wielded his Ying Hun sword and beheaded one of them, but the others didn’t seem scared at all. They continued charging him.

Lin Feng didn’t intend to be merciful. He slaughtered them one after another. He managed to destroy them all in the blink of an eye. But when Lin Feng turned his head around, he realized that the demonic wolf was already gone.

Lin Feng quickly looked around and saw a three-meter hole in the lotus stage. There was blood at the entrance of the hole.

Lin Feng immediately understood that the demonic wolf had escaped through that hole. He raised his sword and jumped in. 

The inside smelled like mold and felt like a labyrinth. Lin Feng chased the wolf for a while and finally found it.

The demonic wolf was curled up on a stage. Lin Feng looked at it and couldn’t help but shiver. There were several gigantic iron cages on the stage, with many people inside.

On the ground were many skeletons. Lin Feng ground his teeth. It seemed like the demonic wolf had been eating people for a while!

But Lin Feng was worried about Lin Zu. Was Lin Zu inside? Was he alive? What if the demonic wolf had eaten him?

“Heyyyyy, Lin Feng, don’t come any closer or I’ll eat them all!” shouted the demonic wolf, drooling. The people imprisoned in the iron cages shouted in terror. 

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