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Chapter 1644: Rescuing Lin Zu!


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 Lin Feng used his godly awareness to check the area. Very quickly, he felt something in one of the cages. It reacted to his blood and soul. Lin Feng understood that if Lin Zu was there, then he was definitely in that cage!

Lin Feng ignored the demonic wolf. He flashed and appeared on the stage. When the demonic wolf saw Lin Feng land on the stage, it bared fangs and charged Lin Feng. It could eat Lin Feng in one bite!

Lin Feng cut vertically. When his blade collided with the wolf’s teeth, they exploded and blood gushed out. The wolf shouted in agony and was pushed back a few steps, but it didn’t intend to retreat. It charged towards the closest iron cage

Lin Feng was startled. It was precisely the cage Lin Zu was. Lin Feng threw a punch and an iron fist appeared in the air.

It wasn’t a shadow; it was more real, almost tangible. The demonic wolf’s remaining teeth moved closer and closer to the cage. Golden lights appeared.

Lin Feng threw another punch at the demonic wolf’s head. The demonic wolf was blown away from the stage.

At the same time, Lin Feng cut the tops off the iron cages. The people inside could barely stand because of a powerful Qi putting pressure on them. The demonic wolf had fallen at the foot of the stage, but it didn’t intend to give up. It leapt back towards the stage.

Lin Feng threw a few punches and the demonic wolf fell back down.

“Lin Zu! Where are you? Qing Yue, where are you?” Lin Feng shouted and fought against the demonic wolf at the same time.

“Lin Feng! You’re here! Save us!” shouted Qing Yue. Lin Feng turned his head and saw Qing Yue, now covered in mud. Her hair was messy and dirty. She didn’t look like a graceful, elegant, and charming young woman anymore.

But Lin Zu didn’t react, so Lin Feng was even more worried. He inspected the area and found a cage with someone unconscious inside.

Lin Zu’s face was grey. His eyes were closed, and he was completely unresponsive. Qing Yue ran over and shook Lin Zu. She shouted, “Fellow disciple Lin! Hurry up and wake up! What’s wrong with you?”

Lin Feng was stupefied and asked, “He’s your fellow disciple?”

Wasn’t that his son Lin Zu? How come he had become Qing Yue’s fellow disciple?

A strange wind suddenly started blowing. The demonic wolf charged again. It jumped and then fell from above towards Lin Feng, spreading its claws. It bared its fangs and got ready to eat Lin Feng’s head in one bite.

Lin Feng was next to Qing Yue and Lin Zu, so if he dodged the attack, the demonic wolf would kill all the others and eat them. Lin Feng was extremely nervous, so he quickly attacked with his sword.

With one cut, a hole appeared in the wolf’s head, but it didn’t stop it. It continued charging with its jaws wide.

At the most crucial moment, Lin Feng released gigantic lights and isolated the area around him. The demonic wolf was startled and smashed away by the surprise attack. It crashed into the wall, creating a new hole.

The demonic wolf was severely injured. It was struggling to get back up and shouted in agony. “Lin Feng, you cut my tail and crippled my cultivation; you will die today!”

Even though the demonic wolf shouted threateningly, it didn’t dare attack again. It was afraid, so it jumped in the hole and disappeared.

Lin Feng gave Lin Zu some pure Qi. Lin Zu coughed and came back to his senses. He looked at Lin Feng and said, “Father…”

After that, he lost his consciousness again. Qing Yue looked astonished and mumbled, “He… He’s gone mad? He called you father!”

Lin Feng had no time to explain anything. He had to hurry up and take them away from that place.

Lin Feng brought those people to the entrance, and punched the stone door, which exploded. They jumped through, and some cultivators charged them.

“Lin Feng is out, hurry up and capture them…” shouted someone in terror. They were probably people who had brought the prisoners there before, so when Lin Feng came out safe and sound, they were so frightened nobody dared come any closer.

Lin Feng ground his teeth and spat, “If you don’t want to die, you better piss off! Otherwise, I don’t mind using you to feed my sword soul!”

Those people all turned and started running away. Lin Feng and the others came out of the hole and saw the hundreds of cultivators Feng Yin Quan had brought.

