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Chapter 1650: Huaxia – Those Behind the Curtains! 


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 Auntie Liu smiled and sighed, “Lin Feng, thank you for coming to see us. Look, I’m very sick, so I hope that in the future, you’ll be able to take care of Huang Tian. She’s not easygoing…”

Lin Feng quickly nodded and said, “Don’t worry, Auntie Liu. Your illness is not serious. You will recover.”

“Sigh… I know I’m going to die. I was a doctor. Nobody survives. No need to try and cheer me up. As long as Huang Tian is well and safe, I’m happy…” said Auntie Liu. She didn’t sound sad at all.

Lin Feng wasn’t really sure of that, but he was convinced she wasn’t going to die. His pure Qi had been extremely useful. He hoped her brain would heal soon.

Auntie Liu and Lin Feng chatted a little bit more before Auntie Liu got tired and fell asleep.

Lin Feng walked away and said to Qing Huang Tian who was crying, “Don’t be sad, Qing Huang Tian. I can cure Auntie Liu. She’ll recover and be healthy again soon.”

Qing Huang Tian was still crying; she didn’t believe him. “Stop trying to cheer me up. I don’t believe in miracles…”

Qing Huang Tian had gone through lots of hardships in life. She had lost faith in life. Lin Feng stopped insisting when he saw she didn’t believe him. He asked, “Qing Huang Tian, has Zhou Peng Bo caused trouble for you again?”

He had been gone for such a long time so Zhou Peng Bo had probably recovered. Qing Huang Tian also hadn’t gone to work for a long time, so Lin Feng was worried.

Qing Huang Tian’s expression changed a few times, but she shook her head in the end. Lin Feng frowned. Lin Feng had been worried about something and it may have happened already.

“Qing Huang Tian, what happened? Speak! You don’t trust me?” said Lin Feng.

Qing Huang Tian clenched her fists and after a while, she said, “He came over two days ago… He stole some people’s apartments and forced me to pay him back, but I don’t have one million!”

“Hehe. What a shameless bastard. He dared come back. I have to teach him a good lesson.”

“No. Stop provoking him. His father went to my hospital and got me fired. If you provoke them again, you can imagine what they may do to me!” said Qing Huang Tian.

Lin Feng said thoughtfully, “Don’t worry. I know what to do.”

But Lin Feng hadn’t expected that at that moment, someone would arrive: Zhou Peng Bo!

Fury arose in Lin Feng’s heart. Qing Huang Tian was terrified and started shaking from head to toe. Zhou Peng Bo hammered the door outside and shouted loudly, “Hurry up and open the door, Qing Huang Tian. Give me my money!”

Lin Feng wanted to go and open the door, but Nian Ling Jiao stopped him. Nian Ling Jiao opened the door. When Zhou Peng Bo saw her, he was stupefied, he thought he had knocked at the wrong door, he looked at the number again but it was the right one and he asked, “Who are you?”


Nian Ling Jiao slapped him violently. Zhou Peng Bo’s servants were infuriated and all of them charged Nian Ling Jiao.

They thought Nian Ling Jiao was easy to beat up because she looked beautiful. They had no idea Nian Ling Jiao wasn’t a weakling like Qing Huang Tian. In the blink of an eye, they were all defeated.

“Who the fuck are you and how dare you hit us?” shouted Zhou Peng Bo.

Lin Feng came to the door and asked icily, “Zhou Peng Bo, do you remember what I told you last time?”

“…You again, it’s you, Lin Feng! I don’t care what you said. Qing Huang Tian owes me money. Mind your own business!” said Zhou Peng Bo.

“So, tell me, why do you keep harassing Qing Huang Tian?”

Zhou Peng Bo replied, “She owes me money. I want my money! Since you want to help her, then give me my money and I’ll leave!”

“Is that so? She sold her flat, which was one million, and gave the money to you and now you’re saying she owes you another five hundred thousand for interest?”

“Back then we had an agreement. Mind your own business!” Zhou Peng Bo shouted defiantly.

When Qing Huang Tian heard that, she pointed at Zhou Peng Bo and said, “Nonsense! We never had an agreement. You made a fake contract and only included your conditions!”

Zhou Peng Bo was a scammer. He made ambiguous contracts to rip people off. He also left some blank spaces and filled them after people signed.

Zhou Peng Bo made his neck crackle and said, “Nonsense. I am not a scammer. If you think I am, then show evidence. Without evidence, let me do my work, and we have to abide by the rules of the contract!”

