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Chapter 1645: The Demonic Wolves Show Up Again!


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 Lin Feng initially wanted to help them get rid of the evil witches’ sect and they kept doubting him… But if he hadn’t intervened, it would have been a nightmare for the planet!

Wang Yuan’s heart twitched. After a short pause, he said, “Lin Feng, Leader Wang is severely injured… It’s a crucial moment for the country. The country might get destroyed. Real cultivators refuse to abide by the rules any longer. They want to have it their own way. They don’t want rules and laws anymore. They want to create a new world order on Earth…”

Lin Feng understood. Real cultivators used to abide by rules and live like normal people in front of everybody else. Cultivation was only something private for them. But now they didn’t want to abide by rules anymore.

When Wang Yuan saw that Lin Feng didn’t say anything, he added, “Don’t be resentful for what happened before. M Country and Fu Sang’s real cultivators have control of their countries now. Now they want to attack us and kill us all. If Huaxia’s real cultivators lose, then our country will die.”

Lin Feng didn’t care about those people, but he couldn’t let Huaxia be destroyed. Lin Feng suddenly felt angry and said firmly, “Alright. I’ll do my best to get back as quickly as possible.”

Lin Feng couldn’t let his homeland be destroyed. 

 But he had more important things to do first. He had to find Nian Ling Jiao. Lin Feng hung up the phone and called Lu Zhan. When Lu Zhan heard Lin Feng’s story, he felt sorry for him. He asked Lin Feng where he was. When Ling Jiao said he was back in Jiang Nan, Lu Zhan was even more astonished.

“Lin Feng, where are you? I’ll come over right now.” Lin Feng told him the address. He hadn’t thought Lu Zhan would be so quick. He was at the building in less than twenty minutes.

Lin Feng jumped down from the roof and landed on the sidewalk. Lu Zhan was astonished. He grabbed Lin Feng’s arm and shook it, “Lin Feng, weren’t you supposed to be working for Wang Yuan? How come you came back without telling me?”

“I just came back. I had some issues on the way, though. Where did you come from?”

“I was on a street nearby. You know that over half of the members of the Feng Clan died? There was an underground palace under their territory. It seemed like they raised some insane and evil creature inside. I was checking the area to learn more, ” Lu Zhan answered honestly.

“Oh. No, not a creature, just a monster which can practice cultivation as well, ” Lin Feng answered simply.

When Lu Zhan heard that, he was astonished. Lin Feng asked, “By the way, where is Nian Ling Jiao?”

Lin Feng hadn’t seen Nian Ling Jiao since he had come back to Jiang Nan. Lu Zhan immediately said, “Oh yeah, sorry, I should have mentioned that at first. We were together just before and I forgot to ask her to come.”

Lu Zhan called and said where she was on the phone. Then he hung up and said, “You probably don’t know, but Nian Ling Jiao has become the strongest cultivator in Jiang Nan. I’m her servant now.”

Lin Feng didn’t understand, but remained silent. Suddenly, he sensed a familiar Qi and saw Nian Ling Jiao flying over. Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled when he saw her, because she was wearing elite forces clothes and looked valiant and heroic like that!

When she landed on the ground, she jumped in Lin Feng’s arms and burst into tears, “Lin Feng, I missed you soooo much! Where were you for such a long time? Boo hoo hoo…”

Lin Feng was caught unprepared. In the World of Battles, even though she was one of his concubines, they had never done it. So when Nian Ling Jiao took the initiative to jump in his arms, Lin Feng was surprised.

Lin Feng hastily put his arms around her as well. He tapped her back gently and cheered her up, “Don’t cry, don’t cry. I’m here now. I came back for you, you see? Anyway, let’s go inside to talk…”

“Hmph, I was extremely worried about you. You were gone for so long. I was afraid you would never come back!” said Nian Ling Jiao, “Lin Feng, I remember absolutely everything from the World of Battles now. I remember the Ancient Demon’s clone kidnapped me and took me here to the Earth. Qian Jin Cai Yue Qing Huang Tian and Lin Zu were also there.”

Nian Ling Jiao looked extremely worried. Lin Feng nodded and said, “So now, apart from Qian Jin Cai Yue, I know where Qing Huang Tian and Lin Zu are. Lin Zu is still in the room…”

Nian Ling Jiao immediately cried out in fear. She let go of Lin Feng’s arms and ran outside, Lin Zu shouted worriedly, “Teacher, pay attention to the police…”

Nian Ling Jiao looked like a little girl. Lin Feng tapped Lu Zhan’s shoulder gently and asked, “What did you call her? She’s your teacher?”

