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Chapter 1647: Flying Side by Side!


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 What Lin Feng didn’t know was that it was closely related to him. Back then, when Li Ze Cheng had run over him with his car, Lin Feng had been sent to another world and everything had changed. Real cultivators had actually started arising after he had been sent to another world.

Nian Ling Jiao leaned against Lin Feng and said softly, “Lin Feng, will we be able to go back to the World of Battles?”

Lin Feng nodded resolutely. “Yes, definitely!”

Nian Ling Jiao looked at the starry sky with Lin Feng. The stars were so beautiful and endless. It felt like a dream. Where was the World of Battles?

Nian Ling Jiao thought of her childhood in the World of Battles, her father, her friends, and relatives. They were all in the World of Battles. Now she was in Lin Feng’s country on Earth. If she went back, would she see her relatives again?

Nian Ling Jiao burst into tears again. She said resentfully, “Lin Feng, you have to promise me you’ll take me back to the World of Battles…”

“It seems like you don’t like the Earth… But I don’t think this place is worse than the World of Battles…” whispered Lin Feng. 

Nian Ling Jiao said, “Stop pestering me. I just want to go back and see!”

Nian Ling Jiao had slowly gotten used to living on the Earth. Everything was new. They also had a completely different culture, which had made her see the world with new eyes. If she hadn’t come to the Earth, she would have never known there were other worlds so different from the World of Battles.

Lin Zu suddenly shouted, “Hurry up and look… there’s an airplane…”

Lin Feng looked and saw a plane emerging from the sea of clouds below them. Lin Feng suddenly smiled and said, “We could go and see?”

Nian Ling Jiao felt very uncomfortable and said, “It’s not a good idea… We could terrify those poor people…”

Lin Feng smiled evilly, “Nah, they’re all in the airplane, anyway. We won’t bother them. We can just wave and say hello… nothing more…”

He slapped the compass, which immediately accelerated. They were flying above the clouds. In less than a minute, they caught up with the plane and flew alongside it. Lin Zu, inside the isolated world on the compass, waved at the passengers and shouted hello.

The passengers looked curious and excited, especially a little girl. Her eyes were staring widely.

She hammered the window with her little hands and shouted, “Mommy… hurry up and look, there are gods outside…”

Her mother was tired and her eyes were closed. When she heard her little girl, she told her to stop shouting and be a good little girl because she just thought her little girl was dreaming as usual. But the little girl continued shouting.

A man got angry because the little girl’s shouts disturbed him, and groaned angrily. But he still turned his head and glanced out of the window. It wasn’t the first time he had traveled by plane, but at that moment he was dumbstruck.

“AHHHHH… THERE ARE GODS OUTSIDE OF THE WINDOW! NO! A UFO!” shouted the man. Everybody immediately looked out of the windows.

Everybody’s mouth gaped open. Their eyes were about to fall out of their sockets.

The crowd was dumbstruck when they saw Lin Feng, Nian Ling Jiao, and Lin Zu on the UFO. They could see them very clearly because they were very close to the plane.

But it wasn’t funny at all. It violated all the laws of physics. They were ten meters away from them… What if they collided and crashed?!

Ordinary people couldn’t understand how that was possible. Besides, UFOs didn’t exist. They were just legends. Could those three people be aliens?

But those three people looked like Earthlings… Could it be that aliens had turned into humans to come and destroy mankind?

The captain of the ship immediately reported to the authorities. People in a control tower on the ground looked at their radar, but they didn’t see anything other than the plane.

But the captain didn’t seem like he was joking… The people in the control tower were in charge of air security, so they couldn’t afford to ignore any kind of threat. They reported to their superiors. 


“Lin Zu, what do you think? What’s better? This compass or the plane?” asked Lin Feng, showing off.

Lin Zu nodded, “Yes. Look, they’re all looking at us…” said Lin Zu excitedly. He stood up and continued waving at the passengers. Then he shouted loudly, “HELLO… MY NAME IS LIN ZU… NICE TO MEET YOU…”

The people in the plane couldn’t hear him. They only saw him making strange gestures. The people inside got excited, though. They thought that aliens might be kind and well-intentioned after all.

They all waved back. Some people started praying. Some others took out their devices to take pictures. They had almost forgotten they were in the sky.

Ordinary people never had the opportunity to see such things, so they didn’t want to miss this opportunity. They all wanted to keep souvenirs.

Lin Feng and the others stayed next to the plane for ten minutes. Lin Feng grew bored, so the compass flashed away and they disappeared from there. But when the compass flashed in front of the pilot and copilot, they nearly fainted.

The plane was small, so the two pilots didn’t see Lin Feng’s compass. They just saw something flash by, but they knew it was something extremely fast…

That UFO had nothing; no wings, no helices, no sound… But it was incredibly fast!

Pilots were well-trained and knew everything about planes and related technologies. They knew at first glance that that wasn’t human technology. And if it wasn’t, it was alien technology then! 

Lin Feng accelerated and disappeared.

But as Lin Feng was flying, he suddenly saw two fighter jets to his sides. They were extremely fast. They pointed their weapons at him!

The two combat aircrafts’ pilots used their radios to communicate with Lin Feng, but they quickly realized Lin Feng’s aircraft wasn’t equipped with a radio.

Lin Feng looked at them. He understood he had gone a little bit too far. In order to avoid trouble, he released his godly awareness into their cockpit to hear what they were saying.

One of them was reporting to the ground. He said a UFO was flying next to them, and that three unknown creatures were on it. Lin Feng choked. Three unknown creatures?

The other jet asked his superiors if he could shoot at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng thought they were insane. Why attack them? Could their weapons even hurt his compass? What a joke! Hmph! I’m done playing with you!

Lin Feng chanted a mantra, and his compass accelerated. The pilots in their jets didn’t intend to let him escape. They would be shamed if their targets escaped!

They accelerated and followed him closely. Lin Feng wanted to play around, so he suddenly started rising at a ninety-degree angle.

The fighter jets couldn’t do that, and the two pilots lost Lin Feng. One of them shouted loudly, “Oh my heavens! It disappeared! He can gain altitude so suddenly! Impossible!”

Lin Feng dove down, piercing through the ocean of clouds. When the jets arrived at the ground, Lin Feng wasn’t there anymore. 


Lin Feng’s compass quickly arrived in the sky of the capital city. To avoid drawing people’s attention, Lin Feng had his compass land not far from Leader Wang’s headquarters. They strolled towards the residence.

Lin Feng called Wang Yuan and told him he was almost there. Wang Yuan was astonished. He was so fast, how had he done that? But because they were in a rush, he didn’t ask anything.

When Lin Feng and the others showed up, Wang Yuan tried not to look too disturbed and smiled, “Lin Feng…”

Wang Yuan told Lin Feng what had happened in the capital city these days. The capital city had become a terrifying place, because the real cultivators of M Country and Fu Sang had attacked already!

“Wang Yuan, you think M Country wants to attack us because of what happened when we were there?” asked Lin Feng curiously.

“Yes. When we were there, some people died and disappeared. When the real cultivators of M Country heard that, they were furious, so they sent people to attack Huaxia. We’re doomed!”

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