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Chapter 1648: Huaxia’s First Defeats!


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 Wang Yuan was extremely worried. He looked at Nian Ling Jiao and Lin Zu and asked in a low voice, “Lin Feng Jiu, who are these two people?”

Lin Feng told Wang Yuan they were friends. They arrived in front of Leader Wang’s building. There were many ambulances, military vehicles, and soldiers with heavy weapons.

When they entered the courtyard, Lin Feng noticed the atmosphere was tense. Lin Feng inspected the area with his godly awareness. Some real cultivators were hiding close by.

“Lin Feng, I’ll take you to Leader Wang first,” Wang Yuan said with a heavy heart. Wang Yuan had told Lin Feng that Leader Wang was severely injured.

They went to the third floor. When they arrived, Lin Feng noticed Leader Wang was extremely pale. He was lying in a bed. Some nurses and doctors were tending to him.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He waited for the doctors and nurses to finish their job before Leader Wang finally looked at Lin Feng. He immediately looked happy and pleasantly surprised when he saw him. He wanted to sit up, but he was too weak so he just said, “Lin Feng, you’re back! Please sit down…”

Lin Feng sat down and looked at Leader Wang, who looked exhausted. He understood that Leader Wang’s real pure Qi had probably been expended. His bones and muscles were also damaged.

“What happened, Leader?” Lin Feng asked.

Leader Wang smiled wryly, “My body is too weak. I fought against someone from Fu Sang, and they crushed me. I’m such a bad cultivator…”

Leader Wang was angry as he told Lin Feng the whole story. Fu Sang had attacked first. They wanted to see if their cultivators were stronger than Huaxia’s. Fu Sang had also said that the real cultivators from Huaxia were actually from Fu Sang, so Fu Sang’s cultivators were like the ancestors of the cultivators of Huaxia.

They wanted to take control over Huaxia. They wanted to make all the real cultivators of the planet gather together.

Back in the days, Fu Sang was like the boss of the Real Cultivators Association. They were arrogant and aggressive. They had attacked Leader Wang and injured him…

Leader Wang was a cultivator and now people from Fu Sang had bullied him and his country. He wished he were stronger; he would have been able to stop them.

In terms of strength, Leader Wang was actually quite strong, but he was older and had old injuries. His real pure Qi wasn’t stable. He had lost after dozens of blows.

When Lin Feng heard Leader Wang, he frowned. Fu Sang’s people were arrogant and aggressive. They had been like that for a while.

Fu Sang’s people were wildly ambitious. They wanted to show the world how strong they were.

Leader Wang looked at Nian Ling Jiao and Lin Zu, who had been standing at the door the whole time. He asked Lin Feng about them. Lin Feng told him the truth.

Leader Wang was dumbstruck. Lin Feng then changed the topic, “What is the current situation like for real cultivators in Huaxia?”

Leader Wang sighed and told him everything. One could say that many of them had been annihilated. Those who hadn’t died were usually severely injured.

They had risked their lives to resist the cultivators of M Country and Fu Sang. Their enemies had taken advantage of that situation to destroy many of them.

Lin Feng’s heart kept twitching as he heard the stories. He was infuriated and clenched his fists without even noticing it.

At that moment, someone knocked at the door, and a doctor came in. “Leader, Taoist Priest Zhang is here.”

Leader Wang told him to invite the priest to come in. A sixty-year-old old man came in. He was wearing a cyan Taoist robe. He had a long beard, and the demeanor of a transcendent being.

A woman was behind him, wearing fashionable clothes. She seemed like a hot girl from a big city.

Lin Feng stood up to give the man his chair. Taoist Priest Zhang wanted to say something, but then he looked at Lin Feng and seemed dumbstruck. He pointed at Lin Feng; his mouth was wide open, but words didn’t come out.

Lin Feng and Leader Wang didn’t know what was wrong with him. Was he having a heart attack?

“You… You’re the one who was flying on a UFO… Indeed, and those two…” Taoist Priest Zhang seemed dumbstruck. He pointed at Lin Feng, Lin Zu, and Nian Ling Jiao.

Lin Feng was covered in cold sweat. What a coincidence…

The woman cried out in fear when she looked at Lin Feng more closely, but then suddenly looked excited. She ran to Lin Feng, grabbed his arm, and shook it. “You… You’re an alien? Where’s your UFO? What are you doing on Earth?”