“Lin Feng, you… didn’t die?!” screamed Feng Yin Quan. He couldn’t believe it. 

Lin Feng smiled icily, “Feng Yin Quan, you’re a petty and vile person. You’re going to die today.”

“Go! Kill them all!” shouted Feng Yin Quan loudly. The elders who were charging Lin Feng and the others all raised their swords, and fireballs emerged from them.

Lin Feng threw a palm strike. A gigantic hand shadow appeared and moved towards the elders. Some elders exploded and blood gushed. A few people burned away when the fireballs hit them.

Feng Yin Quan stood at the front, so Lin Feng killed him too.

When the remaining elders saw how strong Lin Feng was and that Feng Yin Quan was dead already, they didn’t feel like fighting anymore. They all started running for their lives.

Lin Feng took those people out to the street and was astonished. Was it still the same Jiang Nan city he knew?

It had turned into a landscape of devastation and destruction. There were dead people everywhere. When Lin Feng and the others showed up, it didn’t draw anyone’s attention.

The people Lin Feng had rescued were all dirty. They didn’t look much more different from the people on the streets of the city.

Lin Feng asked one of them, “What happened here?”

That person was startled. They turned around and said in a trembling voice, “You… Haven’t you seen? A moment before, a gigantic monster appeared and ate a lot of people…”

After that, that person pushed Lin Feng away and ran. Lin Feng looked at the grey and yellow sky. He could smell blood Qi. It was the same Qi as the one of the Holy Buddha Mother of Evil’s demonic wolves.

Lin Feng immediately understood. The demonic wolf had escaped and come to the outside world.

Lin Feng initially wanted to chase it, but he couldn’t leave the people who were with him behind, especially the unconscious Lin Zu.

Luckily, the pack of demonic wolves had only destroyed that street. The other streets were fine. Lin Feng brought those people to another street. Lin Feng noticed a bunch of policemen in the distance, so he looked for a hotel and went in. 

When they arrived inside, Lin Feng transmitted some more pure Qi to Lin Zu. Lin Zu’s face slowly gained some color. He started breathing normally again, but he didn’t regain his senses yet.

After a short while, a hotel staffer brought some clothes Lin Feng had asked her to buy. He said to Qing Yue, “Hurry up and go take a shower, then put these clothes on. We can’t stay here for too long. We need to go to Mount Qingcheng.”

Qing Yue nodded. She was frightened after going through so much. She had nearly died a few times. Her life had been worse than death when she was imprisoned in the cage. Every day she had seen demonic wolves eat people alive. She was still in shock. 


Lin Feng went back to the street. The police officers looked wary. Their sirens were blaring and the red and blue lights on their cars were flashing. When they saw Lin Feng come closer, a police officer said warningly, “Mister, please move away, there was an accident here.”

Lin Feng stopped and asked, “Do you know what happened?”

The police officer looked at Lin Feng and said, “It’s a secret. The city is on lock down. Nobody can get out. Please cooperate with police forces.”

“Oh,” Lin Feng replied. Then he took two steps and jumped in the air. He landed on the roof of a six-story building. 

The police officer who had just warned him was astonished. He stared at Lin Feng on the top of the building and shouted, “What… What are you doing? Don’t jump from the roof…”

Lin Feng’s forehead was immediately covered in cold sweat. Is that police officer a complete moron? He thought Lin Feng wanted to jump from the building to commit suicide… Lin Feng ignored him and jumped onto another building and looked around.

There was blood Qi everywhere, turning the sky red. It looked desolate.

Lin Feng sighed sadly, just as his phone suddenly rang. It was Wang Yuan. “Lin Feng, where are you?” he asked worriedly. 

“Where are you? What’s going on?”

“Something terrible has happened. Hurry up and come back to the capital city. M Country and Fu Sang declared war against Huaxia. They’re going to crush us…” said Wang Yuan nervously.

“Oh?” Lin Feng replied indifferently. “What does it have to do with me? Leader Wang wants you to capture me and bring me back to the capital city? He still thinks I’m a monster from outer space?”

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