Lu Zhan nodded, “Yes, she’s my teacher. She’s really extremely strong. She taught many things. Now, I am a Cultivation Spirit, I broke through!”


When they arrived inside the hotel, Lin Zu and Nian Ling Jiao were crying. Nian Ling Jiao asked with a sob, “Lin Zu, where were you these days? How come you came here alone?”

When Lin Zu saw Lin Feng enter the room, he said emotionally, “Dad…”

Lin Feng was touched and moved too. He took them both in his arms. He felt warm in his heart. He hadn’t thought they would ever be reunited after so many hardships.

Lu Zhan swallowed and whispered, “Lin Feng… Are you sure that… he’s your son?”

Lu Zhan couldn’t believe that Lin Zu was really his son. Lin Zu looked like a fourteen or fifteen-year old teenager, whereas Lin Feng looked like twenty-two years old at most. How could they possibly be father and son?

Lin Feng smiled and remained silent. It was too complicated. He had no time to explain everything.

At that moment, Lu Zhan’s phone rang and he looked astonished. He asked, “What? You found a mad wolf? Where?”

He hung up the phone and said, “Lin Feng, they found a few of those creatures in the eastern part of the city. Those monsters have encircled many people. We have to hurry up and get there…”

Lin Feng looked at Nian Ling Jiao and nodded. “Let’s go together. I need to see those monsters!”

Qing Yue said, “Lin Feng, I’m not going. I want to go back to Mount Qingcheng.”

Lin Feng nodded. Even though Qing Yue’s cultivation wasn’t bad, she couldn’t compete with those demonic wolves so he asked, “How do you intend to go back and will you be safe if you go back alone?”

Qing Yue said, “Not alone. Among the people you saved, some of them are elders from Mount Qingcheng. We’ll go back together, and we’ll be fine.”


 Lin Feng and the others left the hotel. Lin Feng immediately released Pangu’s Compass and had everyone sit on it. When people on the streets saw that, they burst into an uproar. They were shocked and terrified. Someone shouted, “Hey… isn’t that a UFO…”

Lin Feng had the compass rise higher up in the air, and instantly disappeared from everyone’s eyes. The compass was a relic from the ancient times. It was an extraordinary item. It wasn’t used to fly, it was used to travel through space and time. The compass caused a strong wind all around them, but on the compass itself, there was no wind, as if they were in a glass ball.

Lu Zhan was dumbstruck!

They quickly arrived in the eastern part of the city. Lin Feng looked down and saw the lights of police cars everywhere on the ground. Those people were all elite forces, but at that moment, they looked shocked and terrified. When they saw Lu Zhan and Nian Ling Jiao, they all gathered around them and started reporting to them.

It was a rural area. Those wild wolves had gone inside the area and hadn’t come back out. The elite forces had sent people inside to check but nobody had come back.

“Lin Feng, what do we do?” asked Nian Ling Jiao.

“Go inside, of course; what else?” Lin Feng replied. He led the way into the rural area. The main gate was destroyed. There were gigantic footprints on the ground; one could see their gigantic claws on their footprints. It was frightening to see.

After a few thousand meters, they arrived in the rural area. There were many gigantic greenhouses around. Lin Feng looked around as the others arrived behind him. One of them said, “Officer Lu, should we all join hands and attack?”

They were all holding guns and other weapons. Lin Feng hastily shook his head and had them stop. It wasn’t the right time to act rashly and alert the enemy. Lin Feng didn’t feel like wasting time and energy. So he immediately took out his Ying Hun sword and said, “Don’t move. I’m going alone.”

Lu Zhan asked worriedly, “You’re going alone? We should all join hands and attack!”

Lin Feng smiled, “You think a group attack is useful? They’re not ordinary monsters. Your bullets can’t pierce their skin. You can’t kill them. So it would be useless if anyone else came with me.”

“I’ll go with you!” said Nian Ling Jiao.

Suddenly, they heard a loud and scary cry from inside one of the greenhouses; it was the yelp of a demonic wolf. It was two meters tall, and its hair was extremely thick and sharp as needles. It bared fangs and drool mixed with blood fell from the corners of its mouth.

There was half a human corpse in its mouth!

It had sensed Lin Feng and the others’ presence, so it had come out to check on them. When it saw them, it howled furiously, then charged Lin Feng and the others.

“AAAHHH!…” the people behind Lin Feng were terrified and shouting. Some people immediately started shooting at the demonic wolves, but the bullets bounced off them and made them even angrier.

The shooters quickly emptied their cartridge clips, and then the demonic wolves charged. Lin Feng hastily released his compass, which protected the crowd. 

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