She was excited, even though Lin Feng didn’t react. Nian Ling Jiao looked glum. She rolled her eyes and grabbed Lin Feng. She pulled him back and said, “We’re not aliens. What the hell are you talking about, you retard!”

At that moment, Leader Wang understood something. Taoist Priest Zhang told Leader Wang everything that had happened when they were on the plane. Leader Wang narrowed his eyes and looked at Lin Feng. He was shocked, and couldn’t believe it.

When the woman saw Leader Wang seemed doubtful, she took out her phone and showed him pictures. They were high quality.

“Lin Feng, are you really an alien? Do you really come from another world?” asked Leader Wang in shock.

Lin Feng was annoyed. He said helplessly, “Leader Wang, you’re a cultivator too. You must have seen people use different tools to fly before. I use a small disc to fly. What does it have to do with ordinary humans?”

Leader Wang was astonished. He was a high official of Huaxia. Even though it was a bit different, he had met some really strong real cultivators in the past. He had also seen people use tools to fly. But he had never seen someone who could fly at such altitudes and such speeds before!

Since there were strong and weak cultivators, he thought that if some people could be as strong as Lin Feng… there was nothing too astonishing, actually. He sighed and said, “Lin Feng, you’re a hero of Huaxia. Huaxia’s fate is your hands. Please save us.”

Taoist Priest Zhang looked normal again. He got ready to treat Leader Wang’s injuries, so Lin Feng and the others left the room. 


When they arrived downstairs, Lin Feng asked Wang Yuan, “Where is the place where the fights take place? Are there fights today?”

“In Miyun Reservoir in Mount Matou. It’s a border area. There are no fights today because all of our real cultivators are badly injured or dead. Nobody dares go and fight anymore, so there are no duels for the time being…” Wang Yuan sighed helplessly.

Lin Feng asked thoughtfully, “What are the rules of the duels? Does victory depend on the number of points?”

Since it was a kind of competition, there had to be rules regarding the length of the battles, point, and so on. Otherwise, it would just be a chaotic free-for-all… If they just counted points, then the cultivators of Huaxia didn’t stand a chance!

Wang Yuan swallowed and said, “There were thirty duels so far, and we only won five. The length of the competition is one month, but two weeks have already passed. It seems like we’re really going to lose.”

Nian Ling Jiao asked, “Lin Feng, should we participate?”

Nian Ling Jiao seemed eager to try. Lin Feng also intended to participate. Besides, Qing Huang Tian was in Ku Qian Zhen, which was in Miyun. He was finally going to be able to see her again!

Lin Feng nodded and said to Wang Yuan, “When do we leave?”

Wang Yuan pointed to the building, indicating they had to wait for Leader Wang’s orders. At that moment, Taoist Priest Zhang and the hot girl came out. Taoist Priest Zhang bowed hand over fist in front of Lin Feng, “My name is Zhang Jing Xuan. I am the leader of Miao Yun Temple in Mount Miao Yun. May I ask you for your honorable age?”

Zhang Jing Xuan sounded like people in the ancient times. Lin Feng bowed hand over fist quickly and replied politely, “I am Lin Feng, 22 years old.”

Zhang Jing Xuan looked pleasantly surprised and disappointed at the same time. He whispered, “You’re so young, brother, and already so strong. You’re really extraordinary. It’s an honor for Huaxia to have someone like you. If you don’t mind, I hope you can come to my temple as a guest. We could study cultivation together.”

Lin Feng didn’t have time to say anything before the woman came over and said, “Benefactor Lin, please come when you have time. I live in Miao Yun Temple too. We could practice cultivation together indeed…”

“Hmph! No need! You live in a temple and dress like a slut?!” interrupted Nian Ling Jiao. She was furious. That woman was going too far. Nian Ling Jiao had no patience, so she pushed her away angrily.

The woman seemed excited, and said provocatively, “Who are you? Mind your own business, will you?”

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      Its still better than the author “strongers abandoned son” it didnt using like m country or fu shang country while naming chinese with huxia, in “strongest abandoned son using a real name country and very racist, and that author when the main char in earth using america and indonesian as a sample for the useless political view, but from my point of view what author describe about the political view etc is simple minded, how could political view as a simple like that. Only 1 island could making other country wanna create world of war 3, and other country using it to suck up to other country.

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