Wang Yuan took out his police badge and said, “Mister Zhou, please stop shouting here. People live here. Leave now.”

Zhou Peng Bo knew Wang Yuan. He had seen him when Lin Feng had beaten him up. Wang Yuan was there at the time. Zhou Peng Bo smiled and pointed at Wang Yuan, “You think you’re awesome because you’re a fucking copper? Stop pointing at me. My family is friends with high government officials. I can talk to my friends and get you fired in the blink of an eye.”

The Zhou Clan had power in the capital city. They had been there for hundreds of years. Wang Yuan couldn’t compete with them!

Wang Yuan felt uncomfortable and angry. He shouted warningly, “Mister Zhou, I don’t care if you’re fucking awesome or not, there are rules! If you continue causing trouble, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

“Hehehe. Try then? I don’t believe you’ll dare do anything to me!” said Zhou Peng Bo, tapping Wang Yuan’s forehead with his forefinger provocatively.

Wang Yuan looked grim. He had realized one thing recently: kind people were always bullied! Wang Yuan swiftly grabbed Zhou Peng Bo’s wrist and pressed on it with force. Zhou Peng Bo fell to his knees.

Zhou Peng Bo struggled, but Wang Yuan, even though he wasn’t as strong as Lin Feng and Nian Ling Jiao, was stronger than someone like Zhou Peng Bo, who was just a rich kid.

“Let me off, Wang Yuan! You’re doomed, bastard! I’ll come and spit on your grave!” shouted Zhou Peng Bo loudly. The residents of the building came out and watched them.

At that moment, three cultivators came over. They immediately attacked Wang Yuan. At the same time, they shouted loudly, “Release Prince Zhou!”

Wang Yuan was attacked by surprise, so he let go of Zhou Peng Bo. There was an explosion and he was blown back. Lin Feng reacted quickly and caught Wang Yuan. Wang Yuan was extremely pale and bleeding. He was severely injured!

Those three cultivators supported Zhou Peng Bo by the arms and said, “Prince Zhou, what are you doing here? Is the competition here?”

Zhou Peng Bo looked at those three people. He immediately said, “Elder, those people keep bullying me. Get rid of them!” He even pretended to cry.

The old man looked at Lin Feng and the others icily.

Those people were cultivators from the capital city: Vice Leader Li Ke Chang, Leader Long Huaxia … they were Great Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivators already. They were in the top ten in Huaxia. They thought Lin Feng wasn’t even worth looking at, as he was so young.

“Who are you and why did you attack Prince Zhou?” asked one of them calmly.

Nian Ling Jiao didn’t give Lin Feng time to speak and said, “Mind your own business. ‘Prince’ Zhou came here to cause trouble, so we beat him up. As simple as that!”

Nian Ling Jiao was a princess in the World of Battles, how could she seriously call someone like him Prince Zhou? Li Ke Chang looked at her and said, “Little friend, nobody asked you anything. I’m talking to him.”

He pointed at Wang Yuan. He hadn’t seen Nian Ling Jiao hit Zhou Peng Bo. He had only seen Wang Yuan attack.

The reason Li Ke Chang was protecting Zhou Peng Bo was because the Long Hu Sect had been growing quickly these years and the Zhou Clan had helped them a lot. Li Ke Chang also wanted the Zhou Clan to help them. He had already become vice leader thanks to them.

Lin Feng watched the two other people because their Qi was different. They looked sinister. Lin Feng had seen that evil Qi before! 

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    Ha and they’re reducing the weekly chapter count event more. What a bunch of cunts.

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    Y tha fuck is this bs taking so long to end. I waited 5 days for this bs.
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    This was my favorite light novel now it’s bs ????

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    Did Nian Ling Jiao Just suddenly become a pacifist, What happened to killing first and asking later?
    You have one of the highest positions in the entire existence of the universe and realms but you’re hear wasting your time talking to people who aren’t even at the Qi level. What happened to the calm and cold Nian who could sentence anyone to death within the Dynasty if she saw fit. She has befallen the same fate as Lin Feng and turned Retarded. Nian Ling Jiao is a literal goddess above Goddesses and people who see her are just like “She’s pretty” They should be drooling and fixating there eyes on her. A Goddess above Goddesses appearance is apparently just a pretty lady on earth and that’s it. Her Appearance is basically the same as all the other Hot girls on Earth I guess.

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